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You came here to die!

Shortpacked!: *shudder*

I'm out to see a movie. I am ashamed to admit it is Clone Wars.

Edit: Man, what's wrong with people? That wasn't terrible at all. All weekend I've gotten email after email about how I just have to destroy it in a strip or something. I don't understand. Animation was awfully wooden, sure, but otherwise the movie was very enjoyable. Hmph.

Do you not realize how nice it is to be able to watch a Star Wars film without retarded dialogue?!


Shortpacked!: Link no worky until 11pm EST!

We're off to see The Dark Knight, after all.

So hooray? I got a call from the guys in LA who received my book shipments from China! THEY STILL HAVE THEM. I need a broker? And more money? And they won't arrive until the 22nd? (Though I'm not holding my breath.) So assuming I can release them tomorrow and actually, amazingly get them on the 22nd, it means I'm either overnighting some 44-lb boxes to San Diego or smuggling as many as I can into our suitcases.

And if I don't pick them up in five days once they arrive in Columbus, I pay a storage fee. Which is great, because I'll be in San Diego for longer than that. So if they arrive one day late, I'm kinda fucked.


In possibly sunnier news, I'm bringing a portfolio to our Comic-Con booth full of original art pages with added dialog balloons. I've chosen a few I think will go over well, but if you're going, and are interested in buying a strip from the past from me, let me know! I will do my best to put it together for you so you can buy it there. Just send me an email with the date and/or URL of the desired strip, and I'll let you know if it's available and/or possible.
Making ou madly with Maggie

Keeps falling down the stairs

Joyce and Walky!: Keeps falling down the stairs.

Speaking of Maggie, Wall-E opens this weekend! She worked at Pixar as a production assistant for a year while the movie was being completed, so you can totally find her name in the credits. Wait until the fancy big names stop being paraded with screen-wide animations, and for the usual slow name crawl to begin, and you'll see her right away.

It's super awesome.


Shortpacked!: Ethan should get his priorities realigned.

It occurred to me the other day that I don't do nearly as much fanservice art as I used to. Maybe that's what's been missing from the equation since It's Walky! ended and Shortpacked! started. Seriously, where's the boobies? (Besides, ah-heh, in the adspace either on the left or right.)

I have to admit, I'm pretty damn rusty. My grasp of anatomy has gone to pot. When you draw nothing but headshots for years upon years, that can happen. But we'll figure something out. I promise.

On Saturday, Graham, Maggie and I went to go see Speed Racer. I was really worried about it, because reviews had been terrible and it seems to be bombing really badly. But, dude, I gotta tell you, it was awesome. Seriously awesome. Way, way too long, but full of concentrated awesome. Why is there so huge of a disconnect between my opinion and the critics? Is it because they haven't seen any of the source material? That can't be it. I've never seen the original Speed Racer cartoon. I'm familiar with the theme song and passingly with the animation and voice acting quality (or lack thereof), so I only went to see it as a curiosity.

No, I just don't think they've played enough Mario Kart.

Sure, the movie was crammed with references to anime tropes and the original Speed Racer series -- a real tour de force of an adaptation -- but if you renamed the movie "Mario Kart," it'd have been just as accurate. With the powerups, crazy courses, and the thrill of racing itself, Speed Racer wanted me to play Mario Kart until the end of time once I got home. (And we did have a marathon session afterwards.) Don't critics understand? Have they never blue-sparked around a curve? Never pulled out of eighth place into first at the last second with a well-used powerup? Murdered some dude with a red shell? This is my adrenaline, now on film, with some plot in between the Kart porn tentpole scenes.

If I have any disappointments with the film, they are few. First of all, it seemed way too long, but I have no idea how they could have cut it down. And secondly, I think the emotional peak was too early, in the first scene. At least, it certainly was for me. But then, I think that has to do with Mario Kart again. You'll understand, if you've seen it. If you've ever chased a ghost across a Mario Kart course, but then married that with a buttload of emotional meaning, you've got the first scene.

It was beautiful.

You should go see it.

We are wasting valueless time here.

Shortpacked!: Everything old is ... old again!

Ultra Car just had to comment on this eventually.

Preorders for Shortpacked! Book 2 continue!

Phew! I'm down to the last group o' folks in this year's BotCon set. That's right, these are the Shattered Glass heroic Predacons, represented as Mini-Con redecoes. According to Razorclaw's bio information, he was once a professor at Tyrest University, and when the Autobots blew it up, he and two students retreated into the mountains to have inappropriate relations become ferocious predators.

More college professors should disappear into the mountains to become lion-dogs.

No explanation is given for their tiny size in the "real" fiction, but I would probably adopt the April Fool's version's "shrink ray" explanation anyway, so the absence of a real story helps soothe that into my personal canon. (Annoyingly, their size in the comic ranges from "same size as everyone else" to "dinky," depending on the panel. Don Figueroa is usually more consistent than that.)

I really wish Divebomb (the bright orange bird-thing) had more paint in robot mode. Other than his head, all his paint is dedicated to his sparsely-detailed wings, which are hidden in robot mode. I think I'd love him a whole lot more if that were the case. I love him anyway, what with my orange fetish. It is, after all, a delicious Sunstorm-like orange.

The other guys are cool, too, though less orange, and are much better in the area of paint layout. They manage to get paint in both modes instead of decoing just one.

Poor heroic Decepticons. These dinky dudes are half of their rebel forces.

A return to the Bus Stop

Ultra Car: And his big ugly face is as dumb as a butt.
Shortpacked!: Where are they all taking a bus to, anyway?

Last month in Joyce and Walky!:
It's Christmas time in Denver, and everyone's celebrating, preparing, and/or angsting. But some holiday moments are more startling than others, as Sal discovers.

Today's SP! strip was formed while reading a San Francisco-area newspaper found discarded on the BART a week or so ago. I thought San Francisco was supposed to be a crazy godless libtard town, but even they still have embarrassing letters to the editor. It was a perfect opportunity to bring back the Bus Stop.

When I was a boy, my mom told me I should be an editorial cartoonist, but I don't think today's strip is what she had in mind.

You know, for as mediocre a cinematic experience as I'd found The Golden Compass to be, I've done an disproportionate number of strips about it. (Two.) I hereby purge it from my memory.

(no subject)

Shortpacked!@TNI: Decepticons are a cowardly, superstitious lot.
Ultra Car: Hundreds of pickle pie gags, but not one "relish" pun. What a waste.
Shortpacked!: The Golden Whoozits.

Destro's back! Destro's back! Destro's back, and he's on the attack!

Because Jin Saotome is my best friend, he mailed me 25th Iron Grenadier Destro and a Crimson Guard. Just in time for Christmas, and wrapped appropriately! (It said "open now" on it, so put your cudgels away.)

This Destro is a remake of 1988's Iron Grenadier Destro, which was not only the version of Destro available during the period of time I was actually paying some attention to G.I. Joe, but it's also what he still looked like during the Generation 2 crossover with Transformers a few years later.

Even unusually-directed nostalgia aside, this is a great figure. First of all, he's got a fuckin' sword. Second of all, that sword goes in a fuckin' awesome scabbard that hangs across his backside. Third, he's got a little handgun that folds into a holster on his leg that includes a little plastic flap to close back over it. And, dudes, let us not forget he has that shoulder cape. That's seriously styling, and something of a step up from his previous Seventies-reject look. He's regal, he's rockin' it military-style, and he's got that fabulous new gold noggin.

It's the scabbard in particular that makes this figure for me. It's a huge point of visual interest that not many, if any, other Joe figures share. And, seriously, it's a redo of a 1988 figure, six long years into the RAH franchise. That tickles me in ways you can't imagine. Now all I need are a Ninja Force Scarlett and Dr. Biggles-Jones, and I'll feel my G2-era Joes are complete. Those, of course, will never happen, so I'm planning on attempting my own...

As today's SP! strip implies, we saw The Golden Compass this afternoon. Man, Catholicism sure blows, huh? The animal in the last panel was originally an adorable little piglet, but it was suggested that a chicken would be funnier. I also had a cute lamb in mind. Man, nobody in that movie had any daemon Eatable Animals, did they? Not a single cow, pig, or chicken. Disappointment.
Making ou madly with Maggie

(no subject)

Shortpacked!: Because Osama Bin Doggy is so done.

Yes, we know. The goggles, etc.

That was the point.

Man, those Best Buy DVD-exclusive masks are a tight fit. It's almost like they were made for, you know, children. Those bastards. Regardless, after some time spent stretching the things, they can eventually be squeezed over your head. Breathing is optional.

I'm trying the new font again in today's strip, but this time in a slightly different way. Now, it's always in faux-bold, to help with legibility, and emphasis is placed by using all caps on some words. Let me know how that works, and then tomorrow we can go back to the old font.

So, hey, DC has started up this Zuda thing, which is basically like Keenspot... if Keenspot owned all the rights and buried strips deeply in some Flash and gave artists a few bucks for it. Seriously, it's going to revolutionize... something. Anyway, the folks over at C|NET gathered my thoughts about it, where I solidified my indie cred.