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I'm Batman

It's Mii-ller time!

That crazy new Mii voting-and-sharing channel is open on the Wii, so I thought I'd share a few Miis based on Shortpacked! and It's Walky! characters with you. And a Batman.

Here's the identification numbers so you can find and download them onto your Wii:
Ethan: 5185-6303-7949
Robin: 0329-6303-7854
Amber: 4945-2917-5242
Mike: 6413-7962-4557
Galasso: 2830-1253-8663
Faz: 5606-0753-8183
Ronnie: 7856-7624-5321
Ninja Rick: 9418-3699-5000

Joyce: 8239-7161-9120
Walky: 4301-0527-2667
Head Alien: 2803-0848-5185

Batman: 5199-9594-5417

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Joyce & Walky! This comic makes me feel so old.
Shortpacked! A time-honored Walkyverse tradition.

Hello readers, old and new alike! I am David Willis, and I have been doing webcomics for ten whole freakin' years. That is more than one third of my life. I have drawn approximately 3000 strips! It's crazy!

On September 10, 1997, I began Roomies!, a somewhat ordinary tale about college roommates. By Christmas 1999, it had transformed into It's Walky!, about a classified army of alien-fighting twenty-somethings. As of 2005, I had scaled back to Shortpacked!, starring the employees of a toy store.

It's all one unified, cohesive universe, and today it's ten years old.

Ten Tatty YearsI'm updating with two comics tonight. The first is hosted on my original site, itswalky.com, and commemorates the anniversary in its own backstory-ridden way. The second is hosted here on Shortpacked.com, and continues the flashback already in progress.

I am also debuting a new limited print, seen to the left. Featuring as many characters from my ten-year history as I could aesthetically cram in, "Ten Tatty Years" is limited to 20 pieces and signed and numbered by yours truly. The print is 11"x8.5" on cardstock gloss and costs $25. (Shipping to anywhere in the world is already included in the price.) Also, check out all the previous limited prints. E-Mail me for further instructions or questions!

(tat·ty /ˈtæti/ -adjective, -ti·er, -ti·est.
1. cheap or tawdry; vulgar)

Meanwhile, the first collection of Shortpacked! books has finally arrived and they are currently being shipped out! Order your copy of Shortpacked! Brings Back the Eighties today!

I wouldn't have made it this far without the bunches of you who read and support me. Even larger than the strip itself are the friends (and more than friends) I've made along the way. Without you, the journey wouldn't have been worth it! I'd be honored if, in ten more years, I'll still be blessed with your presence.

This is where the dude usually says "Here's to ten more," but feh. I'm feeling contrary, so I'll just plan to quit in seven and a half. In your face, twentieth anniversary!

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Joyce & Walky!: Meanwhile, in J&W! subscriber land...

Nearly all of 2004 was dedicated to the final "day" of It's Walky!, so it's tough to pick out a single "storyline" from it. It's all the same thing, just broken up into chunks. So, I've decided to link to the final chunk, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." As The Head Alien gets the ultimate power he's always wanted, Walky prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice he never wanted.

Back when Maggie was just a mere reader/fan of It's Walky!, she would make building threats toward my person should I decide to kill Walky. As his imminent demise was made more apparent, the threats increased in violence. So it was by happy accident that during her first visit here in Columbus, Walky died.

For some reason, she kissed me instead. I will never understand women.
Aww man!

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Shortpacked!: See? He's a cool guy.

I dropped off a handful of copies of Shortpacked! Brings Back the Eighties at the Laughing Ogre here in Columbus. If you're in the area and haven't ordered a copy yet, swoop and scoop one there while you can!

There were Batman jokes in It's Walky!, too, as the panel to the left attests. But that's incidental to the 2003 storyline at hand, "The Best I Could Do". The storyline is important to me for one big reason.

It made me bawl my eyes out.

Unlike Ruth, I didn't create Dina to die. And also in contrast with Ruth, I wanted to have a tragic death. Ruth found completeness and satisfaction right before she died. She'd atoned for everything she thought she'd done. But with Dina, I wanted to go the opposite direction. I wanted a sad ending. So I pushed her into more strips, showing her faults and giving her a reason for wanting to overcome them. And time and time again, she was unable to. Ultimately, she sacrificed her life to save what she loved, but believing that she'd failed all the same.

I drew the six strips leading up to her death late into the night, and when I finished inking her denouement, I sat back and cried like a little baby. It wasn't fair, you know. She should have gotten her happy ending. I was a horrible, horrible bastard. I did this to her.

I was about three months ahead in my strip-drawing at that point. I let my buffer run out before I could draw again.

You know, something I've noticed about characters you kill off. They're always the characters that readers hate. But after they die? Suddenly, they're their favorites! It happened with Ruth and it happened with Dina. Poor Dina. Nobody appreciated her while she was around.

Lord knows I didn't.

It's partly why I intentionally revisited parts of her in Amber. They're both uncomfortable around people and are constantly overwhelmed. I'd like to think Amber can eventually find her happiness where Dina couldn't, redeeming both Dina and myself.

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Shortpacked!: LOCO!!!1

Having had her fun, Maggie and I have put her Ratchet custom on eBay. She had a real blast painting this thing, and wants to do more in the future, but we need only so many Ratchets around here. And, hell, we like money.

The item listing reads:
This is a listing for Voyager class Transformers movie Ratchet, hand-painted to look more like his appearance in the movie, including battle damage!

Ratchet was customized meticulously to match photos of the Hummer rescue vehicle prop used on-set and promo renders of him in robot mode used for publicity. Sculpted details which were left unpainted on the store-buyable production piece have been brought to life! His feet, tool area, and side lights were primed with white paint to get as bright a silver in that area as possible.

Additionally, scorches and crack marks have been added to his shoulder and leg, giving him a battle-weary appearance. For the battle damage, a tiny drill was used to carve three "bullet holes" in the side, and file was used to scrape uneven radial blast damage around the area. Then it was dirtied up with a couple of dry brush passes and final highlights in gold and brown. Even unsightly screwholes have been plugged with epoxy.

Despite all these changes, the toy is still completely transformable and keeps all original articulation! Suitable for play or display!

For more photos, check out the auction!

2001's featured storyline is "Guess Who's Coming to Denver", which follows Walky as he goes to ridiculous measures to keep his Top Secret Alien-Fighting Life from his civilian friends, Danny and Billie. We also get a glimpse at the strange courtship of Walky and Dina, see Joe have sex with 30 women, and witness the melodrama as Danny and Billie hear of Joe's "death," the government cover story for his disappearance into Top Secret Alien-Fighting. Crazy hijinx and man-shoved-in-man's-crotch action abound!

That last sentence just sells it all on its own, doesn't it?

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Shortpacked!: Beer!

After playing with mine, my roommate Steve-o decided he wanted the $10 Brawl instead of the $40 one, so he was happy to discover that our local Kroger had him in their miniscule toy aisle today while we were piling up on burgers and dogs for our cookout.

He's tiny! Also, as has been reported by just about everybody, his shoulders so do not plug into his torso. Otherwise, he's a fine relatively tiny version of Brawl. I still prefer the larger one by a lot. Steve disagrees.

(My bigger Brawl is painted up a bit by me, for the record. I dirtied his tank mode with some gray and darkened some circuitry with black.)

So Graham, Maggie and I are watching Steve-o playing Metroid (as the photo attests), and somehow we get into a discussion about how there's probably countless fanarts of Samus getting screwed by Metroids. Because, hey, it's a monster thing with tentacles, and it's the Internet. I went to my computer to investigate, and I was surprised to find absolutely zero. "Samus having sex with Metroids" on Google (with SafeSearch off) gives me a few pages of normal Samus art (though often de-suiting) before degenerating into other cartoon characters having sex. The Hell, man?

Graham didn't believe me, and so he went on a hunt himself. After a much more broad search, we found ONE picture of her having sex with a Metroid, but her hair was blue for some reason. It wasn't even accurate! One teensy picture of Samus being violated by Metroids on the whole Internet, and it's barely her. Everything I thought I knew about the Internet has been shattered.

We're on our fourth day of our Tenth Anniversary retrospective, so that means I've picked out a storyline from 2000! I've decided to showcase "Puppy", where Joyce and Walky bond by choosing a pet. It's pretty simple and adorable fun.

Or so you'd think at first glance! I take shots at cats, Canadians, and even my own art style! Seriously! I'm a crazed cartoonist on the edge! You could be next!

Confidentially, I chose the storyline for this strip.
too!, Frenzy wants to read

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While I'm away at San Diego Comic-Con this following week, I thought I'd run an old story most of you have never read. It's originally from Keenspot's 2004 Free Comic Book Day book, and was written as an introduction to It's Walky!'s characters and plot. For those of you who got to have some place to put this, it takes place early in 2000, during It's Walky!'s first year. This story is in five segements, and will update tonight, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Enjoy!

First of all, yes, that stereo is the exact model used as a Frenzy prop in the Transformers film. It used to be carried by Wal-Mart's online store, but it's not carried there anymore, so its customer service folks claim. You may have to get yours by somewhat illicit means. Mine and Graham's came, for example, from this random online place that sent our Frenzies to us, opened, inside some cream cheese boxes.

Yeah, on hindsight, they were probably stolen. Yikes.

But let's forget, for a moment, that I may be an accomplice to theft. Owning Frenzy is awesome. Other than, say, some microcassettes, I've never owned the real version of a Transformer's altmode -- at least, of the ones that turn into specific ones. Usually, that involves owning a Porsche or, say, a Fire Chief Lamborghini.

Next to Movie Prop Frenzy is Fast Action Battler Frenzy. The Fast Action Battlers are a counterpart toyline to the movie stuff that's targeted towards slightly younger kids. Every toy has a secondary gimmick, and in Frenzy's case, it's a giant disc-shooter that's half his size. Wow.

As you can see, it does wonders for his toy's design.

His robot mode is crap. His altmode is neat, and his transformation is absolutely wonderful. It's really complex for a Fast Action Battler. Unfortunately, the robot mode is hindered not only by the giant disc shooter it must accommodate in the center of its torso, but also by Frenzy's movie robot design obviously not designed to transform into anything. The movie robot has absolutely no visible altmode kibble, and it's very likely that the specific altmode was decided upon long after the robot design was finalized. So, yeah, there's that. It's an amazing feat of engineering to get even this much out of the concept, but even then it's a far cry from a good toy.

I knew this before I bought him. I just wanted a transforming Frenzy at any cost. Frenzy's awesome.

I painted his eyes blue, by the way.

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Joyce and Walky!: Sal shot first.

I'm taking a break from reviewing toys this weekend. In the meantime, have another photo of Leader class Megatron, this time torturing poor Jazz with his claw flail.

I've had some spots of free time and the drive, so I've put up two three more pages of redrawn It's Walky! strips.

Suddenly, the inspiration for tonight's Joyce and Walky! becomes clear.

It was my original intention to finish the first storyline and sell it as a graphic novel, but the project is kinda big for me to do all the time while doing two other strips already, mailing t-shirts, publishing books (which are about to be shipped to me, hooray), and keeping up my BLC obligations. Some day, I'll get it done, I swear. But it's a project that must necessarily remain low on my priorities.

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Shortpacked!: Parting shot

My porfolio of available limited prints was narrowing, so that means it's New Limited Print Time!

Check out "Twin Sister", the first in a series of "It's Walky! Moments You Might Buy For $25." (Tentative title.) It recaptures this moment in It's Walky!, but now, uh, digitally remastered. Or something like that. Email me if you want it, signed and limited to 10 pieces, printed on card stock glossy, gotta-catch-'em-all, yadda yadda yadda.

Takara recently had Masterpiece Megatron and their Beast Wars 10th Anniversary line on display. I'd say "this morning" instead of "recently," but, well, our "this morning" is probably "tomorrow" or something for that hemi of the sphere. I don't keep track of that stuff. Those Beast Wars redecoes are something sweet. I'm definitely picking up Dinobot and Blackarachnia instantly. I will probably round them out with Cheetor later, but I can wait for BotCon for him. It's nice to see what you can do with those old molds with layers and layers of paint.

I, uh, guess that's it. I don't feel like talking about 25th Anniversary Roadblock other than to say, "Man, he should look angrier." Like, angry enough to keep you up nights.