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Shortpacked!@TNI: Such wonderful toys.
Shortpacked!: Temporary static page extravaganza!

As many of you know, like half the Internet is down. A major hub had a big boom, and they're still restoring functionality. In the meantime, our wonderful tech head Bookworm has redirected our domains to a temporary site, which I've erected a simple version of my page. If the DNS hasn't propagated for you yet in your area, you can view today's comic through this LJ link.

Other websites that I know of that are down due to the same problem... let's see, most of BLC (of course), TFW2005, half of American Elf, and... the Don Murphy boards? Weird!

Once our service is restored, good ol' Bookworm will switch everything back and we'll be good as new.


So where are my Joe-scaled motorcycles?

Shortpacked!: Like a twenty-something John McCain with boobs.

Hey, look! It's a story week! That means updates Monday through Friday. Hooray!

Also, Comixtalk hosted an awesome interview with Blank Label Comics. That includes me! Watch me try to be funny and occasionally remember to provide real information. Oh, I'm such a card. I mentioned the new Blank Label frontpage a few days back, but Liz Dean has rebuilt it to be beautiful. Check it out! Bookmark it! Pass it around.

Although Cobra is full of dorks, the Dreadnoks are apparently the bottom of the pail which even Cobra itself singles out for ridicule. They're biker dudes. They're kinda dumb. They're generally incompetent even by Cobra standards. Thematically, they don't really seem to fit in.

On the other hand, they're not Scottish arms dealers who wear chest-baring high-collared bodysuits and big metal masks. These biker dudes are just biker dudes. Their attire seems suitable for their vocation. I gotta keep a little perspective.

The two dudes in the middle, Torch and Buzzer, came in a two-pack along with a reprint of G.I. Joe #30. (Cover by Greg Horn.) Torch borrows parts heavily from Gung-Ho. Ripper borrows heavily from Buzzer. They both come with slightly-retooled versions of their original weapons. The parts reuse I don't mind -- in fact, I find it interesting -- but sometimes the weapon reuse bugs me.

For example, Ripper's equipment is really frustrating. He comes with a weird jaws-of-life grippy thing that he doesn't hold very well, which has to be connected to his backpack gear via a tube. The tube doesn't hold on very tightly, and when it does, it likes to yank the weapon out of his hand. I kinda wish he'd been given something newly-tooled that would work better.
Making ou madly with Maggie

If you're reading this on the Hub, you already know.

Hey, it's Maggie and I's first joint collection. How romantic! We've been picking up a few of the Battlestar Galactica Minimates here and there, with her picking up her favorites and me picking up mine, but without any doubles between us. I had to get Chief Tyrol because Chief is awesome. He's even orange! You know me and orange. He comes with Helo, though I wouldn't have known if they hadn't told me. Helo-the-real-guy has kinda a narrow head, so I don't think Minimate structure works with him. Maggie picked up the Lee/Starbuck set, and she got a Lee/Dee set a while back. My favorite so far is Starbuck and her molded-in cigar. Ha ha ha. She also comes with booze! At least, I think it's booze. It comes with Starbuck, so I assume it has to be.

Let me know when they make a Billy.

Big things are happening! You can now read every Blank Label Comic on the BLC frontpage! It's in beta now, but it's working enough that we can show it off to youse folks. And our blogs, should we have them, are included, so you don't have to worry about missing my next Beast Wars hissy fit.

These truly are the golden days of webcomics.
too!, Frenzy wants to read

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Shortpacked!: He was right all along!

Fellow Blank Label Comics cartoonist Greg Dean is celebrating eight years of Real Life! Hot damn! He's also trying to finance a move to Texas, so you should buy something.

One by one, I will use my powers of the subliminal to, state-by-state, move all of Blank Label Comics to my hometown. I've already moved the Deans halfway across the country. Clearly, then, this is only a matter of time. Next stop, Ohio!

Robot Heroes Armored Bumblebee
Woo! It's a second Robot Heroes Movie Bumblebee! You know, when I first saw the gray prototype of this at BotCon 07, and noted that he's a completely new mold -- not just the older Bumblebee with new arms and a head, I figgered, hey. New one's just a little boxier. I had guessed the new one was the 1974 version of Bumblebee, while the first one was the sleek 2009 version.

But now that I have these both in hand... they BOTH seem to be the 2009 version of Movie Bumblebee. What the hell, man? That just boggles the mind. There's two bodies for Bumblebee in the movie, there's two distinct Robot Heroes of him, and they go through the trouble of making two separate Robot Heroes designs, but they're of the same model of Bumblebee. That's wacky! I no understand.

I could be analyzing these details wrong, but neither of them seems to have the 1974 Camaro hood, with its round headlights and the prominent, jagged front bumper, on his chest. If there's some other discernible differences I'm missing, please let me know.

That aside, I'm fairly certain this is the only toy of Movie Bumblebee that gives him his armored mask. It's nice to see some tangible representation of it. I also like the sculpt a lot more. They both have the same articulation, at the neck and shoulders.

He comes packaged with Starscream, who's massive for a Robot Heroes figure. He's massive and he's crouching on one knee, so he's implied to be even taller than his mass suggests. But I'll talk about him later.

Reader mail
A Christopher M. writes:
Hey I don't want to break up your extremely boring and unfunny string of secondary unknown characters of a failed-Seinfeld plot, but in your haste to use every instance of "arrogant" from the thesaurus, you've misspelled "soothe". Might want to flip over to the dictionary and spellcheck your words every now and then.

P.S. Please involve "Ultracar" in your strips more. It's difficult to find a more hackneyed character deus ex forced into a plot in lame, uncreative ways. Keep up the good work.

Well, I think that speaks for itself.

Instead of Shortpacked!, you should really be reading Dresden Codak. I'm not being facetious here, it's quite purty. It's amazing how, despite how many panels there are and how strewn about they're placed, there's still a logical reading order. I'm impressed! Scripting-wise, though, I feel it's way above my reading level. It's, like, smart.

I so want to steal his art style.

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Brad Guigar had this awesome display thing at SPX and I had to get one for myself. See, I'm gonna be at Mid-Ohio-Con later this month, and I needs some eyecandy.

It's a pretty sweet deal. I hand some Chinese folks some cash, and then send me a giant poster that rolls up like a window shade into some fancy stand. It is the latest in technology. It is beyond futuristic.

In related sad/exciting news, Brad and some other BLC dudes are splitting off to form HalfPixel. Now I'll never learn the secret of Brad's luxurious facial hair.

Was it the shampoo, Brad?

C'mon, what brand?
Making ou madly with Maggie

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Shortpacked!: I'm surrounded by cartoon characters!

It's true. The acquisition of additional surface area on which to stand toys is second only to the acquisition of toys themselves. We will look at a new desk and consider first how much display space it promises. Bare walls? What a waste! More shelves can go there. The Ninja Turtles haven't been out in ages!

As my photos betray, I myself am the proud owner of a new bookcase. When Maggie moved in, 80% of my stuff was exhiled to the closets, but I've accumulated new goodies since then, and they really had to be relocated from the floor. But not from there to the closets! It is not yet time. These specific collections are ongoing, growing in worth from the accumulation of friends. What good are more Cobra troopers if the other Cobra Troopers are in storage?

My Cobra shelf in particular makes me very happy. The Cobra-themed packaging bits I salvaged from the Cobra Legions 5-pack, the stage and the banners, contribute to this happiness. It's a well-done presentation, if I may say so.

In other news, today was Maggie's birthday! We all went to Mongolian barbecue tonight to celebrate, which was tasty, and she also got some new things to take home! I ordered some ponies for her, but they hadn't arrived yet, so she had to make do with the other, non-pony present. Also, she got a giant-ass free brownie/ice cream dessert that was as big as her head. It is a good thing that Steve-o is a bottomless pit. We were all ridiculously full of stir-fry, but Steve-o's stomach leads to another dimension.

Speaking of big days, Sheldon ran its 2000th strip on Friday! Now that's a milestone.

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Quick updates:

All-new Ugly Hill returns after a short "Just had a baby!" hiatus. Hooray!

Transformers comes out on DVD tomorrow. Which version from which store should you get? Tformers has a handy guide. (I still don't really know. I want the Wal-mart exclusive, but it comes packaged with the unawesome unspecial release.)

At SPX, I apparently told Ted Rall where to stuff it.

Maggie went skydiving last week, and has video! If you're on Facebook and got her friended, you should totally go watch it. It's eXtreme!

We're going to see Polyphonic Spree in concert tonight! It's gonna be awesome.

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Tony Esteves (Cigarro & Cerveja) and I totally hooked up and swapped books at SPX this weekend. Mike left him a message about his mom in his copy of the Shortpacked! book, and Cigarro had one for mine in return! Such love!

I almost got into trouble a few times while signing books. The Shortpacked! book's dedication is to Your Mom, and it clarifies quickly that she is a prostitute. When I sign books, I tend to sketch Mike on the page and then attribute the dedication to him in a word balloon. The peeps seem to enjoy it, but I hit a snag when I was sending out a sketch edition to my Aunt Jan. My poor Grandmother! And one fan sent his mom to SPX to pick up his book. That one required a stealth signing.


Small Press Expo is probably the smallest con I've been to, though there may have been some earlier BotCons that were of comparable size. And yet despite its size, every single attendee there is wanting to fork over cash to cartoonists. Nobody's there just to scope out Battlestar Galactica or see Lou Ferrigno for the 30th time. They were just there for me! So I sold buttloads of books to this concentrated audience. It was a unique experience.

(Though I felt a little left out the first day, realizing I had no photocopied minicomics. Oh no, my indie cred! Early the next morning I skipped off to Kinko's, printed out some copies of my 24 Hour Comic, bound them by rubber band, and sold them at a loss. Phew! That was a close one.)

Awesome people I did seen:
Akilika (Forum gal fanartist I hadn't met before.)
Aaron Diaz (Dresden Codak)
That Dueling Analogs Guy
Josh Fruhlinger (Comics Curmudgeon, links to his SPX writeup)
David Malki (Wondermark)
Gary Tyrrell (Fleen contributer, links to his SPX article)
Clay Yount (Rob and Elliot)
Xavier Xerxes (Comixtalk/Comixpedia)
And buttloads of others too numerous to count!

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Shortpacked!: What, no Sodomuffin?

I'm here in Maryland! It was a pleasant 6 and a half hour drive through all sorts of pretty mountains, and we've been hanging out with Howard Tayler.

As for tonight's strip, seeing them online isn't quite as gripping as seeing them in person, but here you go. I see them, and I can't help but feel it's time to put them down.

Ethan, though, he's got his own set of problems.