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Yes, I apparently will be your monkey.

Shortpacked!: Maybe it should have been carrier pigeons.

BotCon preregistration forms were emailed to Transformers Fan Club members today, and that only means one thing! You get to spend about two hours waiting in Kinko's. Spending 2 hours re-re-re-re-re-re-re-sending a fax for several hours one day for every BotCon was sort of charming a few years ago, but in 2009 it just feels humiliating and demeaning. Fun Publications apparently has just one phone line, have never heard of the Intermanets, and of course once those forms go up, everyone tries to fax their registrations in at once. So I hope you like Kinko's! They'll get to know you, you'll get to know them... it'll be a grand ol' time, from 3pm to maybe 5 or 6.

I swear, we had quite the stack of fax rejection slips when we were done.

Colorized art by Hidetsugu Yoshioka!Tonight's comic was mostly Graham's idea, something he cooked up on the way home after our adventure. I was frustrated, was willing to come up with, draw, dialog, and color a strip in a few hours and push back what would have been tonight's strip to Friday, just so I could address how ridiculous this is. So.

The Japanese releases of Hot Shot, Dinobot, and the little Mini-Vehicles are coming up, and that usually means some neat art by Hidetsugu Yoshioka showing up in some magazine. Yoshioka has been doing Transformers art for nearly as long as the franchise has been around, and getting to see him draw Hot Shot (and Dinobot!) was a nice treat.

So I colored it!

I couldn't help myself. I was compelled.

That semi-smutty Joyce and Walky! art auction is still going down. Not doing too badly, either! I meant to set it for 3 days instead of 7, but oh well. Can't do anything about it now! Just means more time for you folks to think about it.


Shortpacked!: Holds a cup, any size! Smooshes thieves just like flies!

Let's just get this out of the way. I normally try to shy away from Stolen Test Shots From Asia news, but for everyone's sanity, I think addressing this directly is for the best.

Yes, I've seen Universe Hot Shot's license plate. (It says "JAAM." I know!) And, no, I haven't posted frothing, gushing responses anywhere on the Intermanets. I dunno, man. When super-cool geeky Transformers things are revealed, I have had an arms-race with myself to describe my elation in the most disturbing way possible, usually involving evocative boner imagery. This felt a little bit bigger than that, y'know? So instead I went with silence. I didn't post on Transformers message boards for pretty much a full day. I went AWOL.

So instead, everyone fell over themselves, wondering where I am, and what I have to say. When would I show up and go bananas? Where was Walky's reaction, dammit? It worked even better than my usual verbal depravity, I think. See, I was e-speechless.

But, yes, I have seen Hot Shot's "JAAM" license plate. I approve. Which is, of course, an immense understatement. (You can stop emailing me now.)

This is all fortuitous timing, because I have a new Hot Shot Shrine acquisition. See the guy in the middle? He's rare! I just got him. Let me explain.

The one in the back right is the normal domestic Hasbro Powerlinx Hot Shot. His shoulder symbol was supposed to not be a big blob, and his forehead was supposed to be red. These were both deco mistakes, and at a BotCon, Aaron Archer said that there would be a running change to fix both. Well, I sure never saw that running change! When Hasbro says they're going to change something minor like that in mid-production, it happens about only half the time before the toy disappears off the shelves. The communication between Hasbro and Asian factories is not so great! I doubted this running change to Powerlinx Hot Shot ever really happened for several years, mostly because I'd never seen one, nor any evidence of one.

Well, they do exist! And maybe just in Canada? And maybe other places that aren't the United States? Whichever places were getting this toy slightly later than us, basically. I saw one on eBay a week ago and snatched up that motherfucker.

The one in the back left is the Japanese release. It never had either of those deco problems. But, no, it's not identical to the fixed Hasbro version. For one, it's got yellow flames on the hood instead of gold (not pictured). But most importantly, the Japanese Hot Shot had an electronic right hand. When you press the side-view mirror, his fist lights up, so that when he holds the Star Saber sword, it (in theory) glows. See how inflated his right forearm is compared to the other's? This feature was priced out of the American version.

But, yeah! A Hot Shot variation I thought didn't exist is now mine. I'm pretty pleased. Now I suppose I should go after the variation that fixed the gloppy symbol but not the forehead? Hrm.

I'm so glad I save variant-hunting for only Hot Shot.

There's a few hours left for the Joyce & Walky! "Obama Special". For all of Tuesday, you can get the first year of member-only J&W! for just $10! That's a savings of $14. I said midnight to midnight, but you know how timezones go. I'll keep accepting them until I go to bed, whenever that is. *sips caffeine* The response has been tremendous!


A shoddy E-Hot Shot wannabe who isn't E-Ironhide

Shortpacked!: And squeeze in a juicebox while you're at it.

Today's sponsor: Accursed Dragon!, by my pal Ryan Smith

So apparently word got out that I'm in the market for knockoff Hot Shot toys. One day I got a box from a generous and thoughtful reader David L. (Guys named David L. sure dig me.) Inside was a knockoff Energon Hot Shot, dubiously named Mega Hero! Well, okay, every package from this specific line of knockoffs is probably named Mega Hero, but I'm grabbing the name for just this guy anyway.

Though the knockoff is very close to the original, official Hasbro toy, there are some obvious tells. For example, the knockoff's gun is blue. The Autobot symbol on his spark crystal and the sculpted Autobot symbol on the face of the engine under the car hood have been removed. (Actually, there's no spark crystal at all. There's just a flat molded circular hole there now.)

Oh, and the roof of the car is a sickly green. Not the best paint-matching in the world, no.

True to knockoff form, Mega Hero's integrity is a mixed bag. The miscolored roof pieces will snap off with little force, while almost everything else is too stiff to move easily. The sculpted details are noticeably softer, which you'd expect from a knockoffed toy, including shallower balljoint areas at his shoulders. Oh, and you can't extend his legs all the way in robot mode. It's possible they're just that incredibly stiff, but I've tugged on them with all the fury a tiny Willis can manage, and no dough.

Spring's pretty strong, though.

My favorite thing, easily, is the price tag on the front. "$4.99! Compare with $10!" A not-so-subtle way of saying, "Hey, see that normal $10 Hasbro Transformer? Well, we've got the exact same thing here for half as much, but way shittier!" I'm reminded of the generic soaps and pain relievers and what have you, and their claims of "Compare with Brand X!" but this seems a little bolder.

So, hey, anybody know where I can get a knockoff Armada Hot Shot? The more outrageous it looks, the better.

Transformers Wiki link of the day: Fractyl

But they'd never do that.

Shortpacked!: An outrage!

Since Universe Roadbuster is redecoed from a Hot Shot toy, I was kind obliged to get this guy, but I wanted him anyway. He can pal around with my other Classics/Universe member of the Wreckers, Springer. ...who's a redeco of the same Hot Shot toy. Remember him? Well!

(Kinda wish I hadn't passed up Legends-class Classics Whirl, now...)

((Who's a redeco of a smaller version of the other Springer toy! Jesus.))

(((I demand this Hot Shot be redecoed into Sandstorm and both Jumpstarters too.)))

((((And what the hell, throw Broadside in there. Might as well go all-out.))))

Cybertron Defense Hot Shot is a great toy to make Roadbuster from. Roadbuster's first toy came with like 30 weapons, and Cybertron Defense Hot Shot is equally maxed-out. He's got flip-out missile racks on his shoulders, another two on his back, another two inside his legs... oh, and cannons on the ends of the missile racks on his shoulders, two more guns flip out from his front bumper, and in case he ever runs out of ammo, he carries a sword. This toy can seriously mess you up.

Roadbuster's got more paint than it first seems. For example, the entirety of his thighs are painted orange to better match his original toy. (It seems they're dark green under there.) And I believe his entire head is painted brown, his visor painted orange, leaving only his face the original plastic color. (And the eyes a slightly brighter green.) It's an abnormal use of the paint budget, but it does result in a pleasing layout of orange, green, and brown.

(It's weird that his chest is on a separate plastic tree than the wheels, since you'd think they wouldn't have made Springer's chest black if they didn't have to. Correction: The wheels are PAINTED. Totally can't tell other than some black goop here and there, it's so crisp and matte-looking. Must have taken up a lot of paint applications... Super wacky.)

Yeah, what a review. Geeky color layout and deco ramblings. Well, you get what you pay for.

I may hold too much power.

Hey, remember when I did a review of that awesome knockoff combiner using oversized Hot Shots? Well, a letter was sent to Big Lots on October 17 asking them to be removed from their stores. I blame my obviously high-profile blog for bringing these to Hasbro's attention, because my ego is just that huge.

That's right. I have artificially inflated the value of these knockoffs! I should go dig the box out of the trash. I now own bootleg gold!

The Changeable Robot!

Shortpacked!: Impotent liberal rage!

So last week while Graham was taking his driving test (he passed!), I was next door checking out the Big Lots. They always have great knockoffs, and sweet baby Jesus, they had that knockoff combiner made of oversized Legends-class Transformers. The arms are Hot Shots! So, of course, I kinda had to get it. Dude, it's a combiner with Hot Shots for arms. And his name is "SUPER TRANSFORM ULTIMATE END GENERAL MOBILIZATION."

There's a new balljoint hole added to "Hot Shot"'s sides, and these holes socket with a balljoint ball on the combiner torso. Meanwhile, instead of hands, he has... tongs. This combiner won't be much good unless he's battling a salad bar.

This thing is not stable. The connection point at the knees, where it shallowly pegs into the tops of the two knockoff Optimus Primes, is not at all secure. It is a precarious balancing act.

The components are also sold separately, but they're all called "Excellion" on their packaging, so I've given most of the components names of my own. The yellow "Hot Shot" is of course Hot Shot, the red one is Excellion, the gray and red "Soundwave" that slots into the torso piece is Blaster, the red" Prime" is Optimus Prime, and I haven't decided on whether the yellow "Prime" is Erector or Sureshot. (There is a real yellow Optimus Prime I can name it after, but I don't want both of them to be named Optimus Prime.) The remaining torso piece is Stumpor.

The combined mode won't fit into my display case, but I'll figure something out.

Transformers Wiki link of the day: Backstop

I have gone too far, but not far enough.

Shortpacked!@TNI: Writing's on the wall. Well, the screen.
Shortpacked!: This game is killing my hands.

This is it. The current iteration of the Hot Shot Shrine. Isn't it glorious?

When we moved into our house, the landlord left us an amazing(ly heavy) glass display case. He said we could keep it or throw it away -- he had no use for it. THROW IT AWAY?! When there are a near-infinite amount of HOT SHOT merchandise to display? The backs are mirrored and there's even a damn light up top. Cheezus Christ.

Thus. Voila. Huzzah.

It will not be complete until at least early next year, when 25th Anniversary Hot Shot comes out. Oh man, I am going to go insane until that blessed day comes. There's pictures of the toy (slightly mistransformed, as always) in this month's Transformers Collectors' Club magazine. Oh man! They had to cut the planned arm-mounted missile launchers we saw at BotCon 2008, but I still love him. He's like if Armada Hot Shot got off the long bus instead of the short one.

We had some guests this weekend, and after one look at my shrine, their response was, "Why? WHY?"

That is the correct response.

Transformers Wiki link of the day: Skids

For that fresh gold armpit feeling.

Shortpacked!: Probably got it at the Container Store. They have everything!

BOUGHT! Well, when it comes out, anyway. When is that? *backsearches* I guess it doesn't say. BUT REGARDLESS.

The next issue of the Transformers Collector's Club magazine is due to hit mailboxes, and word is that photos of 25th anniversary Hot Shot are inside. I have wet myself so many times.

To the left is my Animated Prowl after some of Reprolabel.com's sticker upgrades. It added gold along the top of his shoulder kibble, more gold at mid-bicep, and a colored Autobot logo on his chest. There were lots of other things to add, but this was all I really needed. I had added a few of what the upgrade offered already, with paint. But wheeee, it did give me some things I tried to paint, but failed to do so un-uglily. (that is so not a word)

Man, that colored Autobot logo helps a lot.

Transformers Wiki link of the day: Club Con

Evidence shows that I am the most important Transformers fan.

Shortpacked!@TNI: More comics about convention panels!
Shortpacked!: Seriously, panel-o-rama!

Enjoy a few mostly-unrelated-to-the-blog-post-text images today. There were so many new things that I kinda just want to image dump a little or I'll never get through it properly. Click back and forward through the images in the galleries for more. (Still have to upload more photos...)

As with most Shortpacked! convention comics, today's is grounded in a real occurrence. At Saturday's Hasbro Toy panel, a "25 Years" toyline was announced next year to celebrate Transformers' anniversary. While it's also a natural outgrowth and continuation of the Classics/Universe line that begins this fall, 2008's toys will branch out into celebrating Transformers of all incarnations, whether they be Generation 2, Beast Wars, Armada, or what have you. We were shown a sleeker, completely new deluxe Beast Wars Cheetor, and Robot Heroes Cheetor/Tankor and RiD Prime/Megatron. A set of new Legends-class Transformers featured a tiny new Hound and Jazz, but also G2 tank Megatron.

And that was the end of that panel. I attended the Hasbro Design panel the next day, where they discussed the nitty gritty of design choices they make and the inside references they sneak onto the toy decos. But they also had a few extra prototypes to show us (extremely) early into production. Aaron Archer, top Transformers dog, asked if I ("Walky") was in the audience. I said Hello! and he asked me to stand up. I did, and waved hello to everyone.

Next in the presentation was a very early gray prototype of a brand new, fully poseable, Anniversary Armada Hot Shot. With his Mini-Con, Jolt. A fully-poseable, translucent-windowed, Armada-styled Hot Shot with fully-poseable Jolt. He doesn't have the Axelzooka (it'd get in the way of his shoulder poseability), but he does have two arm-mounted missiles, which to me looked like they were connected to his back by clear tubes? His shins were much more athletic looking, versus the big blocks the original toy had for shins, though the old details were still there. He had a translucent plastic visor (which I forgot to ask if it flips down, though if it's a separate piece it probably does), car mode still has the hotrod engine (though it might not detach to form Jolt's gun), and his spoiler separates in two and hinge off his shoulders.

Hasbro made a new Hot Shot just for me! Well, okay, not entirely, but I choose to see it that way. Because I'm awesome.

Well, I say that, but clearly what happened today was so insanely crazy in a good way that I had to substitute it for something more humiliating in today's comic strip. Good things of this caliber don't happen! They just don't!

(Galanraff's much shorter account.)