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Inaugural blow-out!

Shortpacked!: Smoosh?

Hey, remember Barack Obama? You know, that guy? I'm sure you've heard of him! You must have! His face is everywhere! Have you seen a Time or Newsweek in the past twenty-four months? He's that black dude on the cover every week. Every week! Well, tomorrow, he's President. Of the United States, even!

I got a proposition for you. Instead of going all "ha ha ha ha hooray" in my comic, like a good obnoxious liberal, how about a deal? For the duration of Tuesday, from midnight to midnight, the (inaugural!) first year of subscription-only Joyce & Walky! is a mere $10. That's August 2005 through July 2006! Usually it's $24, at $2 per month! But tomorrow, and only tomorrow, I'll send you the first year for just ten bucks. Now that's change we can believe in! (You know, the kind that is fleeting. See, despite all this "hope" talk I am clinging to my cynicism like a motherfucker.) So if you've never started on Joyce and Walky!, now's a good time!

Meanwhile, check out my crappy picture! It is just some Autobot Cars arranged on the shelf of my desk. And because everything after the Animated Movie is like totally G2 or something, Hot Rod is not included.

I was about to say, "Hey, after we get Ratchet, we're probably done with the 1984/1985 Autobot Cars this go-round," but then I remembered we're getting at least a Henkei Red Alert, if not also a Hasbro one. (They haven't announced a domestic Red Alert, but I'd be surprised if we didn't eventually get one.) And Inferno's still out there to be had!

So now I'm wondering why I bothered with the photo. It's not anywhere near complete. Hrmph.

That's right, my OCD encompasses photography as well.

Today's Transformers Wiki link: TransTech Obama Optimus Prime

There was voting.

Shortpacked!: The Kiss: Continued

Oh, hey. Back on Election Day, I forgot to link to Which Candidates Would Your Webcomic Characters Vote For? an informal survey on mindpollution.org which I was shamefully party to. Man, I should have made my answers longer.

Meanwhile, I should really get around to switching the Book 2 status in the store from "PREORDER" to "SHIPPING NOW" or something. I am still sending out a few of the original international orders, but just the ones that have been sent back to me or have been reported missing. So if you order book 1 or 2 now, I can now get that to you soon. Remember, Christmas is coming!
Polyphonic Spree!

An elitist, latte-drinking, mac&cheese-eating blog post.

Shortpacked!: The results are in.

Every election year at both the Republican and Democratic conventions, attendees are given a little bag of goodies. For the past several years, one of these free goodies was a box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, custom-tailored to each party.

I had to get some.

So, woo, searched around eBay, and found myself some "Democrats in 2008!" Macaroni and Cheese. I really wanted the Republican box, because for some reason I feel that Republican Macaroni and Cheese would be funnier. I dunno why. But there was no Republican M&C on eBay for me to get, so whatcha gonna do. (There were also unopened boxes of them from previous election years. Ew?)

The presentation itself is suitably hilarious. The Democrat-themed box is full of donkey and star shapes, though I suspect there's a secret Muslim shape in there. On the back of the box is a quick history of the Democratic Party, from Thomas Jefferson through Bill Clinton. Below that is a "Presidential IQ Test" that substitutes the words "KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese" into famous quotes by Democratic Presidents. Your job is to match the original quote to the President who said it. Example: "And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese can do for you -- ask what you can do for KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese." I, for one, welcome our KRAFT overlords.

I open all of my toys, even the expensive ones, so you betcha I opened my limited edition Democratic Party Macaroni & Cheese. I boiled the hell out of some water, cooked the little mofos, and doused them in powdered cheese food product. (By the way, I used the "Classic Prep," with the extra margarine and the extra calories.)

In short, they're delicious! KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese is the cheesiest, but I have my worries. For example, it sat on the shelf for the longest time right next to my Bill Ayers Instant Rice. What's with that? And frankly, this stuff is mostly empty calories, without any real substance. I just don't think this box was ready.

Transformers Wiki link of the day: President of the United States

Our special day

Shortpacked!: What? An election? Since when?

It is election day here in the United States. Secret Muslim or Maverick, your choice!

Last December over Christmas Break, I ran some guest strips by an eight-year old. Well, the source of those, the Create a Comic Project, has sent me more strips-by-eight-year-olds! And they're election-themed! Enjoy them this glorious day.

And go vote, if you live here! (I typed at first, "if you're American," but Lord knows that could get construed wrong.) First person to respond to my plea with a diatribe about the evils of the electoral college shall be smote.

Transformers Wiki link of the day: Democracy
I'm Batman

YES, WE CAN (bang an alien chick)

Shortpacked!@TNI: Meanwhile, in the target demographic...
Shortpacked!: Batman + Politics = BFF

The story Leslie refers to is true. How could he make such a blunder?

Nothing warms the heart more than adding Beast Wars Robot Heroes to my ranks. Even better, the third wave of this round includes two of my favorite Beast Wars characters, Silverbolt and Transmetal Megatron. In the wake of what scraps of Beast Wars nostalgia we get these days, it's always the first season toys that see all the love, so I'm overjoyed that we get a few nods from Season 2.

Oh man, Transmetal Megatron is so close to perfect. The Transmetal body is my favorite Beast Megs body, since he did all his best stuff in this one. Going the extra mile, he's even grasping the Golden Disk in his claw. (And specifically the claw attachment that showed up in "Code of Hero," not the one his toy has.) That is sweet. This may be my favorite Robot Heroes toy ever!

As I said, close to perfect. I do wish they finished painting his copper gauntlet. As-is, they only painted his fist! I wonder if I can fix that myself. I do have some copper paint left over from touching up Animated Blackarachnia, but the quality and depth of the copper Megatron has feels like one I won't find in a store. His rotor-fans on his back are also unpainted, but I can deal with that. Stuff ain't painted on Robot Heroes all the time. It's just the glove that bothers me, really.

Oh man, the indigo used for Megatron's toes? Beautiful. And oh, how he smiles sinisterly...

Silverbolt's more of a mixed bag. His design feels all over the place. He's traded in his usual chest ornamentation for what appears to be some sort of sweater. Hrm! The big tummy circle has been relocated to his belt buckle, it seems. And he apparently wields twin stalks of wheat. Well, I can't say no to Silverbolt, no matter how dippy he looks.

A sweet set, even if Megatron's pulling all the weight.

The next Beast Wars guys appear to be Tigatron/Inferno, two or more waves away. C'mon, Hasbro, give me Dinobot! I don't care who the hell he's versused with, just do it. (Hint: Terrorsaur.)

Transformers Wiki link of the day: Flint

Now THAT'S a sport!

Shortpacked!@TNI: Too early for geekery.
Shortpacked!: Expecting an email from a certain individual in three... two... one...

Timelines/Classics Nightbeat may never leave my sight, so enamored I am of him. He is the apple of my eye. I was bound to cleave to him regardless, but I think it was the small little modifications I made that really made him feel like something of my own. I carry him from room to room. He sits in the passenger seat of the car when I drive. In fact, from here on in, every single Shortpacked! strip will be about Nightbeat.

Ha ha, just kidding. They'll all be about Sarah Palin.

Transformers Wiki link of the day: Cataclysm


Shortpacked!: VPILF

And how! Man, that is one sexy lady.

Some say God is neither Republican or Democrat, but I disagree. He's clearly Republican. Before the Democratic National Convention, Focus on the Family's James Dobson called for prayer to God for rain to ruin Obama's special day. God works in mysterious ways, however, and instead of Obama getting rained out, the Lord cooked up Hurricane Gustav to pummel New Orleans again during the Republican National Convention. That doesn't sound very Republican, but bear with me.

See, now they've canceled the day that Bush and Cheney were supposed to appear, saving McCain from making some inopportune photo ops. The most unpopular President in forever is excused out of his own convention! Now McCain can totally get elected! And all it took was a few million dollars in property damage and a few hundred deaths.

Oh, Old Testament God, I miss you.

James Dobson, not so much.

So I found myself a Spectacular Green Goblin on Saturday. Hurray! This is the wave where things start looking like the show's character models. I may start picking these things up again.

(The first few waves were sculpted before the show's look was finalized. And, well, money spent on tooling is money spent on tooling...)

It helps that I'm a fan of Spectacular Spider-Man's Green Goblin design. It reminds me a bit of of Humberto Ramos' version from a few years ago, though missing pants and sleeves like the original.

He comes with a glider (of course) and a pumpkin bomb. I'm not really sure how they expect the pumpkin bomb to interact with the figure's hands. On a good day, I can get it balanced precariously in his palm -- though this probably has more to do with atoms being sticky or something. The bomb doesn't attach in any real way to his hands, and his palms are sculpted facing inwards, not facing up. So gravity won't do. It's really the only place the dude needs more articulation. If you could rotate his wrists, it'd be much easier to get the bomb to sit in his palms.

But everywhere else, he's pretty cool. I'm particularly happy that he has a good level of articulation in his legs, especially at the ankles. So often, it seems, Hasbro or Toybiz or whoever are simply happy enough giving him knees and hips, and sometimes ankles. But not meaningful ankles. Never meaningful ankles. Spectacular Green Goblin has meaningful ankles. His ankles can rock left to right, not just forward and back. So, woo, he can ride his glider without looking like a dipshit.

Which is important.

The purple pole of pontification

Shortpacked!: He knew about this before you did.

Man, I tell ya. I thrive on deadlines too much. Last week, I was all about "Woo let's build myself a buffer because I'm doing this five days a week." I drew a week in a day or two, and then suddenly the pressure to draw was totally, totally gone. I've kept the buffer at about a week, and today I have strips drawn through Wednesday. It's kind of a struggle. I need the pressure, the immediacy!

Ah well. With any change in process, it'll take a while for the mind to settle in. Back in 2003, when I started using a font instead of hand-written dialog, I had to completely relearn how to draw comic strips, since I was used to writing the words first in the little boxes before drawing the pictures. It took forever, but I soon learned how to write by drawing the pictures first instead. Learning to work with a more-distant deadline is not much different.

The guest star in today's strip sort of found his way into it organically, an idea born after drawing yesterday's strip touching on Beast Wars, though I'd been hoping I'd find a way to work him in for a while. If Aaron Archer can pop into Shortpacked! from time to time, surely the creators of the Beast Wars cartoon can. That cartoon was critical to my development as a young writer.

(I say "young writer" because that was almost 11 years ago, and I'm old now.)

He and his accomplice may soon be relevant to Transformers again. According to an interview with voice actor David Kaye, our guest star's going to be writing an episode of Transformers Animated. Cartoon Network's got peanut butter in my chocolate! Cartoon Network's got chocolate in my peanut butter!


So, anyway, I should turn my attention back to Obama's acceptance speech or something. I hear it's historic.