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Today's been a Transformerstastic day! Ron found me a Robot Heroes Dispensor the other day and he brought it to me today. Sweetness! You might recognize Dispensor as the robot in the live-action movie that transforms from a Mountain Dew vending machine and shoots Mountain Dew cans from his multiple massive cannons.

That means he's a perfect companion for Pepsi Convoy. They both shill PepsiCo products, right? And they're practically in scale. Sure, they're opposite factions from different continuity families, but they still have something in common!

(Corporate whoring.)

By the way, today's your day to go out and look for Animated toys, 'cuz they're totally out there to be had. This morning I went down to the Wal-mart on Hilliard-Rome, and they had buttloads of Wave 2 Deluxes and some Wave 1 Voyagers. I got myself a Blackarachnia. Also sweetness! But word was Wave 3 Voyagers are also out (Wave 2, featuring Voyager Prime, is AWOL for some reason) so tonight I hit the streets again. It was palette diving time, even. So nostalgic! It seems that everywhere's getting a buttload of Wave 2 Deluxes, and maybe one case each of Wave 1 and Wave 3 Voyagers. Long story short, I came home with Lugnut and Grimlock.

Oh man.

Oh oh man.


Shortpacked!: Scraping the bottom of the barrel of my BotCon comics.

I drew tonight's comic first, of all of my BotCon comics, but I didn't run it because I had better ones. This morning I felt ill and I was still exhausted from my trip, so up it went. Whee, vacation.

This comic is weaker, I feel, because it insinuates this sort of exchange actually happened. It didn't, and it is a complete fabrication. I was merely sitting in on the first panel of the con, which happened to be IDW's, fiddling with some toy as always, and felt really guilty about it, like when you doodle during class. The man berating the audience member in the strip is none other than Marty Isenberg, the head writer for Transformers Animated (and co-story editor of Beast Machines), who was truly a class act and a wonderful human being. One of the best guests we've had at a BotCon, I believe. He was funny, engaging, intelligent, and extremely happy to be there. Today's comic, though it does not specifically say the speaker is Isenberg, does him a disservice. But hey, he's who was there at the panel when I needed reference.

Several new upcoming Animated toys were debuted at BotCon, but none were more anticipated by me than Sentinel Prime's. Visually he's, y'know, the Tick. As a Transformer. And voiced by Townsend Coleman, who is, y'know, the Tick. He's not at all characterized the same, as he's Optimus Prime's jerky rival who is a big jerk and acts like a jerk. But I love him, and I think he's my favorite Animated character.

But damn, his toy is tiny. He's a mere Deluxe, when he should be a Voyager class so he can push Prime around. And like Bulkhead and Lugnut, his toy design is very wide, so he puts all his mass into his horizontal, meaning he's actually quite short. I think he's shorter than Bumblebee, though that just was my rough estimate as the hand-painted sample in the Hasbro booth was squatting. And so I am enraged at the toy, yet I still love it because it is Sentinel Prime, my favorite character.

I'll, uh, just have to stick him in the back of my shelf so he looks... far away.

Today at Kmart I found a few cases of Indiana Jones toys on a palette. I was tempted to open them myself, since no one was around, but there's that pesky red-stamped "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 5/1/2008" all over them. So not only would that be kinda shady, but they'd inevitably not ring up at the front desk, they'd call back, and then some employee would find a half-opened box left in the aisle, and I'd totally get busted.

Oh well. I'll check back in two days. Must have.

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So I put lots of black paint on my Animated Bumblebee. I added hings like the stripe on his right shin (removed from his deco between mockup stage and release), plus finished the black on his biceps, the insides of his torso, his "cleats," his palms, and the stripes on his forearms and head. His kneecaps should be yellow as well, but I'm wary of painting those. Yellow on black can't end well, at my skill level.

I tell you, it was a pain to paint those palms. Though his forearms are held together by a screw, there's a huge plastic bar right on top of that screw, keeping you from being able to remove it. What keeps the plastic bar there is a rivet... which doesn't go through all the way, so you can't hammer it out. That hand is there for keeps. So I used a veeerrry thin brush, and prayed.

Tomorrow we're driving down to Cincinnati for BotCon 2008. We'll probably hit a Toys "R" Us in town before we get to our hotel, but it will be futile. Reports are coming in that every store in town was ransacked by dealers, with folks coming into the convention center/hotel with carts full of dozens of freshly-bought Animated toys. (People are jerks.)

Anyway, I'll be out of town for the weekend. I have Friday's Shortpacked! comic done in advance, as well as Saturday's Joyce and Walky! and Sunday's TNI strip. Meanwhile, while I'm at the con, I hope to draw some comics in my sketchpad, and release them to you nightly by way of photography and (hopefully) free Intermanets. That's the plan, anyway. If not, we're all screwed!

Preorder Shortpacked! Book 2! You heard me. If I'm not out of Shortpacked! Extras (sixty remain!) by the time I get back, you're all grounded.

Animated toys first, webcomic second

Shortpacked!@TNI: Unreasonable? He has lots of reasons!
Shortpacked!: He who shall not be named, except within quote marks.

There are two Transformers Animated toys left in Cincinnati.

Okay, that's a slight exaggeration. But after cranking out a sub-par strip in the wee hours of the morning, Graham, Jenni, and myself drove down to Cincinnati and went on a Christmas-sized shopping spree. No store had everything, so we had to piecemeal ourselves across the top half of Cincinnati's offering of Wal-marts and Kmarts. At the end of the day, I ended up with all of the toys from the first wave I was after except for Voyager Megatron. (We found one, Graham had dibs.) I also brought home some for Steve-o, which means I'm paid up on the apartment's utilities for the next month or so.

And as an unexpected surprise, I also found the next wave of G.I. Joes I was looking for. Hooray!

(As an even unexpecteder surprise, Graham found an open and dismantled Lockdown in one of the reshop carts at the front of the first Kmart we visited. Weird.)

So, hey, if you go to Cincinnati, and you want, say, buttloads of Bulkheads, the Deluxe Megs/Prime DVD two-pack, or maybe a Cybertron-mode Prime, you're probably in luck. Other dudes are slim pickins.
Aww man!

A delicate situation

Shortpacked!: A delicate situation.

I mentioned yesterday that I'm selling off my custom-painted old Ironhide. It comes with art I drew! But I was busy filling the page with Super Mario orgasming, so I wasn't able to give it the amount of attention and focus I wanted. So here he is again! Gaze on his ... something.

The Kmarts in Cincinnati are beautiful. I'm used to Kmarts being ghetto nightmares. But they're all huge and clean and bright! Don't ask how I know this. Also, do not ask how I know to warn you against looking for Transformers Animated at the Kmarts on Parkfield Dr, Hunt Rd, and in Hamilton.

Just saying.


And, hey! Finally got the email response I was expecting:
You Pathetic Peace of Brain dead fucking Scum. Are you that fucking stupid that you would dare mock the death of someone who actually matters. I really hope someone kicks you in the jewels for that you piece of human excrement. At least I take comfort in the fact that no one reads your stupid peace of crap comics and when you die no one will care. So think about that for awhile. You suck and will probably die alone and no one will care or remember you. Eat shit and Die you fuckmook.

Thanks, Adam Wilson! You'd think that on the Internet, I wouldn't have to wait two days for this. Isn't the Internet supposed to make everything faster? (What is a "fuckmook"?)

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Parasite is the shortest guy here. That's so wrong.

God smiled upon me yesterday, because I stumbled across Gorilla Grodd. A reader had alerted me to his existence in stores a few days ago, and I wouldn't have even bothered with Target otherwise. (All the new Joes are showing up at Wal-mart so far.) Grodd came in one of those Target-exclusive six-packs that give you five dudes you already have and a new sculpt. He sort of came with one other new guy, the Red Hood, but the Red Hood's really just the Joker. So, eh. I already have a new Joker.

But the six-pack was worth it, because the sculpt on this Grodd kicks ass. He's got his characteristically-smug almost-smile and a shifty half-lidded glare. Unlike a lot of JLU figures, he's got a lot of personality, the spark of life, even.

What he doesn't have is useable poseability, though that doesn't surprise me. He does have articulation at the shoulders, elbows, neck, and hips, but the movement at the elbows and hips is very shallow. The legs can't even bend forward, they can only bend back, due to that gut of his. Weird, but acceptable, considering he's just gonna stand on my shelf and look shifty.

All the line needs to complete the Secret Society are the chicks, Killer Frost and Giganta. I don't rate our chances of getting them before the line peters out, but miracles can happen. Maybe Mattel likes Jessica Hale! (Of course, Giganta would be required to be the standard female body, meaning she wouldn't be all that gigantic. She could go hang out with Big Barda.)

Thing I noticed, putting this photo together ... my Clayface is super gross. His plastic is now oily, sticky, and really unpleasant to the touch. It reminds me of some of the plastic problems with those old Transformers Pretender Monster shells. Those were also rubbery and suffered from similar symptoms.


Speaking of Transformers, check out Jin Saotome's Classics Warpath custom! It is one of the greatest things I have ever seen.
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Shortpacked!: They probably haven't even met Mike yet.

Finally, with the addition of Wave 2's Ironhide, I have a complete set of Robot Heroes Movie Autobots. Like with Ironhide's toys, his figurine is black, so it's pretty much a lost cause trying to photograph him so you can tell what's going on. The pose is iconic enough for Ironhide -- he's got both arms outstretched with fists clenched, wielding all his weaponry. There's rotating joints at the neck and shoulder, otherwise he's immobile, which isn't a surprise for one of these figures.

I wish the head were a better match to the final design used in the movie. Both the Voyager class toy and the Robot Heroes figurine have the sides of his head be flat, detail-less surfaces, which is really not the case.

Regardless, he completes the set, so he makes me happy. My Movie Autobots are no longer missing one of their number. Hell, they've even got a bonus 'Bot, Cliffjumper, who I was hoping to put in the groupshot. Sadly, I couldn't fit him with them on the risers. Oh well.

Today I found Marvel Legends Dr. Doom at the Georgesville Wal-mart. I am so happy. Hooray for the girlfriend needing to return things!

BREAKING NEWS: You heard it here third or fourth!
Ray Park is probably Snake-Eyes in the live-action G.I. Joe movie. A good choice, I suppose. I still haven't forgotten seeing him try to "act" in Ecks vs Sever. On the plus side, he's mute and wears a mask. This is actually perfect, so long as he doesn't have to emote.

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Today Graham and I swept the town, and I found all sorts of buttloads of toys. Hooray! All I'm missing from the Spider-Man Trilogy wave now are Black Spider-Man and Mary Jane, and I found Wave 3 Joes at the Easton Kay-Bee. (I left a Red Ninja, a green Stalker, and some Wave 2 carryovers.)

So I have a good week of reviews ahead of me. Sweet!

Yesterday I mailed in an exhibitor form for Mid-Ohio-Con! So, woo, I'll be there! Dunno where my table'll be located, but I asked for "Right next to Sean McKeever," so I imagine I'll be placed as far away from him as possible. Mid-Ohio-Con is in the Columbus Convention Center the weekend after Thanksgiving, so mark your calendars! I will be there.

And so will Tom Batiuk. Hrm.

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Joyce and Walky!: "Let's go cut her brakes."

I've been digging through old photos to scan, and here's one of me in a toystore in Stockholm, Sweden, during the winter break of 1999/2000. I don't recommend heading that far for a toy run, because those Transmetals are two years old, hence my eye-rolling. Also, of course, they cost about twice American retail, all of which I'm pretty sure goes directly to the Swedish government.

Sweden is like that.

Nowadays, stumbling across that kinda assortment eight years later would be a pretty good find. As people's Transmetal Megatrons crumble in two, I'm sure supplying replacements would be a moderately good racket.