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What appears to be the movie's Transformers theme was released last night on SectorSeven.org. It's some kinda screamo rap-metal or something. It's awesomely terrible, and reminds me of "Turtle Power" in almost all the right ways. I approve.

So today's more than appropriate enough to link you to the most absurdly hilarious movie tie-in music video ever.

And it's even Batman related!

Ever so often, Graham and I will pop in my Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker DVD just to watch this thing. And laugh. And point. It's so ridiculous. And I realized it was on Youtube the other day! So I must share it. (Sadly, embedding is disabled.)

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too!, Frenzy wants to read

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Soundtrack.net has a page on the scoring of the Transformers film. For some reason, the idea of an orchestra coming together to play music for Transformers is, like, crazy. It's akin to a ballet based on Fat Albert. It's an overreaction on my part, I know, but it just seems so, I dunno, disproportionate.

However, it's good to hear there's an album of the score coming out later. Man cannot live on Goo Goo Dolls alone.

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It's Saturday night, so that means I got nada for ya. Sorries.

I've been spending the evening at Pandora. It's like Internet radio, but you tell them bands you like and then it gives you more music like it. Which is good, because I'm out of new Polyphonic Spree and need more hippie sun-worshipping songs.

Hasbro's Transformers website has updated with new keycodes. (Each Cybertron toy comes with a Cyber Planet Key that has some numbers and letters printed on the back, which you can input into the website and get extra stuffs.) As always, they're awesome. Ever since Cybertron started, the bio write-ups have been beyond outstanding. I'm partially only worked up so much 'cuz the writeups were crap for about a decade. It is like a ray of sunshine. For example:

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Our pal Spectre was the one who found the updated bio information, and he lists all of them here.

Everything I know is wrong.

Man. You guys know how much I love Fountains of Wayne. I mean, c'mon. My freakin' celphone ringtone is "Stacie's Mom." My roommate practically cries every time I start up Winamp because that means he's gotta hear "Mexican Wine" another fifteen times.

...so let me tell you a story.

Back in 1996, there was this Tom Hanks movie. It was about a stupid 1960s flash-in-the-pan band. There was a song. Much like The Sound of Music, which my sister watched three times a day for half a year, which drove me to using it as a form of torture in the early days of It's Walky!, my sister also watched this movie. Not only my sister, but my friends from my church's youth group. Everyone I knew in my world sang this dang song, and I hated it. It filled me with rage. My sister rented it during my 18th birthday party, and all my friends spent the whole time watching it instead of hanging out. I have a horrible, petty, childish grudge against that song. It was "That Thing You Do," and ...

... and it was written by Fountain of Wayne's singer-bassist Adam Schlesinger.