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Polyphonic Spree!

Rock this Bitch!

Shortpacked!: Substituting one old familiar face for another.

Tonight we went to see Ben Folds.  Premium seating, SECOND ROW.

Behold my against-the-rules photography!  I am a criminal.

(Oh, hey, 95% sure Athena, our hamster, is pregnant.  She's nesting, there's a huge lump in her tummy which is MOVING CRAZILY, and she used to be the SMALL one, so uh oh.  Which means Boomer is a boy!  Make as many Original Series jokes as you like.  Us, we're busy getting the cage clean in preparation and deciding whether to keep the little sister-fucker in there.)

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Shortpacked!@TNI: I'm not Batman.
Shortpacked!: Tone trouble!

Hey, remember that music video I inlined here on Friday?  Well, uh, apparently the happy guitarist and his rapping pal were too entertaining and were subsequently erased from the production.  D'oh!  Man, but I loved Holger.  

That's right.  Holger.  Holger Fath.  

I am an Internet super sleuth. 

It's Revenge of the Fallen street date early at Meijer!  That's right.  Their registers actually let you buy them.  And they had everything.  So if you're in the midwest, you may find yourself in luck within the next few days.  Even the Meijers that Graham and I hit today that didn't already have them out had already cleared out space for them with the accompanying pricetags. 

So this is my haul!  The two Deluxe-class silver luxury cars (wow, really? in the same wave?), their Robot Heroes counterparts (nice synergy there on my part), and Super Big Megatron.  When you yank on his chest, he says "I AM MEGATRON!"   Just in case you didn't know.  

I haven't opened them yet, but wanted some sort of picture up today.  Covet them!  COVET THEM.

Oh, and I have a new auction.  I've had this extra BotCon 2007 Alpha Trion/Weirdwolf bagged souvenir set sitting in my attic for forever.  Well, hell, I bet if I finally put it up on eBay, it'd help finance THIS year's toys.  Which I'll have to pay for in roughly a week and a half.  If you're interested in two frankly gorgeous toys, please bid!  Weirdwolf is my favorite toy from that year's slew, and Alpha Trion's damn pretty in his own right.  And he hangs corpses from his ceiling because he's a creepy ol' senile weirdo.  How can you go wrong with that?  

(Just don't turn your back on him.  He's got a pointy thing.)


Shortpacked!: Holy Bat-spoilers!

So, like, holy crap. So yesterday I sort of half-jokingly asked for music to go with yesterday's "Lost" lyrics, but two people have stepped up and delivered! The first is by a guy named Johari (click for MP3), who offers a version on guitar. Check out his MySpace page.

The second entry is from a Dave Sedgwick (click for MP3), who composed and sang his version despite his tragic battle with acute bronchitis! Now that's a trooper.

You know, I was about three seconds away from doing this entire blog entry in rhyme. Sadly, I have no rhymes for "Sedgwick." Instead, imagine this blog entry is written in the style of the Japanese Headmasters punk kid version.

See, this is Wheelie. You know, that annoying rhyming kid Transformer from the Animated Transformers Movie? Rode around on Grimlock's head? Everyone hates him! That's probably because he is genuinely annoying in the cartoon. He's pretty cool elsewhere, though. Did you know that he was originally a grim ship-crash survivor who was supposed to wear a necklace of Sharkticon teeth? He was totally Lord of the Flies. His old Marvel Universe-style profile and a storybook or two use this version, so Wheelie isn't always bad.

In light of little the fandom seems to like the little dude, it's pretty surprising that they made a new toy of him. Though if you look at the picture of the original Wheelie, it's obvious that he was pretty deserving of one! I mean, you reveal his face by lifting a lid in the center of his body. That's not exactly spectacular engineering. So this new Universe Wheelie, in the $5 Legends-class range, makes up for past deficiencies by giving him a real head. And a torso. And some better proportions.

And don't miss the slingshot sculpted into his shoulder. That's a pretty fun detail. Too bad he can never grab it! He of course has limited articulation at his size. The slingshot will just have to hover frustratingly out of reach for all eternity.

His vehicle mode is different, too. Wheelie was originally a futuristic-styled car, but in 1986 when he was made, that future was 2006. Well fuck, that was three years ago. So a modern-looking hatchback is kind of futuristic, at least from the vantage-point of twenty years ago. As you can see, they carried over the same color scheme, gray wheels and all.

This all makes me a happy boy.

Wheelie comes out in a wave with Cosmos, Warpath, and Rodimus. It occurred to me as I bought them (try Meijer if there's one in your neck of the woods) that these were the last Legends-class toys announced by Hasbro, and that was a good number of months ago. There'll be more for Revenge of the Fallen, I'm sure, but those have a street date of May 29 or so. In fact, we're running out of announced toys left and right. There's only one wave left of any size Universe (Ratchet and Hot Shot) yet to come, and that's several months away. What I'm saying is, the pre-Movie drought is about to hit. Hrgh. What am I gonna do with myself?

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Quick updates:

All-new Ugly Hill returns after a short "Just had a baby!" hiatus. Hooray!

Transformers comes out on DVD tomorrow. Which version from which store should you get? Tformers has a handy guide. (I still don't really know. I want the Wal-mart exclusive, but it comes packaged with the unawesome unspecial release.)

At SPX, I apparently told Ted Rall where to stuff it.

Maggie went skydiving last week, and has video! If you're on Facebook and got her friended, you should totally go watch it. It's eXtreme!

We're going to see Polyphonic Spree in concert tonight! It's gonna be awesome.

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Shortpacked!: Aliens vs Predator vs Terminator vs Ecks vs Sever vs Unicron vs Death Star

The Transformers movie score by Steve Jablonsky was released today! ... in exactly one Borders in all of Columbus, I learned, after a day of searching. When I listen to "Arrival To Earth," I get all tingly. Say what you will about the movie, its score is majestic.

Unicron vs the Death Star has been debated so much that the Alt.Toys.Transformers FAQ asked nicely that you never ever bring it up again. It was such a regular topic that it really couldn't be taken seriously anymore. It became a punchline.

Which meant, naturally, that when the Star Wars Transformers Death Star was announced, I knew I could not pass it up. This is the Death Star in its purest form -- transformed into a giant Darth Vader robot, fighting Unicron. To me, these two toys represent the Internet. (Well, okay, maybe a Furry should be thrown in, or something...)

The new mythos that has been built up around Unicron since those arguments saturated Usenet has made the debate a lot more convoluted. For example, no matter how many times the Death Star blows up Unicron with its super awesome planet-blowing-up lasers from far away, Unicron can and will always shunt his essence into a divergent timeline and try again. The fight, like the Internet argument itself, would be eternal.

I know some of you are thinking, "But Mr. Shortpacked! Cartoonist Guy, aren't the Star Wars Transformers horrible toy abortions?" And to you I'd say, "Hey! The Millennium Falcon was sweet! And, uh... okay, the others were pretty meh." And I would also say that this toy has none of the flaws of the rest of the line. It's a solid toy that doesn't pop apart. It's sturdy, will stand, and while it has kibble, it all packs away fairly nicely.

Its only real flaw is one that is shared by several Transformers -- namely, this toy is the definition of "shellformer." To transform Darth Vader into the Death Star, you roll him into a ball and then spend half an hour trying to unfold the layers of planet surface compressed all over his body until it becomes a perfect sphere. This is no small task. You will invariably end up with everything aligned perfectly except for one panel which you can't put into place because, again, the altmode is a perfect sphere. Everything's perfectly overlapping.

SWTF Death Star comes with a number of accessories, including a light saber, a gun (which fits between his (its?) ankles during transformation and becomes the main planet-busting weaponry), three Stormtrooper minifigures, a Darth Vader minifigure, and three tiny TIE fighter "MINI-CON"s. (That's right. Check the instructions. The TIE fighters are called Mini-Cons, despite the lack of Powerlinx ports.) It also comes with a cloth cape for robot mode. It drapes nicely over the hemisphere on his back.

He's got loads of electronic lights and sounds, as well. In robot mode, a button on his chest causes his chest to glow green and spurt a number of Darth Vader sound clips. A button on his right arm causes his light saber to glow with light saber sound effects. In planet mode, you can open up the circular top hatch, press down his robot head, and launch the main planetary weapon, accompanied by sounds. (It's strange to hear the Darth Vader breathing effects come from the Death Star.)

It's a pretty sweet toy.

I've photographed it next to Steve-o's Energon Unicron and my Cybertron Primus for a sense of scale. He's roughly the same size as the others in planet mode (discounting Unicron's rings), but he's a much smaller robot. Sadly, a grapefruit was not available.

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So these Blacklab dudes were all "Man, the official Transformers movie themes suck" and so they made their own. And it's a pretty faithful cover of the original 1986 Lion version of the theme, but less Eightiesed and all the Unicron mentions swapped out for Megatrons. Oh, and there's some Vince DiCola nabs in there, too.

I kinda like it. Not that it isn't incredibly dorky. Because it is.

And, hell, you can buy the MP3 from them for 89 cents. Good deal.
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Autobots are not watching over you. This link takes you to MUTE MATH's MySpace page, where they have a clip from the Actual Transformers Theme As Seen On The Soundtrack. It's likely the theme from the other day was just something for the toy commercials; a version without vocals reportedly plays behind one of the toy commercials airing currently. I haven't seen it, so I can't say for sure.

This MUTE MATH version doesn't suck nearly as badly as the first. I'm kinda disappointed.