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 Shortpacked!: BUTT-TACO

I toldja the "I'm Gardening Man" shirt was comin' in today!

So here's my roommate Steve-o modeling it for us.  I woulda, but, you know, man boobs.  We also thought it'd be fun to throw him some props.  Tomorrow, it's gonna be a fun day of packing, shipping, and Last Stand of the Wreckers #3.

Response to the shirt has been pretty strong!  I figgered I'd sell a few before C2E2 and then sell the rest there, but you guys have kinda eaten up my spares.  I only have a few left that I'm willing to let go of before the convention (to make sure I have some for it!) so if you're on the fence, now's the time to jump on the opportunity.  I will definitely print some more in the future, but if you want, y'know, instant gratification instead of delayed...

Pounce, my legions, pounce!

Also, hey, update on Book 3:  The EXTRA editions are half gone!  Also, if you have kindness in your heart, please consider preordering a copy of the book.  I'd like to get another 50 preorders claimed before paying for its production.  Books are expensive!  It would really help me out financially. 

Oh!  And hey, now that I draw the strips on Maggie's Cintiq, I've been Ustreaming some of these before an audience and recording them.  Here's me inking and coloring the strip for Tuesday, April 6:  (I'm ahead!)


He of the impossible hair.

Shortpacked!@TNI:  Sudden death!  No, wait, that's hockey.
Shortpacked!: Family reunions are small, but still a pain.

Patch Together got me pictures of the final Mike statue's paint job, so I thought I'd pimp the statue preorders again.

(Man, isn't he awesome?  I'm so happy about the hair.  The hair, as I draw it, can't exist in three-dimensional space, so I think the sculptors and I have managed a compromise that looks great to me.)

(Seriously, I am so excited.  This is a character I've drawn since I was 8.)

So hey, yeah!  Keep those preorders coming!  By preordering, you get a $5 discount, so he's knocked down from $40 to $35.  And he's gonna look friggin' fantastic next to Amber's statue, or even on his own!  

We all need someone in our lives to tell us the truths that make us angry, after all.  Yours might as well be this awesome Mike statue.

I'm Batman

The return of t-shirts, after a long hiatus.

Shortpacked!: Peekaboo.

There is a t-shirt at the end of this post.

To the right is Guzzle!  During WRECKERS AWARENESS WEEK, I discovered he could be had easily for like five bucks on eBay.  Well, why not?  So here he is.  He's not in the best condition; he's got kinda gunky shoulders, his barrel is heavily chewed, and his gimmick doesn't work.  A pristine Guzzle would, in tank mode, fire orange sparks out his ass as you pushed him along.  This guy's sparking days are over.  The toy's pretty simple, too, since not only was it a late G1 toy, but it also had to accommodate the sparking gimmick, which takes up the lower half of this toy's robot mode.  Still, he's Guzzle and I love him.

Too bad he seems to be leading the fandom's Last Stand of the Wreckers death pool.

Anyway, the "I'm Gardening Man" t-shirt!  I apologize for throwing all this merch at you folks all at once in one huge, grand siege, but convention season starts for me next month, so I gotta gear up my wares.  Unlike the books, which I gotta do some preorders first to be able to afford the expensive print run, the shirts are actually already paid for!  I put in the order for them this morning at the local shirt place.  So the shirts should actually ready to ship in as quickly as a week.   If you want a first go at them, they can preordered in the store.  They're green shirts with dark green ink! 

They'll be ready in plenty of time for C2E2, which is in Chicago on April 16-18, where I will totally be.  That's only a month from today!    If you need advance tickets to the show so you don't have to wait in line, there's just four days left to do so.  This show boasts to be huge!  There's all sorts of crazy guests I totally have to meet myself, even.  Oh, and the voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, is gonna be there.  Sweetness.


Shortpacked!@TNI: As sculpted by Frank Cho.
Shortpacked!: Sean Connery is apparently on this same list.

I supplied Allspark.com with some Animated Wreck-Gar art.  Check it out. 

Patch Together sent me this photo of Mike's statue, painted, this morning!  Sweeet!  I've asked them to change the way they paint his collar, but otherwise I figger that's what he's gonna look like.  He's still up for preorder!

Hey, look, Amber's cosplaying as her least favorite Turtle. 

And, of course, Book 3, Shortpacked! Is Totally Gay is still in the middle of preorders.  Today starts Week 2, actually!  So let's rattle off the sales pitch again:

This book covers the strips starting March 20, 2006, through September 8, 2006, plus a couple dozen Toy News International strips.  There's also (sometimes) insightful commentary from me on every page, plus "Galasso's Secret Files" on all the employees in the store. 

Book 3 also has a foreword written by Bob Forward.  (It's a Forward Foreword!)  It's true, there's an introduction from the co-story editor of Beast Wars, as well as the writer of episodes for Transformers Animated, BraveStarr, G.I. Joe, the Legend of Zelda shorts for the Super Mario Bros Super Show, and... the He-Man/She-Ra Christmas episode, of course.  Naturally, I am beside myself.  It is a great honor.

So, basically, this book is really awesome.  Let's sum up:  136 pages, full color, buttload of strips and special materials, and there's a foreword by the guy who killed Dinobot.  As of this writing, a third of the EXTRA (signed/doodled/numbered) versions are gone!  So if you want the special version, you gotta hop to it!

Oh, right, the statue.

Joyce and Walky!: It'll work!  Trust me!

Hey, dudes!  Some quick weekend notes.

David McGuire has a book of his awesome comic strip Gastrophobia coming soon!  It's called "The 12 Labours" and sells for $12.  That's just $1 per labor!  The book is due in April, and I recommend getting your hands on a tangible version of his work.

I'm trying out this Formspring.me thing, in which people can send me questions and I answer them and I can choose to port some of the answers through Twitter.  I can't guarantee I'll answer all the questions I'll get (I have, uh, over a hundred queued at the moment), but if it's a good and/or humorous one, I'll certainly take a whack at it. 

Meanwhile, thanks for sending me those preorders for Shortpacked! Book 3!  We've sold through about a third of the signed/doodled/numbered EXTRA! editions, so that means there's not many of them left.  Also, we're expecting the final painted prototype of the Mike statue any day now.  I can't wait to see it!  Preorders for him are still ongoing. 

I'm also gearing up for my convention schedule this year, and I should have a wider variety of wacky things to offer you. 

More news as events warrant.  

Shortpacked! Book Three!

Shortpacked!@TNI: Oh well now I look stupid(er).
Shortpacked!: Give that man a biology book.

An anonymous poster became Amber in this week's TNI strip. 

It is Monday, and that means you can now totally preorder Book 3: Shortpacked! Is Totally Gay This book covers the strips starting March 20, 2006, through September 8, 2006, plus a couple dozen Toy News International strips.  There's also (sometimes) insightful commentary from me on every page, plus "Galasso's Secret Files" on all the employees in the store. 

Oh.  And those of you on Twitter may know this already, but Book 3 has a foreword written by Bob Forward.  (It's a Forward Foreword!)  It's true, there's an introduction from the co-story editor of Beast Wars, as well as the writer of episodes for Transformers Animated, BraveStarr, G.I. Joe, the Legend of Zelda shorts for the Super Mario Bros Super Show, and... the He-Man/She-Ra Christmas episode, of course.  Naturally, I am beside myself.  It is a great honor.

So, basically, this book is really awesome.

I'm also opening preorders for the reprint of Book 1 with the awesome new cover.  You can either preorder it separately or... hey, look, you can preorder it in a bundle with Book 3 for $5 off.  How interesting.  Huzzah?  Huzzah.  Because it will very likely take a lot longer to gather up funds for this reprint of a book folks already have, the Bundle includes postage for two envelopes so that I can send Book 3 immediately when it gets here.  But if you want Book 3 held back for when both books are available, let me know and I'll refund you the additional postage. 

Preorder a book (or two) today!  Gail Simone says you have to. 

His hair would never make it into Avatar.

Shortpacked!: These are trying times.

Hey, guess what?  You can preorder your Mike Warner statue now!  PatchTogether put the order page up late last night, and already we have a good thing going with him.  At $34.95, he's even $5 less than Amber was.  (Probably the lack of translucent parts or an accessory.)  So, woo!  Have at him!

Now that Mike's confirmed for preorder, I put together some more angles of him for the sculptors.  I was kinda putting it off.  Mike's hair, as I've belabored in the past, doesn't work in 3D.  It doesn't!  But I threw down some lines anyway, and hopefully the poor sculptors can figure it out.

That's right, I'm passing the buck.

I'm not proud of it, but that's what I'm doing.

And while I have your attention, read this 5-page preview for Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #1.  And then buy the fucking hell out of it on Wednesday.  I'm serious.


Fist bump!

Shortpacked!@TNI: Someone said the magic words!
Shortpacked!: Comedy routines are, by default, recycled material.

What's up, dawgs?

It's Cyber Monday! No, that doesn't mean that it's time to cyber anyone. I mean, some people probably will. But not me. And hopefully not you, at least not right now. But what Cyber Monday really means is crazy things to buy for cheap prices online! Everybody's doing it.

Here's something you can have for a penny! Apparently this old Shortpacked! coloring book page by Matthew N is making the rounds, and even though it's my coloring book and the only reason that the image is even on the Internet is because I published it on my own blog a long, long while ago, people are falling all over themselves to tell me about it. But seriously, there is a Shortpacked! coloring book. I forgive you for not knowing about it because I haven't linked it in years. So, hey, guys, it exists! And I'll take this opportunity to plug it again.

It's just a PDF of a collection of pages, but it's still fun. If you want it, click this link for more information or the donation button below. After a successful transaction you will be carried to a download page.

And here's another Cyber Monday deal! Pick any one year of subscription Joyce & Walky! for just $10! That's a savings of $14, since a year is usually $24. Choose Year 1 (2005-2006), Year 2 (2006-2007), Year 3 (2007-2008), or Year 4 (2008-2009). You can only have a year chunk (August through September), no mixing and matching individual months. But still, an incredible deal! And this is the first time Year 4 has been offered like this on sale. It'll only be good for the duration of Monday! After Monday, no deal.

Deal over! Thanks, everybody.

And, of course, Shortpacked! Book 2 is still on sale for $9.95.

Is that it? Hrm. I think so.
I'm Batman

Batman recruited a teenager with attitude.

Shortpacked!@TNI: It's head-in-a-jar time!
Shortpacked!: Her, uh, anatomy makes slightly more sense than Blackarachnia's.  

Hello!  Everyone and their mother emailed me asking about the lineart for the Mike/Amber Smoochy-Smoochy strip.  Well, you can have it!  But you'll have to fight each other for it first.  That's right, it's auction time.  

As usual, it's on 12"x18" art paper, was rendered in blue pencil and Copic brush marker, and comes to you rolled in a mailing tube.  Add it to your collection!  Or start one.  I'm not fussy.

Auction ends in 5 days.  

So, like, even back before I started getting all the Batman guys from DC Universe Classics, I kinda coveted their Robin.  It was my favorite Robin design ever!  It kinda helps that Tim Drake's One-Year-Later-through-Batman-RIP outfit was based on hisNew Batman Adventures look, sure.  You know me and my Bruce Timm designs.  I liked that the green is dropped and he's just a red, black, and yellow guy.  But the comic takes it a bit further and draws him closer thematically to Batman's motif.  He's got a scalloped cape, for instance.  And those little tufts on his gloves.  And, oh, hey, pockets on his belt!  He's like a mini-Batman with red.  It kinda makes sense, don't it?

I passed it up at the time because I wasn't collectingDCUC, but I am now!  So, yay, an excuse to get him.  And the fun thing is, BigBadToyStore still had him in stock for non-secondary-market prices!  (they don't seem to any more)  And so I was just a day or so away from just going ahead with the whole thing and ordering him when I found that damn Robin at our local Target.  Just sitting there on the shelf.  What?  Okay.  Well.  I guess miracles do happen.  

Robin joins my Batman in punching villains now.  Sometimes he even gets the punching!  (Okay, most of the time.  He's only second behind the Riddler.)  The toy comes with a few accessories.  He's got his martial arts staff that Tim Drake likes to carry around and two Batarangs.  (Robinorangs?  Birdorangs?)  I kinda wish he could store the -rangs in some of his pockets.  But no, they'll probably just get lost.  I prefer the staff.  He also comes with a stand, as he's not part of the "build-a-figure" deal.  

I'm grateful that there's a smaller, teenager-sized body-type for Robin to be.  It just wouldn't do, being the size of everyone else.  Plus, y'know, I guess it'd come in handy for the rest of the Teen Titans.  

Anyway, speaking of Power Rangers, you know how they all wore color-coded outfits when they were in their civilian identities?  Red Ranger wore red, Pink ranger wore pink, etc?  Robin totally did that in the very early comics, I noticed, as I've been reading through my Batman Chronicles collections.  Dick Grayson is always in a yellow collared shirt under a red sweater and green pants.  Wow, that's a bit conspicuous.  Batman probably color-coded his civvies, too, but blue and gray formal wear is a lot less outlandish.