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Michael Jackson's funeral service was an inspiration to us all.

Shortpacked!: If you don't read my Twitter, it's new to you!

So here I am, finally about to start the third and final voyage of my "Party Across the States Party" tour party tour.  In about eight hours, actually!  Gotta get up early so I can get to Chicago in time to set up for PREVIEW NIGHT!  (Stupid preview nights.)

So, yeah.  Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con or whatever they're calling it these days is pretty damn big.  Not San Diego big, but still big.  So check out that map on the right!  I'm at booth 3226, sharing space with Book of Biff.  It'll be Book of Biff or Chris Hallbeck listed there on the program, not me, so don't go looking for me on there.  You won't find me! 

You will, however, find Lou Ferrigno, Peter Mayhew, and Margot Kidder, just as you have every year at WWC since the beginning of time.

I'll have books!  $15 each as usual, but like the previous two conventions, I'll be selling all three of my books (SP1, SP2, R1) as a set for $40 even.  Plus I'll have original art pages for sale, some prints of popular strips I've pre-selected, and of course you can always pay me to draw something nice if a quick free sketch won't do. 

Come see me!  I will give you loves. 

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Okay, folks!  Going out the door to start my drive to Connecticut in a few hours.  Let's get a ball rolling in the meantime. 

So, like, Paul Taylor has this sweet deal going with Patch Together.  He gives them characters, they give him statues, and then they give him money.  It is a pretty sweet thing!  They stopped by our booth several times in San Diego, and they seem like pretty nice, dependable, and dedicated folks.  

And check out that Monica statue.  It's around 8 inches tall, if I recall, and the dang thing only costs $45, which is a pretty amazing price for the size and number of pieces made.  I went home with one, it is so nifty. 

Thus I have decided to give this whole thing a try with Shortpacked!  Patch Together seemed pretty excited about it, too.

So here's how it works.  I upload a design, and then people vote on it.  If it gets enough votes, it goes into a preorder/sculpting stage.  Then, when it gets enough preorders, the statue itself is completed and manufactured!  And mailed to people! 

I've completed a design for an Amber statue and have uploaded it.  If you want it, please go vote for it!  We can make it happen through the power of democracy!

Tonight's guest strip, in the far future, will be by Michael Ivey of Big Time Toons.  His site isn't working for me as of this writing?  Hrm.  Well, hopefully he didn't die. 


Those of you who are coming to see me at ConnectiCon, here's where I am: upstairs!  In the Artists Colony!  The organizers swear this seemingly remote location is actually full of awesome traffic, so please don't make them liars.  Come see me, shake my hand, and gaze upon my studliness.  I'm also going to be hosting a panel on action figure collecting with the voice of Gear of War's Dom Santiago.  If Carlos Ferro is half as manly as the character he voices in the game, I'm going to seem like even more of a girl than usual.  And that's pretty girly.  Check that out on Saturday at 6pm.  Hope to see some of you there!

Comic-Con scale models and stuffs.

Hey, look, it is a tiny scale model of what Blank Label Comics' Comic-Con booth will look like!  Why?  Because.  Liz Dean (Real Life) made this, and she wants you to know that she's not a total nerd.  Just a partial one. 

For seriously, it's farkin' cool.

I want to make tiny scale action figures of us for it so bad. 

(We're at booth 1330, same as always.)

Preparation for San Diego Comic-Con and following cons continues apace!  Today I've been stickering more dialog balloons to original Shortpacked! comic art.    I don't have time to do this for all my piles of original comic art pages, so I try to pick and choose based on what I think people would want or care for.  (And, of course, I'm limited to strips that didn't copy-paste any elements.)  

So if you're going to Comic-Con or ConnectiCon or Wizard World Chicago, and are interested in purchasing some original art pages (with dialog!) let me know what you're aiming for.  I can't guarantee it, since some pages have already sold, and some may have copy-pasted panels and whatnot, or I just can't find the comic in my mountains of piles, but I'll do my best to oblige.  

See you there!

(Yes, of course the Batman DDR strip is sold.)


The Blastification of G.I. Joe

Shortpacked!: Rise of the Yellow Reich.

My pal Paul Taylor of Wapsi Square is gearing up preorders for a statue of his character, Monica. Go check it out!

I've began talks with some different peeps to do a statue of my own, but I'll save more on that for later. Let me know if you'd be interested in an Amber statue!

Man, I spent a bit of this morning cleaning up Impotent Rage. I was rewarded handy proof of my strip's accuracy when I woke up to see the widespread vandalism of everything I run, am affiliated with, plus a few Wikipedia articles besides. Next time, folks, remember, I have an email address. You don't have to break things. There were plenty of people yesterday who used words constructively to express their dissatisfaction. Being unable to do even that is why I make fun of you in the first place.

(I will take this moment to say that if any of you catch anybody act like stupid vandal monkeys on my behalf, let me know, because I would like to go yell at them. I prefer to believe that I have cultivated a slightly less childish following.)

My reason for purchasing Shockblast, to the left, was nostalgia squared. He was originally called Shockwave when I was a kid, and I owned him. He was one of the very few G.I. Joes I owned as a kid, and one of the even fewer G.I. Joes that I specifically sought out.

And why? Because he shared a name with Shockwave, a Transformer. I'm serious. As a nine-year-old, I went after G.I. Joe Shockwave because I was nostalgic for the name Shockwave, and I bought him as an adult because I was nostalgic for me having owned G.I. Joe Shockwave. There is absolutely no objective, rational reason for me liking this guy. Well, okay, I like his blue. And I like his hat. But beyond that? I am a madman.

That said, Shockblast's new toy isn't bad by a long shot. He comes with two guns (which fit neatly in thigh-mounted pockets), a hat, a helmet, and a gas mask. (Oh, and he comes with a Destro, which is not insignificant.) So there's a lot of stuff he can do, though I doubt I'll ever take the awesome hat off. Sadly, the gas mask doesn't seem to fit under it very well, so you have to choose if you want a snug fit. Also, the web gear doesn't close very well on the one side. That's a bit annoying.

But what is most awesome about Shockblast is his Secondary Military Specialty. It's "Choir."

He's a tenor.

Hasbro owns the trademark for "Shockwave" now, so I presume they could have called him that if they wanted. But I'm guessing they didn't, just to keep Shockwave as a TF name and Shockblast as a G.I. Joe name. That's my theory, anyway.

She has pink underwear, btw.

Shortpacked!@TNI: The "capital" of Poland.
Shortpacked!: Adorably dense. Well, okay, the mustache makes him creepily dense.

So today I decided to crack open my SDCC-exclusive Giganta. It's very attractive packaging, and it claims that you can open it up and fold it to make an attractive out-of-packaging display!

And I ended up with this monstrosity to the left. The instructions on the box make it sound very simple, and don't mention anything about everything being taped together in multiple layers, and how stuff's gonna tear. Or how it doesn't hold together.

I think Mattel lives only to humiliate me.

It looked pretty nice in the box, unopened, but now I've Pandoraed it and it ain't going back in, and it looks terrible. Which I knew going in. Same thing happened to the awesome Solomon Grundy "display" packaging from a few years back. And it's not like me to keep these things boxed anyhow. Giganta ain't gonna do me no good boxed up away from all the other Secret Society dudes. *shrug*

Giganta's pretty nice, though. Neither of the figures' legs are warped, and they both stand solidly on their respective stands. I like the rubber dress both wear. It's better than, say, just giving her a new-mold skirt and painting the rest on. It feels like they put some time into her.

Now all I need is a Killer Frost!

In other news, I showed up in Real Life on Friday, and Ninja Rick made a guest-strip appearance on Dr. McNinja. Sweetness.