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For the true beelievers.

 Shortpacked!: The rest.

When it comes to Transformers (or any toyline, really), I don't really collect variants.  Okay, all right, I do have a few Hot Shot variants, with the various symbol-paint versions and what not, or the Japanese vs American releases.  But for everything else?  Naw. 

But this guy's pretty special!  What an awesome variant!  This is the variant Universe Ironhide.  He was pretty damn hard to find in stores, to the point where I've only ever seen one other report of him online.  Hasbro promised, initially, that they'd do a running change on Ironhide.  Folks weren't upset with the blue face.  The blue face was a factory error, you see, so Hasbro noted that with time, those Ironhides would be phased out and replaced.

And here it is! 

I'm not sure this guy made it out into the market in any large numbers, but at least Hasbro tried.  They do care about us!  And this is the proof!  The tangible proof!

But tell you what.  I prefer my blue-faced Ironhide to this version, so maybe I'll just put this guy up on eBay.  It'd be selfish to keep this prize to myself. 


Shortpacked!: Such is the way of fandom.

Livejournal's customer service finally got back to me about that thing they did that causes my site to hemorrhage.  They've actually fixed the problem, but will release the "patch" that fixes this problem in a future update.  Great.  Well, woo.  I'll just have fun manually coding my site every night in the meantime.

Let's talk more about Reprolabels!  I didn't just get the Animated Shockwave set, but I also picked up some more Classics "upgrade" stuff. 

For example, Smokescreen over there was just begging for some more sophisticated looking "38"s.  The ones underneath the stickers looked like they were put together in five seconds using Arial Black.  The stickers that supersede them expand the "38" to fill the entire box, which reduces the eyesore by a lot.  It's still not the deco I would want in a perfect world, which would be a completely redesigned, modern-looking race deco instead of the old 1984 thing, but at least it ain't so ugly no more.

There were also some additional white stripes to put along the running boards of the car, plus some stickers I applied to his elbows because I thought they looked neat.  I don't tend to use all of the stickers that come on these "upgrade sheets."  Just the ones I think would improve the toys.  The sticker that covers the "38" on the roof, though, I'm not very happy with.  You can really tell there's a sticker there 'cuz the red's not quite the right color.  Needs to be more vibrant. 

Inferno got some tiny white stickers to bring out his "ears."  That I really like because that's detail that gets lost in his overall head sculpt otherwise.  I also threw in the new headlight stickers and the chrome bumper liner.  With the headlight stickers, I hit a snag.  Dunno if it was just my set or if it was a widespread thing, but the stickers for the left-handed headlights weren't perforated from the sheet.  But no big deal.  I grabbed an exacto knife and did the deed myself, all oldschool.  Boxes thankfully aren't rough shapes to cut out.  

Anyway, Inferno and Smokescreen are pretty gay for each other.  I believe I've been over this before.
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They'll all probably die soon.

Shortpacked!@TNI: A pertinent question for the new year.
Shortpacked!: Because FONT, dammit.

I kinda threw today's main comic together for a really superficial reason.  On the first day of the year. Comicraft.com put all their fonts on a really great sale.  ($20.10 each.  Get it?)  I've been eying a few of them for a while, but they were previously a little too costly to justify.  

I was after some very specific fonts, because, you see, Richard Starkings, the guy who founded Comicraft, was the letterer for the Transformers: Generation 2 comic book.  He created special fonts for the Transformers to talk in, such as one used in BotCon's "Universe" comics, sold on the site as "Resistance."  The Predacon/Maximal font used in BotCon's earlier Beast Wars comics is also available on the site as "Bithead."  So, like, yeah, I'm totally gonna want to own those.  And use them!  Immediately!  Hence the Transformers comic today.  

To the right is Revenge of the Fallen Dirge!  You know, I picked him up on a whim.  I don't need a movie-style Dirge.  I've been keeping myself to only the movie-guys who were actually in the film, and only buying extra movie guys who I could use as their Generation 1 counterparts, like Bludgeon.  I already have Classics Dirge, so ROTF Dirge is kind of superfluous.  But, man, I dunno, he looked really neat.  Do I buy him, knowing that he'll inevitably end up in a bin somewhere forever when his time quickly comes? 

Apparently I do. 

And I have to say, I don't have many regrets.  The photos of him didn't lie.  He's a neat little dude.  I especially enjoy how he transforms, with his right arm becoming the nose of the jet and the other arm forming the spine of the plane, with the legs folding underneath to form the engines and wings.  The torso basically transforms sideways from most Dirges.  It's an interesting way to do his design, though it requires them to make all his Dirgey robot parts vestigial. 

Dirge's conehead isn't actually the nose of the jet, but a normal part of his head which splits in half to help it fit during transformation.  (I kinda hope they redeco him as Cyclonus because of this, since if you leave the conehead halves unconnected, they look like Cyclonus's ears.)  There's also a fake translucent jet canopy on his chest.  The nipples, which also correspond to similar parts on the original Dirge, rotate as you move his arms up and down.  Buzzsaw nips! 

I also enjoy how everything snaps together well in both modes, particularly how the tail of the jet snaps into his robot mode's back.  The jointing there is stiff enough that you wouldn't need it, but the clips are a nice touch that go the extra mile.  His missile launchers can also be moved from under the wings to his elbows, another attempt to make him look like Dirge.  This creates some problems, though.  It works well enough on his right arm, but the kibble on his left arm gets in the way of the missile launcher.  They want to occupy the same space.  Unfortunate.  

To sum up, I enjoy him.  If you don't have a Dirge, he's probably the best to get, objectively-speaking.  And if you already have a Dirge, this one might be good enough to get anyway.  At any rate, he's an attractive and fun addition to a live-action movie collection.  And he has a pope hat.

A pope hat, folks.

Bludgeon: The afterglow

Shortpacked!: YOU get a pet! YOU get a pet! EVERYBODY GETS A PET.
I'm super-happy about having my new Bludgeon, and so I immediately threw him in with a bunch of other re-made toys of Decepticons from the late Eighties. So, woo, Bludgeon has his troops. Hasbro, now I need a new Fangry, Horri-bull, and Squeezeplay! And an Octopunch. And a Stranglehold. Well, guys, better get crankin'.


Shortpacked!@TNI:  It's Shortpacked! Helper!  And Maggie helped!
Shortpacked!: Only Joe Kyde will be spared.  Who wants that jerk?

I was really loathe to finally get this Elita One toy.  My dislike of the mold itself has been well-documented, and the character was used in a way that annoyed me in the comic story in which she appeared.  But damn if I don't find these colors attractive.  Yes, it's pink, but it's loud!  And loud BotCon toys don't happen so often.  They're usually trying to be tasteful. 

Plus, hey, she fills two vacancies in my shelf rosters at the same time!  Elita One's toy is terribly efficient like that.  First, she completes the named Female Autobot warriors, seen to the right.  I've got stand-ins for Chromia, Moonracer, and Firestar, but this is the first and only toy of their leader.  

Second, she finishes the group of Wreckers-like commandos from the BotCon 2007 story from which this Elita One design originated.  Which was really bad, 'cuz she was the only Autobot in the story who actually did anything.  All of the guys you actually paid for and received that year just stood on the sidelines and watched Elita One do all the work through their binoculars.  So, yeah, it's nice to get the main protagonist from the 2007 story.  (I suppose you could say that Bug Bite was the real protagonist, depending on your point of view, but he isn't very nice and he's a Decepticon and/or Renegade.)

Again, the colors are very striking.  I was looking forward to her a lot!  And then, oh, right, I'm swiftly reminded of how her shellformer transformation restricts most of her potential play value.  The pieces of boat hull she wears on her back reach all the way down to her feet, and if you want to bend her knees or anything and try to stand her up, you have to lean her forward so her feet can reach the ground.   Eeee.  And that cannon of hers is so large it's hard to get her to look natural while holding it. 

Another thing that annoys me is her bio card.  This Elita One was introduced into a continuity, namely the Marvel Comics continuity, in which Transformers explicitly have no gender.  And yet there's this girl running around without explanation.  Finally, two years later, we have a bio card in which we can plug this plothole!  But argh, no.  Most of the bio is dedicated to not telling us how she came to be.  Ha ha ha, only Grimlock knows!  And it's a secret!  That's really obnoxious.  So not only does her bio not tell us anything interesting about her origin, but it wastes the vast majority of it not telling us anything at all.  Kind of like adding insult to injury.

Pretty toy, though!  She really, really stands out on the shelf.  Probably even if she's surrounded by My Little Ponies.  Even those seem less saturated than her various pinks.  I want to lick her, and not in the gross way.  I just think she'd taste like bubble gum.  The outstanding color scheme makes her one of the most memorable of this year's set.
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Sandstorm really needs some stickers.

Shortpacked!: Re-read the entire series with this in mind, and it's kind of illuminating.

Yesterday I showed off some of my Beast Era Wreckers with their new shiny Wreckers faction logo stickers.  Here's some of the G1 guys!  I do have three Infernos and two other Springers somewhere, but this smattering of Wreckers should satisfy for now. 

That's right, I put a Wreckers symbol on the only Springer toy who was never a Wrecker.  I defy you, Classics fiction!  *shakes fist*

Small note: Man, the stickers on my Jumpstarters are just barely staying on.  Touch them, and the whole sticker just flakes off in one piece.  Hooray for superglue.  These guys are so old!

SO HEY!  This is the last time I'll be mentioning that I'm gong to be in Hamilton, Ontario, this weekend for the G.I. Joe Canadian Convention.  Because, you know, we're leaving some time tomorrow.  I will most likely be mentioning the convention after this weekend, but not in the context of how I'm going there.  See, I'll have gone. 

It will have been over. 

The big Transformers Revenge of the Fallen trailer is up!  Not the teaser, not the other teaser, but the big-ass real trailer!  Explosion-saturated footage galore!  Check it out over at Yahoo!Movies.

Tried to narrow today's strip down to just two pages.

Shortpacked!: Gayyyyy.

I wired the money for Roomies! Book 1 this morning, which means it's on its way!  We're one boat trip away from total college sweetness.

Here's Dirge.  And Dirge!  The original Dirge has a habit of getting killed whenever he appears, so Animated Dirge one-upped him by never showing up at all! If he had, he'd have been the Greedy Clone, following the established "clones-each-represent-a-different-facet-of-Starscream" schtick.  

Animated Dirge is a weird shade of blue.  It's tinted green enough that it reminds me of my old Nightbeat toy when the blue plastic yellowed due to age.  Basically, every time I look at him I'm reminded of toy mortality.  It's not pleasant! 

I do really like the magenta trim on him, though. 

So into the Animated Decepticon display he goes!  I can just barely wedge him onto the edge of Skywarp and Thundercracker's plastic display riser.  I'd have to take the entire shelf apart to give you an All The Animated Seekers shot, so this'll have to do. 

I am the Bots master.

Shortpacked!: What?  Learning?!  What is this?

I'm opening up my top leaderboard ad space to Project Wonderful bids.  Have at it!

Figgered I'd take my empty review days as an opportunity to photograph some shelves.  This forces me to actually reassemble them!  And, you know, pick up the loose odds and ends that belong to these shelves but were scattered around the house.

Maggie will be appreciative, I'm sure.

This is the Autobot shelf for my Universe/Classics/25th Anniversary stuff.  Cliffjumper's not here 'cuz he's over with the Shattered Glass Decepticons, but otherwise this is a more-than-complete assemblage of non-Mini-Con dudes. 
That's right, more-than-complete!  Supra-complete!  For example, I continue to "cheat" my three girl-bikes in the center there as Firestar, Moonracer, and Chromia.  And there's Movie Breakaway posing as Getaway, but that's who he was supposed to be originally anyway, so I don't feel too bad.  And oh no!  That Ultra Magnus armor isn't official!

Hey, did you know that Bumblebee wasn't actually rebuilt into Goldbug, but that his upgrade was some sort of clay-like outer skin that can quickly shatter off him like broken pottery when he crashes into something?   Well, me neither!

We're all going to die anyway. Might as well help everyone along.

Shortpacked!: Damn it feels good to be a gangsta. 

Man, it was rough getting these guys to photograph in their correct colors.  Had to break out the gray backdrop.  Damn you, cyan!

Darkwind (previously "Darkwing," before trademark problems) is the hetero-life partner of Dreadwind.  Dreadwind was a BotCon exclusive back in 2007, and it hurt a little to get him but not his buddy. 

Well, hot dog!  Joe Kyde, our lord and master Hasbro deco dude, made us one from Universe Silverbolt.  Basically as soon as Silverbolt came out, people started digi-decoing Silverbolt as Darkwing, mostly because he's such an awesome fit.  To get this toy here in reality-world is amazing.

Which is saying something, 'cuz man, remember when I totally panned Universe Silverbolt?  Yeah, this toy is a bore.  You can transform him in about three seconds, and that's from a robot with a plane on his back to a plane with a robot on its underside.  And yet I hunted down this motherfucker like the last frosted cupcake ever.  And I like him!  A lot!  It even cost $5 more!  It just goes to prove that no matter how terrible I think a toy is, it can be redeemed by being a character that I really like.

What's he like?  Well, his buddy Dreadwind is sort of passively depressed.  He mopes so hard that it catches on, like a sinkhole of sadness.  But Darkwing himself, he's depressed too, but he wants to damn well make sure everyone else is just as depressed as he is.  He'll do anything in his power to ruin your day.  They make a good team.

Darkwing does look sort of plain, color-wise, but it's sure not for lack of paint.  Most of the obvious paint is on the tops of his wings, which don't show up in robot mode.  His ration of robot mode paint is used for stuff like making his forearms the "proper" colors.  I mean it, his entire forearms are just dunked in paint so they're blue instead of gray.  The colors, lay-out, variety of colors, and all are 100% true to the original toy.  Unfortunately, that does make him look kind of bland in robot mode.  He feels like he needs some detailing.

The original Dreadwind and Darkwing combined into a single jet mode that looked like their two jets smashed together.  You can try to make these two toys to do the same thing, but it won't be very stable.  I tried a number of configurations, but wasn't pleased enough with any of them to take any pictures.  But if you find a good combo, let us know!

Ptchew ptchew!

Shortpacked!: GPF comics

After painting my Ratchet's head red-with-a-white-chevron to mirror his colors as seen in the old Marvel Comics, I figgered it was a matter of time before I paint Megatron's to match.  Like Ratchet, Megatron had a differently-colored character model than the animation, mostly because the comic was an earlier creation and was shoved out the door before things were finalized.   One result was that Megatron had a black helmet (and yellow eyes) rather than the all-silver look. 

Since Classics Megatron is supposed to represent his Marvel Comics iteration, so why not blacken up his head?  It also helped that his toy has severely yellowed in the two or so years I've owned him.  Those peach-ish looking bits on his cannon and shoulder were originally bright flourescent orange!  The tops of his shoulders and head were also showing signs of yellowing.  You can't see them from this angle, and the new paint on the head covered up the yellowing there.  

I do wonder how this toy would look in a full-body redeco based on the Marvel Comics colors, with the red midsection and what-have-you, but I like the colors as-is, really.  Well, minus the yellowing.  I think the purple, green, and orange suits him, just as it suits the toy history of the character.

But to me, Megatron's helmet should be black.  I think it looks better since being mostly all silver is kind of boring, and I think it helps makes him look more evil.  I wouldn't mind a black face inside a silver helmet, either, as what I'm really after is some more contrast.  

Stupid yellowing.