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What would make birds do something about that?

 Joyce and Walky!: You know the drill.

Steve and I celebrated our birthdays today, though about a week early since that's when folks could meet up.  I gots a Skeletor/Luthor set, an awesome knockoff Hot Shot in white rally colors, and... a bike!  (My previous bike got stolen out of our garage last year.)  Expect some reviews of the non-bike items next week.

We also watched Birdemic: Shock and Horror.  It featured some revolutionary green tech that I am very passionate about, really.

Tonight Fun Publications put up preorders for their new Transformers Club exclusives Punch/Counterpunch and Shattered Glass Cyclonus.  Oh, and you can buy a Dion, too, if you missed the deadline to get a free one or just want extras.  So if you're a club member, don't miss out.  Apparently Punch is selling out crazy fast!  Not, like, at MattyCollector speeds, mind you, but fairly quickly.  
I'm Batman

They're alike, but different! Different but alike!

Shortpacked!: The way to a man's heart...

So I totally picked up Superman Batman: Public Enemies this morning as promised. And the Best Buy version that came with the little Batman figurine, no less! (I was a little worried it be one of those retarded deals where the exclusives only come with the single-disc version. Thankfully, this was not the case.)

That's the figurine to the right. This is a very low angle, so he looks much bigger than he really is! He's about 3 inches tall, at my estimate. He's articulated at the neck and shoulders. Simple rotational joints. Not bad, really, for what it is. (This photo narrowly avoided a Hitler salute. That's basically all Batman's shoulder articulation is good for, especially since his palms are open and facing down.) Paint's good, sculpt's pretty neat, it does have limited articulation... and I got it and the accompanying DVD double-disc set for just under $20. Not bad at all. (Yeah, it rang up below $20, despite being listed at like $22 or $25.)

The movie itself? It's hard to talk about it in any helpful detail without spoilers, especially since I'd want to contrast it with the source material, so I'll make some brief comments here and then put the real spoilers under an LJ-cut.

First of all, the copy on the back of the DVD packaging claims that the feature "seethes with political intrigue." That is hilarious. That nugget out of the way, I have to say it was an enjoyable movie. It does play a lot with the source material. This is an adaptation, not a direct translation, make no mistake about it. You can probably imagine the stuff they left out. It's pretty easy to guess. But it was a fun romp that made sense most of the time, and you got to see superheroes with giant, bulging abs fighting a lot.

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So, hey, there's supposed to be this Target-exclusive line of toys about this movie by Mattel. Anybody know when those are supposed to show up? Is there a street date or something? The two Targets I hit today had nuffin'.

Boomboom sexytime!

Shortpacked!@TNI: I will so own this toy.
Shortpacked!: Is this something already covered by TVTropes?  I haven't checked yet.

So I liked GIJOE: The Rise of Cobra so much, I figgered I'd probably end up getting a few of the figures that I wouldn't have otherwise. 

I dig Scarlett in general, so she got bought.  I wasn't sure whether I wanted the hair-down impact suit version or the pony-tail blue-camouflage version, but after Maggie talked about how Scarlett has OMFG Perfect Hair, I decided on the hair-down version.  

Scarlett comes with one of those infuriating two-piece crossbows.  You know, the kind I probably should have superglued together already.  I've nearly lost that front piece three times just today.  Why do they do that? 

She also comes with a giant-fucking missile launcher, as is consistent across the RoC toyline, but hers is also attached by a string to a backpack and through the backpack a grappling hook.  I have no idea what to make of it.  I tried to get the backpack on, at least, but it doesn't really fit up over her shoulders since her hair is there.  At least, not well.  And... then what?  Man, I wish Joes came with instructions.  I need them more for Joes than I do Transformers.  

I knew I wanted a Ripcord, if only to have a friggin' Ripcord.  I have almost zero idea of what the original Ripcord was like, or if I should care.  So RoC Ripcord easily supercedes whatever non-knowledge I have of the character, and he is The Ripcord.  And I realliy enjoyed his character, too, in the film.  He filled a very important role, namely being the interesting foil for Super Boring Duke and providing a similar service for Scarlett. 

And man, is he hard to find!  If I was lucky, I could find maybe one of him every so often, buried in the sea of other RoC figures, and it was always the Delta-Six Accelerator Suit version.  I am not sure if there are other versions currently out, because I don't think I've seen them since I started last week specifically looking for Ripcord.  And so finally this evening I bought the version I could find, once I managed to track one down. 

(Don't the accelerator suits have big machine gun cuffs around their arms?  Why does this toy give him a normal machine gun to carry?)

I'm not sure if I'll end up buying the full cast or anything.  That I'd have to buy a Snake-Eyes and a Storm Shadow kind of puts me off that right away.

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Shortpacked!: I'm tempted to keep his hair like that.


So a while back I talked about how The Fallen is a "multiversal singularity," meaning that every single The Fallen in every single Transformers story he appears is actually the same individual, regardless of continuity.  Well, I asked about that in the most recent Hasbro Q&A, for the Transformers Wiki.  

And it got answered.

It got answered gloriously.

If you want to see a triumphant application of Grade-A bullshitting, read the response to Question 3.


Finally saw the movie this evening!  Holy crap, that was a really fun movie.  Dumb in places, cheerfully cheesy, but really fun.  It's great to watch movies where you can tell the actors are having a blast with it.  I heartily recommend it!  You won't even have to turn off your brain as much as you had to for Revenge of the Fallen.  Hell, you'll probably enjoy it more than ROTF, despite the lack of giant battling robots.  Lord knows I did.  And that's no small feat.


Today I examined an early sculpt of the Amber statue for corrections.  This shit is happening. 
too!, Frenzy wants to read

Revenge of the Fallen

Shortpacked!: The comic I drew about seeing the movie before seeing the movie.

So, this movie's getting about a 20% fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes!  Woof.  What do I think about the Transformers sequel?  Without being too specific:

I had a stupid grin on my face for nearly the full two-and-a-half hours.  There was an incident that caused me great personal traumatization, which I will get into later when I can be more bold with spoilers.  I do need to clarify this a little.  The natural assumption is that I didn't like one of the several, several crass verbal or visual gags.  Those are mostly white noise to me, though they were nearing the threshold of annoyance.  Not from content, but from lack of, well, variety.  In isolation, most of them were fairly cute, even the one visual gag people bring up as the worst offender.  Meh!  No, I was traumatized by something else entirely.  But again, later.  Friday's strip.  You've been warned!

GIANT ROBOTS.  All else is nitpickery.

In fact, the movie starts out very tightly.  Sam's world grounds the film.  College is a good setting for it!  Too bad it leaves about halfway through.  Once it does, stuff starts to unravel.  The movie kind of gets away from itself.  Removing the seemingly never-ending sequence where Sam has to carry his sock (trust me) from one point to another, or at least shortening it, would have made the whole thing gel more.  The movie prolongs its own climax for no super important reason.

But there were lots of good points!  Holy God, Starscream is a real character now, and he's awesome.  There's a scene between just Decepticons which is one of the most gratifying of the entire film franchise so far, just because these guys get to talk and be people.  That was sorely, sorely missing from the first film.  And, of course, Sam's parents are awesome as always.  Though they do approach caracature, they feel more real than most movie parents. 

And, hey, those of you who wanted more robots in the first film?  Well, this is your movie!  It's 90% robots.  Of course, this has the side effect of making it less, well, human.  Again, I wish it stayed closer to the college setting in the second half of the film.  I think that's where its soul was.  I could sell my dad and stepmom, who loved the first film, on the first half of the second film.  The last half they'd probably get a little bored.  The first film left you wanting more.  The second left you wanting a little less!

Oh, and there's this guy.  His insides are on fire.  He wants revenge.


Shortpacked!@TNI: Ernie Hudson never gets a break.
Shortpacked!: Whoopeeee!

Yeah, that's right. Mattel's doing Ghostbusters as some sort of commemorative line. IIRC, they'll be sold online through their store, and not through normal retail. There better be a Rick Moranis!

Preorder Roomies! or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Beer today! Roomies!: Book One is a whole 136 pages printed on glorious glossy paperstock. The entire first-year-and-a-half of Roomies! is printed in this volume, including lost stories from the ill-fated Roomies! comic book printed by Keenspot. Some of these I've published on Joyce and Walky!'s website over the years, but a few have never been seen online, ever! See Danny and Joe (and Joyce!) wade through their Freshman Orientation! See Joyce try to win Danny's heart by dressing up and acting like his ex-girlfriend Sal! See Joyce and Sal's explosive first-ever meeting!

On the right is a new preview image, featuring a page from the Freshman Orientation story, originally published exclusively in the first Roomies! comic book.

And never printed before in a book collection is the entire archive of Roomies! Redux!, a heaping portion of brand-new Roomies! strips created in 2004. And if that's not enough, Roomies! Redux is followed by an even newer two-page Roomies! microstory created just for this volume! And on top of that, there are a few rejected Roomies! strips that didn't make the cut, plus commentary on select strips and storylines!

You can order the plain ol' $14.95 version, but why, when there's the $24.95 "Roomies! Extra!" version? "Roomies! Extra!," limited to 200, is numbered, signed, and doodled in. You'll be able to open up your book with pride and see it vandalized by the rascal cartoonist himself. Amaze your friends!

This past Wednesday I picked up the Rorschach figure from DC Direct's Watchmen assortment, based on this spring's major motion picture. This first wave was released last week, actually, but The Laughing Ogre was out of him then. I don't have any attachment to the movie's costumes yet, so I decided I'd try out Rorschach, since he's the least visually changed.

He's a lot less mobile than the other DC Direct figures I've owned. This is because of Rorschach's coat, it seems. He has no real hips. Instead, his legs kinda stick out of this blocky mass underneath there. They do rotate in circles, but eh. The legs are stuck in a taking-a-step pose, and that's what you'll get and you'll like it. His head is also permanently cocked to one side. He does have shoulders, elbows, and wrists, though! Like Robin, I had irreverent fun with that articulation for a while. He has the articulation, but it's not like it's very useful, at least in a "WATCHMEN IS SERIOUS BUSINESS" sort of way. The sculpt really favors the arms-down-at-the-side positioning. He looks strange otherwise.

He also comes with an extra hand, a blaster grappling gun that the hand can hold, and the stand you see in the photograph. There's a little clip that will attach his stand to the stands of other figures in the line. We'll see.

Did you know Maggie worked on the Watchmen Motion Comic? She did! If you have iTunes, you should really check it out. It's some amazing-looking stuff. They put a lot of money and time and skill into it.

He posed.... poorly.

Shortpacked!: This comic involved math. But only behind the scenes, so we'll let it slide.

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Finally got a Grail Knight, and, dude, I am the saddest panda. He's actually kind of disappointing.

Don't get me wrong. He's meticulously sculpted, and there aren't any quality-control problems, but he disappoints in a few key areas. First of all, see that giant-ass scabbard hanging from his belt? Yeah, he can't use that. It's entirely solid. What the fuck! In a year when you can pull any random knife or pistol from a G.I. Joe, you'd think they'd manage a sword that can stow.

His articulation is pretty great, even for a guy with a giant skirt. He seems to have actual jointed legs, hips and knees, under there, though they're hindered by the soft-plastic robe. The problem is his right ankle, which is molded at a bent angle. So by necessity, you need to stand him in a certain pose, and that pose is always going to be "staggering drunkenly." This impression is reinforced by the Holy Grail booze cup he carries around.

I also wish his right hand were sculpted open, fingers spread, if only because I like his last scene in the movie where he quietly bids them farewell as everything comes crashing down around him. Oh, and I wish the entire figure were tinted blue. During his entire scene he was under a bright blue light that follows him around, while everyone else is bathed in red. It's one of my favorite things about him. Maybe I'll buy a blue light of my own just to keep pointed at him.

Or maybe I could get some blue paint, water it down, and brush him with it? I dunno.

So to sum up, except for that damn scabbard, he's an extremely well-made figure that just happens to fail me on a few personal criteria.

Transformers Wiki link of the day: Hasbro Transformers team Q&A for December 2008