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They look like delicious candy. Well, parts of them.

Shortpacked!@TNI: Hey, Captain Cold is awesome.
Shortpacked!: Plus Ethan smells.

First things first -- Maggie's auctioning off some of the remaindered doodads from our wedding and reception. Need some piratey stuff? Want to pretend you were there because we were jerks and didn't invite you? Check it out.

Man, I didn't know what to photograph for today's blog. I looked around the house, even took a picture of some shelves, but I wasn't really feeling it, so I went up into the attic to dig around. And, hey, you know who I haven't really ever paid attention to? The two BotCon 1999 exclusives.

(First of all, holy crap, these guys are ten years old.) Windrazor and Sandstorm are actually very attractive toys, but neither of them did much for me at the time. Windrazor wasn't much different from Silverbolt, since he's mostly a light gray-to-white swap. What sets him apart is the purple and magenta on his wings. Meanwhile, Sandstorm is a redeco of Scorponok, who was a toy I hated to play with. But man, look at that sparkly orange. And, y'know, he comes with a launchable bee.

Hey, remember when we'd get two BotCon exclusives a year instead of ten? Yikes. I can actually fit the entire year's offerings inside my tiny light studio. That doesn't happen anymore.

I don't really choose my Toys For Tots purchases like Ethan claims to in today's TNI strip, but my choices still have that selfish tinge. See, there's a number of toys each year that I don't buy, for space or other reasons. I can't justify them, or I have enough versions of that character. Still, seeing them in stores tugs at my strings. So the Toys for Tots box gives me an opportunity to finally pick those toys off the pegs and pay for them, but without having to actually go home with them. Y'know, like kind of an exorcism.

(I'm a little sick inside.)

I did pick up one toy this year for Toys for Tots that I actually already own: Animated Wreck-Gar! He's just awesome, and I think everyone should own one. But the rest were chosen because I see them all the time and they haunt me because I haven't bought them. Stuff like Activators lava Grimlock and deluxe Wheelie and Legends Optimus Prime. Hope they find good homes!
I'm Batman

Theee Baaaaaaaaaaaaatmaaaaaaan and superman

Shortpacked!: The bombshell.

Hey, remember the guest strip week from two years ago featuring "Holiday Bumblebee"?  Jin Saotome even did a custom based on that storyline!  Well, all the original art from that storyline can be yours!  It's up for auction on eBay from the artist, with my blessing.  Brassy has a baby now, and baby needs a new pair of shoes.  So to speak.

It's pretty easy to memorize DPCIs.  All the important stuff in Target's toy section begins with 087-06.  So, really, all you hafta do is remember the last four digits every time there's an assortment creeping into stores.  The 6" Superman/Batman Public Enemies assortment ends with 0805.  I now have a Batman.

(Oddly enough, the employee said there was only this Batman in the case back there.  Methinks another employee grabbed the others...)

This is my first Mattel 6" Batman.  There've been plenty of other Batmen in the DC Universe Classics toyline, but I didn't really like the look of any of them.  The proportions were just too wacky.  I don't like my Batmen pinheaded, nor do I like them to carry giant saddlebag-shaped pouches around on their belt.  I'm pretty happy with this new one, though.  It removes pretty much both of those problems.  His head looks bigger and he doesn't have ridiculously-sized pouches.  The jawline's a little cartoony, but that actually makes me like him more.  Batman shouldn't have a realistic chin.  It should be a block.  A wedge.  A monolith. 

I read on the Interwebs that these figures use a new base body, versus the rest of the line.  (These Interwebs call these base bodies "bucks."  Why is that?  I am new to this terminology.)  I note this is true, comparing Batman and, say, Killer Moth.  Batman's taller, leggier, and bulkier at the shoulders and ribcage.  Probably wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been told.  The articulation is exactly the same.

There are some things I don't like about this Batman, but they may be limited to my specimen only.  His joints aren't quite tight enough.  This is rough, 'cuz his cape is pretty heavy!  He likes to topple under his own weight.  His abdomen doesn't like to stay folded forward at the middle, either.  He'll slooooowly slide back into straight-spine alignment.  Batman doesn't come with any accessories (other than Brimstone's penis), but his fists are molded closed anyway.  

This is actually my second Ed McGuinness-styled Public Enemies Batman in the 6" scale.  (See photo on left.)  DC Direct did one a long while ago.  It's not nearly as poseable as this toy!  In fact, it's nearly immobile.  I think it's prettier, though, and more accurate to Ed McGuiness's art.  If only you could put the Mattel version's articulation into DC Direct's sculpt!  That said, I'm really enjoying Mattel's Batman.  It comes very close to capturing the Batman in my mind's eye and bestowing it with copious amounts of articulation.

Of Suicide Squads and Death Panels.

Joyce and Walky!: Actually, I think neither are correct...

One of my favorite episodes of Justice League Unlimited was "Task Force X," the tale of Deadshot, Clock King, and a few other villains who were employed by the government to do their dirty work.  This episode was birthed out of a very similar group in the original DC comics, the Suicide Squad.  Legendary writer John Ostrander, who also transformed the crippled Barbara Gordon into the information broker Oracle, was the guy who conceived this version of the Suicide Squad.  

And he's going blind!

Mr. Ostrander has suffered from glaucoma for years, but despite having paid for excellent and expensive health insurance all his life, is being told that he has to pay up himself if he wants additional treatment.  (See, it's stuff like this that makes the United States health care system rank a mere 36th in the world.)

But thankfully, fans are reaching out to help him with this prohibitively expensive problem.  At Comix4Sight.com, you can donate money through paypal or bid on one of hundreds of art pieces donated by the comics industry.  Me, I gotta pick something to offer to the cause, but in the meantime, please donate $10 or find a piece of art you want!  John Ostrander must be able to see!

Dr. Venom!

Hey, dudes!  A reminder: My convention art lot auction has one more day!  (And not the Spider-Man kind.)  There seems to be lots of competition, but with luck (and moolah) it can be yours!

And I got some fanart from some talented individuals.  Jake Isenberg of Transformers inking fame illustrated the cast.  Meanwhile, Pilli-Adventure's Algeya rendered the new Shortpacked! store design.  Shoot mental accolades in their virtual direction.

Oh, and the G.I. Joe Collectors' Club exclusives for 2010 include a... Dr. Venom??  Well, guess who's signing up for the club!  ...or leaching off somebody who has already.  Hrm.  Either way, I have to get that figure.  

An unfortunate(?) winning leaderboard ad tonight...

Shortpacked!: The greatest crime imaginable.

Today's punchline was actually the brainchild of Chris Hallbeck, of The Book of Biff.  He sought to annoy my sensitive font-elitism, and it worked.  Share my annoyance!  Plus, it buys me one more day to come up with a REAL new logo.  You know, one that actually works in CMYK.  The bright pretty RGB-happy green that the current/old Shortpacked! is... well, it always prints out as this dull dirty green.  That has to stop.  And so I'm taking advantage of an in-story opportunity to redesign the logo. 

And so I'm home, folks!  But I have all this extra art.  During my slow times at my crazy convention tour, I'd render my characters on the backs of comic book backing boards.  Some caught the eyes of passers-by and were bought.  But most survived!  

So if you missed my convention appearances this summer, you can live them vicariously through my remainder convention art, which is totally up on eBay.  Blue pencil and Copic marker!  Super lot!  It's fantastic.  Many of these I'm very fond of!  Plus, a few half-obscured surprises.

Lot comes with everything you see on the right.  Bidding lasts five days!

During my three weeks, I amassed a pile of toys, from exclusives to stuff I picked up in Walmarts and Targets along my journey to stuff that superfans brought me for art-bartering.  It'll take a long while to review myself through it, but I gotta start somewhere.

Why not with what arrived in the mail today?  Dr. Egon Spengler sold out at San Diego Comic-Con before I could bother with trying to get him, but he was up for sale on MattyCollector.com a week later.  I snagged him, and today I got him.  (And now he's sadly sold out on the website.)

This is where I make up for my flurry of Mattel-hate that has regrettably kind of saturated my TNI strips recently.  Dr. Spengler is about the most awesome you can expect from a toy.  You've heard me rave about Mattel's 6-inch DC line before, and the Ghostbusters figures seem to be as-good or even beyond that level of quality.  This is some fine sweetness, from his poseability (which also mirrors their 6-inch DC figures) to his amazing likeness.  He's unmistakable as Harold Ramis.  That's practically worth the pricetag alone. 

And he's covered in sculpted, bendy detail, from the pair of gloves that hang from his belt, to the series of wires and tubes, to even the computer ribbon that sprouts from his Proton Pack. 

Oh, and he comes with Slimer, who is about as poseable as a Slimer can be.  (Universal shoulders, lateral elbows, and rotating wrists.)  And on top of that, Dr. Spengler's packaging is the kind that can pop open and pop right back together.  No tearing the bubble off the card!  You know, if you keep your packaging.  I don't, but the presentation tempts me to.

Dr. Spengler is a joy.  And it's not every day you can pose Serious Scientists in Dramatic Action Poses.  The only drawback I can figure on is his rubbery weapon.  You have to line up his wrists perfectly so that the weapon holds straight in his arms, rather than all bendily.  Oh, and the other drawback is that I hafta wait months to years to complete the rest of the Ghostbusters.  Damn online collectors-only toylines!

Scandal and heartburn

Shortpacked!: I wonder how many webcomics today are taking place entirely within the interior of one of its characters.

First of all, auctions!  There's the lovely (scandalous!) art on the left, of course.  It's blue pencil and ink on comic book backing board.  

And I also am auctioning a set of four Alternators I don't want anymore - Sideswipe, Mirage, Smokescreen, and Wheeljack.  Expect some more of these guys soon.  I'm clearancing most of 'em out!   I no longer require them.  (I am, of course, keeping at least the Ravages.)

It's June 22, and that means the Revenge of the Fallen merchandising promotional push is in its final stage!  Today Burger King started its "Transform Your Way" promotion, featuring a horrifying Transformerized King, kid's meal toys, and.... a special Transformers sandwich!

It's the BBQ Double Stackticon!  

The Stackticon is basically the BK Stacker but with the "stacker sauce" swapped out with a barbecue sauce.  It looks disgusting and tastes like Death-At-40!  (I would say "Death-at-30" like I used to, but that concept's a lot scarier for me these days.)  Offset its nutricional deficiencies by getting some apple fries or something.  They're not actually fried!  Bummer.  I mean, good!

Tomorrow, the various video games come out, plus the soundtrack and score.  (Sweet, an actual score!  And not released some-odd months later!)  And tomorrow night?  The movie itself.  As of this writing, RottenTomatoes.com says it's 39% fresh!  That's still better than, uh, Land of the Lost?
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Shortpacked!@TNI: I'm not Batman.
Shortpacked!: Tone trouble!

Hey, remember that music video I inlined here on Friday?  Well, uh, apparently the happy guitarist and his rapping pal were too entertaining and were subsequently erased from the production.  D'oh!  Man, but I loved Holger.  

That's right.  Holger.  Holger Fath.  

I am an Internet super sleuth. 

It's Revenge of the Fallen street date early at Meijer!  That's right.  Their registers actually let you buy them.  And they had everything.  So if you're in the midwest, you may find yourself in luck within the next few days.  Even the Meijers that Graham and I hit today that didn't already have them out had already cleared out space for them with the accompanying pricetags. 

So this is my haul!  The two Deluxe-class silver luxury cars (wow, really? in the same wave?), their Robot Heroes counterparts (nice synergy there on my part), and Super Big Megatron.  When you yank on his chest, he says "I AM MEGATRON!"   Just in case you didn't know.  

I haven't opened them yet, but wanted some sort of picture up today.  Covet them!  COVET THEM.

Oh, and I have a new auction.  I've had this extra BotCon 2007 Alpha Trion/Weirdwolf bagged souvenir set sitting in my attic for forever.  Well, hell, I bet if I finally put it up on eBay, it'd help finance THIS year's toys.  Which I'll have to pay for in roughly a week and a half.  If you're interested in two frankly gorgeous toys, please bid!  Weirdwolf is my favorite toy from that year's slew, and Alpha Trion's damn pretty in his own right.  And he hangs corpses from his ceiling because he's a creepy ol' senile weirdo.  How can you go wrong with that?  

(Just don't turn your back on him.  He's got a pointy thing.)
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Shortpacked!: Brainslugged!

Seriously, what's up with that commercial?

On Monday I sent Josh Fruhlinger of the Comics Curmudgeon about 5000 readers and on Tuesday he sent 5000 of his to me!  I think we should keep this sexy readership circle jerk going.  Grab hold of his brilliance and work it, baby.  Work it!

Today is apparently Super Auction Day.  Both my old Starscream and my old custom-painted Prime are up for auction.  And joining them is the original lineart to Monday's "Funky Creepycreepy" strip!  Best part is, there's no dialog, so you get a complete presentation.  

So let's review:

* Custom-painted and stickered Premium Optimus Prime with bonus David Willis art
Deep Space "Premium" Starscream
* Funky Creepycreepy lineart! 

The auctions end in two-to-three days!

Since I'm getting rid of my old painted Prime, I spent some of today painting up my new one!  The new one was a lot easier to customize because there's now a 1:1 correlation between sculpted detail on the toy and sculpted detail on the movie's CGI model.  You kind of had to guess with the first one!  

First thing I did was paint the blue slices around his waist.  There's also new blue over the tops of his feet, plus I filled in the edges around the blue decorations on his forearms.  I finished up the silver on his head, his swords, and silvered over the errant red plastic on his toes.  Oh, and I detailed the headlights on his abdomen.  After some gold rings painted on his joints and a few other small crevassy details, I think I can say he's done.  

He pleases me greatly.

Meanwhile, the Preview Deluxe Wave of Revenge of the Fallen toys is starting to hit Targets.  Unlike the line proper, you should have no problem buying those from stores, since they shouldn't be blacklisted-until-the-30th on the store computers.  Keep an eye out if you're interested!
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I've got half a mind to give everyone rosey cheeks from now on.

Shortpacked!: Predestination

Holy Jesus in a Pinto, the new Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class Optimus Prime is nothing short of awe-inspiring.  Like the new Starscream, he's a new attempt at the same design within the same size class.  But the differences here are much, much, much more dramatic.

(Keep in mind that my first-movie Prime is heavily modified, both with additions of paint and some Reprolabels upgrade stickers.) 

The old Prime looks kind of like a dumpy ol' brick in comparison.  Inelegant.  And, again, based on early concept sketches because the movie wasn't finished at the time.  In context, it was amazing what they could do at the time with what information they had.  And, man, did I love that first movie Leader Prime.  He's another good balance of complexity and intuitiveness.  But with the first movie in the past, a better Prime can be made. 

Where the first Prime looked like he was chiseled into a block, ROTF Prime is tall and atheletic.  His legs aren't stumpy, and his chest and shoulders are broad compared to his waist.  Each half of his windowed chest is actually a separate hinged contraption which angles slightly up towards the neck, rather than the whole of the chest being flat and untransformable.  Kibble no longer hangs off his butt, restricting his movement. 

Now, here's the potentially terrible trade-off.  ROTF Prime's transformation is amazingly complicated.  Just his feet unfold and unhinge into most of the underside of the truck mode.  Just his feet!  There's that many parts involved.  In fact, to give you an idea of how many directions this guy's parts go, the underside of his feet is the front grill and bumper of the truck.  On his butt hang the taillights.  His entire torso comes apart and forms the top two-thirds of the truck, from just above the wheel wheel to the roof.  His arms become the nose of the truck and the criss-crossing parts of Optimus Prime's back reassemble into the blue section behind the cab.

Sounds fun?  The ambiguity of his two-sided instructions makes sure it's not.  At least the first time.  It remains to be seen how rough a time it'll be on subsequent attempts.  Now, none of what you have to do with him is along the lines of the worst of Transformer shellformers.  Everything clicks into place.  It's just that there's so much of it.  So so much to do.  He transforms like he should have been a higher Masterpiece-like pricepoint.  The sheer number of parts involved is insane.  

(So insane that some parts had to be dropped, apparently, probably for cost reasons.  The photos of the toy on the back of the box show him with articulated hands.  The final toy's hands are a single sculpted piece.  Also, the wheels on his thighs would have been able to collapse in on themselves to achieve a thinner look in robot form, and the steps on his thighs also would have been able to fold out of the way.) 

One thing to watch out for, when transforming him.  Remember I mentioned that his robot chest is actually two separate hinged pieces?  The end that attaches to his stomach in robot mode, you have to sort of yank it out for transformation - basically, you're pulling a piece out of its hinge.  It feels like you're breaking it.  This is not at all clear in the instructions, and on top of that I worry about eventually putting plastic stressmarks there. 

He's got a flip-out blade on each arm.  Push the triggers on the inside of his forearms, and they'll swing out.  Also, when you push his head back or touch his head or push his chest or touch his chest or touch him at all, you'll activate his electronics.  He says "I am Optimus Prime!" in Peter Cullen's voice and lights flash.  I had to take the batteries out of him because trying to transform him and having the sounds go off every time I maneuvered him was driving poor Maggie insane.  

So the difference between the new Prime and the old is night and day.  This is most startling when you have them side-by-side in truck mode, where they look practically identical in size and shape.  Somehow you get completely differently-assembled robots out of that same truck, one short and squat, the other tall and athletic.  One's more simpler to navigate but isn't as pretty, and the other one's insane but is much more elegant in robot mode. 

Choose wisely!

(And if you choose the Old Version, I've got my custom-painted Premium Optimus Prime up for auction.  He also comes with the art you see to the right!  Ends in three days!)

He wins because he's dumb!

Shortpacked!: Potty time!

Woof!  I was all set for watching the hour-long finale of Scrubs tonight, but at the comic book store this afternoon, they gave us free passes to an early showing of Star Trek.  Dammit! 

So at some point in time today, the real David Willis, who loves Scrubs more than his own peepee but is apathetic about Star Trek had been replaced by an imposter.  An imposter who went to see Star Trek instead of the Scrubs finale.  I don't understand.  Well, I do.  It's called Tivo, but it still seems like a very un-me move.

So anyway, we got home from it an hour ago, I crammed in some Scrubs, and I was left with about ten minutes to take photos and write a blog post and... oh right, I wanted to put an auction up.  Dammit! 

Give me a moment here.

Ahh, there we go.  To the left are Back-Stop and Chacal Noir!  (Chacal Noir apparently means "Black Jackal.")

I have them, their stickers and accessories and filecards, and Back-Stop's vehicle, the Dead Eye, up for auction!

Back-Stop is the bestest Canadian G.I. Joe there is. Or maybe the only one. Either way, dude loves his donuts and hockey. He's mostly Serpentor parts, which is kind of weird and neat at the same time. Chacal Noir is the frumpy dude to the right with Serpentor's head but mostly he's Steeler parts. Filecard says: "His main advantage is his complete ignorance of the odds against him at any given time." His superpower is ignorance! That's pretty fun. He wins because he doesn't know he can lose!  His bio card was written by LARRY HAMA. I hear that if I type that name in all caps, G.I. Joe fans will pay attention. Let's try that again. LARRY HAMA. Phew! It's like yelling "boobies" in an all-boys camp.

These guys were super-limited to just 100 pieces.  It's too bad, because while I really wanted that chrome HISS, I think the other dudes may find homes that appreciate them better.  So up they go!  Please enjoy.