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I'm Batman

Theee Baaaaaaaaaaaaatmaaaaaaan and superman

Shortpacked!: The bombshell.

Hey, remember the guest strip week from two years ago featuring "Holiday Bumblebee"?  Jin Saotome even did a custom based on that storyline!  Well, all the original art from that storyline can be yours!  It's up for auction on eBay from the artist, with my blessing.  Brassy has a baby now, and baby needs a new pair of shoes.  So to speak.

It's pretty easy to memorize DPCIs.  All the important stuff in Target's toy section begins with 087-06.  So, really, all you hafta do is remember the last four digits every time there's an assortment creeping into stores.  The 6" Superman/Batman Public Enemies assortment ends with 0805.  I now have a Batman.

(Oddly enough, the employee said there was only this Batman in the case back there.  Methinks another employee grabbed the others...)

This is my first Mattel 6" Batman.  There've been plenty of other Batmen in the DC Universe Classics toyline, but I didn't really like the look of any of them.  The proportions were just too wacky.  I don't like my Batmen pinheaded, nor do I like them to carry giant saddlebag-shaped pouches around on their belt.  I'm pretty happy with this new one, though.  It removes pretty much both of those problems.  His head looks bigger and he doesn't have ridiculously-sized pouches.  The jawline's a little cartoony, but that actually makes me like him more.  Batman shouldn't have a realistic chin.  It should be a block.  A wedge.  A monolith. 

I read on the Interwebs that these figures use a new base body, versus the rest of the line.  (These Interwebs call these base bodies "bucks."  Why is that?  I am new to this terminology.)  I note this is true, comparing Batman and, say, Killer Moth.  Batman's taller, leggier, and bulkier at the shoulders and ribcage.  Probably wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been told.  The articulation is exactly the same.

There are some things I don't like about this Batman, but they may be limited to my specimen only.  His joints aren't quite tight enough.  This is rough, 'cuz his cape is pretty heavy!  He likes to topple under his own weight.  His abdomen doesn't like to stay folded forward at the middle, either.  He'll slooooowly slide back into straight-spine alignment.  Batman doesn't come with any accessories (other than Brimstone's penis), but his fists are molded closed anyway.  

This is actually my second Ed McGuinness-styled Public Enemies Batman in the 6" scale.  (See photo on left.)  DC Direct did one a long while ago.  It's not nearly as poseable as this toy!  In fact, it's nearly immobile.  I think it's prettier, though, and more accurate to Ed McGuiness's art.  If only you could put the Mattel version's articulation into DC Direct's sculpt!  That said, I'm really enjoying Mattel's Batman.  It comes very close to capturing the Batman in my mind's eye and bestowing it with copious amounts of articulation.
I'm Batman

La la la, lalalala, la la la, lalalala

Shortpacked!: One banana, two banana, three banana, four...

Preorders for the Amber statue end October 11!  That's in two weeks!  Be sure to get your order in on time, because once preorders are closed, there's no more Amber statues to go around.  If you had trouble ordering one earlier and your trouble is still unresolved, please let me know.

Look, I haven't found a new toy in a while, right? I've been busy! And there are new Transformers and stuff out, but they're not Transformers I want. A lot of the new movie product are repeats of characters I already got or new guys based on old guys that I have no interest in. Heck, today I found a buncha Arcees and Swerves for the first time, plus some other new dudes like Gears and Thrust. A buffet of new toys I don't own but don't want to buy. Even though I sort of wanted to, since it has been so long.  So far I have been strong.  Would it be so wrong to blow $12 just to keep myself occupied for a short period of time before the toy inevitably ends up forgotten in a bin in the attic?  Yes.  Yes it would.  

But my Best Man Graham has been looking for Arcee, so I let him know those toys were there so he could grab 'em after work. (Tuttle Crossing Walmart, if you're Columbus-local.) And in lieu of any review from myself, have his thoughts on Arcee that I plagiarized from IRC:

<Fifty-Five> Wow, I have no idea what to do with Arcee.
<Fifty-Five> Like, is this right? I have almost literally no idea.
<Fifty-Five> I don't even understand a little why her front cowling comes apart.
<Fifty-Five> From the waist down, she's awesome.
<Fifty-Five> From the waist up, I have no idea whether anything I did is even remotely what they intended for me to do.
<Fifty-Five> I wonder why they went with such a salmony pink for her instead of the old Arcee color.
<Fifty-Five> Arcee's arm joints are in the most insane places possible. Assuming I'm doing it right.
<Fifty-Five> Her left shoulder/front cowling comes apart for no reason understandable by man.
<Fifty-Five> And moving the part that comes free anywhere makes her arm even more bizarre than it started.
<Fifty-Five> And that forearm also randomly has a part that folds over without having anything like the clearance it needs to fold, and also it just awkwardly flops against the forearm.
<Fifty-Five> We have very good concept art pictures of the Arcees.
<Fifty-Five> Most of the apparent details of the toy match up with her concept art.
<Fifty-Five> But not in a way that makes it obvious what you're supposed to do with the toy.

Anyway, I trust these are his legitimate thoughts on Revenge of the Fallen Arcee, and that they are accurate to the toy in some way.  I have not handled the toy to verify his presumably outlandish claims.  

(Some day, I will find that Toys "R" Us exclusive Hoist, I swear it.  And then I'll have something new!)

Oh!  Oh, right!  Superman/Batman: Public Enemies comes out on DVD tomorrow!  I think it may just be perfect.  It's based on Ed McGuinness art, which I love.  It stars Batman and Superman and Lex Luthor, who retain their old Batman: Animated Series and Superman: Animated Series voices.  Metallo is voiced by DOCTOR FRIGGIN' COX.  Oh, and Power Girl is Allison Mack.  It's like a laundry list of what I love in life.  This movie's got my money by the gonads.  

I hear Best Buy is offering an exclusive Batman figurine with their release of the DVD.  I'll be headin' over there tomorrow morning for that!
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Shortpacked!@TNI: I'm not Batman.
Shortpacked!: Tone trouble!

Hey, remember that music video I inlined here on Friday?  Well, uh, apparently the happy guitarist and his rapping pal were too entertaining and were subsequently erased from the production.  D'oh!  Man, but I loved Holger.  

That's right.  Holger.  Holger Fath.  

I am an Internet super sleuth. 

It's Revenge of the Fallen street date early at Meijer!  That's right.  Their registers actually let you buy them.  And they had everything.  So if you're in the midwest, you may find yourself in luck within the next few days.  Even the Meijers that Graham and I hit today that didn't already have them out had already cleared out space for them with the accompanying pricetags. 

So this is my haul!  The two Deluxe-class silver luxury cars (wow, really? in the same wave?), their Robot Heroes counterparts (nice synergy there on my part), and Super Big Megatron.  When you yank on his chest, he says "I AM MEGATRON!"   Just in case you didn't know.  

I haven't opened them yet, but wanted some sort of picture up today.  Covet them!  COVET THEM.

Oh, and I have a new auction.  I've had this extra BotCon 2007 Alpha Trion/Weirdwolf bagged souvenir set sitting in my attic for forever.  Well, hell, I bet if I finally put it up on eBay, it'd help finance THIS year's toys.  Which I'll have to pay for in roughly a week and a half.  If you're interested in two frankly gorgeous toys, please bid!  Weirdwolf is my favorite toy from that year's slew, and Alpha Trion's damn pretty in his own right.  And he hangs corpses from his ceiling because he's a creepy ol' senile weirdo.  How can you go wrong with that?  

(Just don't turn your back on him.  He's got a pointy thing.)

Toy drought is over!

Shortpacked!: Bet you didn't see this coming.


Not exactly the kind of merchandise I usually find myself buying, but damn if I can't admire it from afar.

("Real-like built in flamethrower"? For rizzle? This toy is more fun than I ever suspected!)

Today the first sighting of Universe Ironhide, Silverstreak, and Sideswipe were reported. Woo, at a Wal-mart in Utah, apparently. It feels too soon to go look for them myself here in Columbus, but within days I shall strike. And strike hard. That Silverstreak is sexy.

Transformers Wiki link of the day: Cyclonus (Those ears of his make every death a hilarious event.)

Your mom has the cash for that.

Shortpacked!: Link will work at 11pm-ish EST.

Whoop! I'm out for the evening, so the blogpost is going up early. A few notes...

While teaching my pal Graham how to drive, since he got a teaching job up in Powell which he needs to drive to (he did very well), we stopped at the Sawmill Road Toy "R" Us, which had the Titanium exclusives I mentioned yesterday. So, woo, that worry is gone. (He also came across the dregs of the Target-exclusive Red Hulk wave.)

Expect reviews soon!

Also, I've been told they're building a new Toys "R" Us up on Polaris, so I guess while I'm losing the nearby TRU, there'll at least be the same number of 'em in the area. And, dude, a NEW Toys "R" Us? That's novel. Do they have the cash for that?

EDIT: Hey, got back from Wal-mart, where I returned an extra Sentinel Prime I didn't need. The old bearded dude up front at the entrance who marks to-be-returned merchandise asked me what the thing was, and thus wrote "SNOW PLOW" on the blank sticker he adhered to the bubble. Snickering to himself, he lightly penciled the P into a B. ... Wal-mart greeters need to get out more.

It's the greatest toy store there was.

Shortpacked!: Flip a coin, maybe?

The Toys "R" Us two miles away is closing. What a bummer. That leaves two remaining in Columbus, on opposite ends of town. What the hell, man. Hrm. I should redouble my efforts to find the exclusive Prowl and Grimlock Titaniums, 'cuz they're not going to show up at the closing store, certainly...

Heh, so I feel I should address some emails and forum posts I've received. No, Shortpacked! isn't ending. Hell, I'm not even moving away from the toy store thing. All of next week takes place at the store, and features a lot of Faz and Ninja Rick and Galasso. (Oh, and there's another syndicated comic strip parody.)

Plus, I live in a house which I share with three other people. Write what you know, y'know?


Shortpacked!@TNI: Hello, mountain of Cyber Stompers!
Shortpacked!: Movin' on up?

I found Fracture and her casemates Saturday evening, which sprung off into the idea for this week's TNI strip. There's at least four different display pallets full of different Transformer toys showing up at Wal-marts across the continent, and the Wal-mart on Georgesville Road has all of them. Once those display things are expired, the toys that are left will be moved into the pegs and shelves in the aisles. So, yeah, I don't expect to find anything new there for a while.

Fracture is a GoBot. She is Crasher, one of the evil Renegades. You know, the one that stomped and laughed and had the scary lipsticked raccoon face? Hasbro couldn't secure the trademark to the name, so "Fracture" is what we ended up with. She and her casemates, Breakaway and Crankcase, were originally planned to be part of the new Classics/Universe line, but Wal-mart wanted Movie merchandise instead, so there you go.

It's one of the fun things about Hasbro having bought Tonka, which distributed GoBots in the 80s as Hasbro's competition. Hasbro can't, of course, do anything with the original toys, which are owned by Bandai, but Hasbro seems to own the mythos. ...but not the cartoon, which was done by Hanna-Barbara? It's complicated. Basically, weird homages like this are the only way new GoBots material can seep into modern day.

(Bug Bite, the dude behind her, is the first Go-Bots character remade in North America. The trend started in Japan, with a set of Mini-Vehicle redecos.)

Using the Classics Mirage mold to make a new Crasher was the brainchild of Hasbro deco artist Joe Kyde, and you can see his original concept here. And why not? The toy is slender and effete, and has big boots for stomping, as Crasher is known for. (She is also known for cackling nonstop and being kinda annoying.)

Her toy, like Mirage, is extremely poseable, and now, I'd say the colors are improved. Mirage's white and blue was okay, but Crasher's white, black, and red really make a more vibrant impression. The purple face is also unique, and makes the white/black/red scheme a little more ... three-dimensional? She also seems to have off-white/yellowish eyes, which together with the purple face and the black outlines around the eyes match Crasher's cartoon appearance. It's these special touches that take her the extra mile. If you had to choose between any version of the mold (including the transparent blue Mirage from BotCon 2007), Crasher is definitely the one to choose.

Be careful, though. The quality control on the paint in these Wal-mart exclusives is really hit-and-miss. Look closely when you're picking one out. Fracture's problems are by far the worst of the three exclusives. If you seriously want one, find one as soon as you can, because not only will the well-painted ones be taken, but she seems to be selling much faster than the others.

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Joyce and Walky!: Another good spot -- the lamp.

Hey, it's that comic I drew last week that I pushed back to run Graham's weird-ass strip!

That's about all I have.

Fuckin' Wal-marts. Where's my Fracture? I ask for a drink of water, you give me an Animated pallet display. Curses!

(Speaking of which, if you want a Blitzwing and you live in Columbus, Ohio, the Walmart up on North Highway 23 has like a million of them.)

Shortpacked! makes me sad.

Shortpacked!@TNI: Dayglow playskool
Shortpacked!: The prodigal strip.

So, hooray. The strip I pushed back twice is finally published. I just have this feeling that its absence was building up expectations, even though it obviously wasn't as good as the strips I pushed it back for. Well, there! The bubble is popped!

Also, the TNI strip which was published too late for yesterday's update is linked here, as well. So you get two strips bitching about fandom today. Not exactly what I planned, but things do as they do.

Didn't find Fracture tonight. Totally bummed. We did discover that the Wal-mart on Tuttle is being totally rebuilt, though. I knew it was under renovation, but I had no idea it was so extensive. Wacky.

I can imagine the Venn Diagram that describes the people who could be possibly interested in that third paragraph. There'll be one circle labeled "People in Columbus, OH," another circle labeled "People who buy action figures," and a third circle labeled "People who need something better to do with their lives." I reside in the very very small intersection.

Aw slag, it's Snarl!

Shortpacked!: I am like this on vacations.

The Toys "R" Us across the street from our hotel in St. Louis last week was amazing. (The norther-wester one on Lindbergh, if you gotta know.) It was so pretty.

Yeah, I'm a little weird.

Adding paint to Snarl here was a piece of cake. He's already got most of the black lining he needs, even under and around the eyes and nose, so there really wasn't that much to do. I painted the collar black and its studs gold. The hands are now red. And I filled in the black charcoal chunks on his club.

There were a few very minor things, like black lines on his helmet's cheeks, and lining black around his triceratops frill, but they're hardly worth mentioning. Lucky for you, I mentioned them anyway!

One thing I noticed today is that Snarl has light piping in his robot head, but his eyes are painted over! Oh well. I probably would have done that myself if Hasbro hadn't. He ends up with orange eyes otherwise, of course.