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Boobs and other junk.

Shortpacked!: That's a beard you'll have, in the future.

BotCon's expensive, being in California this year, and I suddenly realized I had near-naked boobs in last Saturday's Joyce & Walky! strip. Didn't plan that. Honest!

But because I can, it's up on eBay now. Read everything before bidding! It, of course, doesn't come censored, but...

So it turns out I was a little off on my BotCon Kup speculation. Photos of the production version went up on BotCon.com today, and he's not made from Dirt Boss, but another Cybertron toy, Red Alert.

Generally, when they choose a different mold than I speculated, it's a lateral or upward move, and I'm okay with it. But this, I'm a little disappointed with. The toy is a little frustrating to transform, it's been redecoed way more than Dirt Boss, it's not a pickup truck (he's a rescue vehicle?), and weirdest of all, this Young Kup Toy is a pretty accurate Dodge Magnum. Did they have those on Cybertron in 9,000,000 BC? I also hope that the toy is teal, not blue, and it's just a hard-to-photograph color. I'm sure my opinion will change for the better once I can confirm that he is teal.

The new head is pretty nice, though!

The rest is... bagels!

Shortpacked!: I, uh, was able to remember this quoted exchange off the top of my head. Is that bad?

I mentioned the other day that the Transformers Collectors' Club Magazine offered us our first look at the new Hot Shot. Well, did you know they also showed off Universe (25th Anniversary) Dinobot. A new mold Dinobot. Like, totally new! From scratch! And it's about freakin' time, since the original mold was redecoed and/or retooled about ten zillion times. The tooling must be applesauce by now.

So we're getting a new one, with a better raptor mode and, amazingly, a robot mode that looks about as close to the show's CGI model as physically possible in a Deluxe-class toy. (And considering the level of THIS CANNOT POSSIBLY TRANSFORM INTO ANYTHINGness that Dinobot's CGI model achieved, this toy is a monument to some sort of genius.) It is Against The Rules to for members to post scans of the pages, but a good verbal description of some kind is probably available somewhere. Heck, maybe someone even drew a picture.

Lord, I am so pumped. Dinobot's wave, coming sometime in early 2009, cannot come quick enough. Between Hot Shot and Dinobot, it's like Hasbro has been invading my dreams and taking notes.

There's one day left to bid on the Megatron versus Optimus Prime original Shortpacked! page. Keep an eye on it!

Transformers Wiki link of the day: Photodegradation
Aww man!

Your friendly neighborhood market crash!

Shortpacked!: Had to change some dialogue this morning.

It's auction time again! This time it's the senses-shattering battle between Megatron and Optimus Prime! Sort of. Own the original line art (with dialogue applied) to the strip for April 30, 2007! Auction ends in three days.

I was worried that today's comic would be one of those "two days too late" sort of deals, but thankfully the usual Congressional incompetence has kept it relevant. Hooray! I have been given my own little bail-out today.

Spider-Man shall join my G.I. Joe team, I have decided. Hell, when they make a black-suited one, he'd be just about the right size to attack my Masterpiece Megatron. They will have a grand battle.

Transformers Wiki link of the day: Sky Lynx

Transformers Wiki makes the big time!

Joyce and Walky!: I'm fine, really.

Ah, now begins the shameless begging for money.

I have put one of my most valuable possessions up for auction. That's right! It's one of the Batman Can Breathe In Space strips. The first one's been sold long, long ago, but this one's yet to leave my hands!

Tell you what. If by some miracle I actually get the Buy It Now price, I will also include a sketch of a subject of your choosing. (Okay, I reserve the right to decline to draw, say, skullfucking. Not to say I won't draw skullfucking. It's just an example.)

So, hey, something I had a hand in finally made it into the big world of super-huge mass media! Okay, so it's not my webcomic, but the Guardian published an article today about the Transformers Wiki's "battle" against Wikia. Holy moly! That's right, we're tired and shocked and bewildered by their new ads that obscure and move around and basically ruin our content, and so we're in the middle of a planned move to our own server. It's funny that we've caused this much of a stir. Oh, Wikia. Oh, dear, sweet Wikia.

Ah, a bright moment in what is otherwise the Fuckin' Week From Hell. Though if I had to pick, I'd rather have my $1500, my books on time, and no catastrophic computer failures or a tetanus shot.

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Shortpacked!@TNI: Super-sized 100th TNI Shortpacked! spectactular!
Shortpacked!: She's Still Got The Look

"Amber's Got The Look," the original art from Friday's strip, is up for auction, and it ends in three days! Bid early and bid often.

Among the new sets of G.I. Joe vehicles is Serpentor and his Air Chariot. He comes packed with Steeler and some tank thing I don't care about. The point is, AIR CHARIOT. I had this thing when I was 7, and it was rad.

But it is now 2008, and it is simultaneously less and more rad. Let's start with the less rad part. As you can see in the photo on the right, it doesn't really accommodate Serpentor very well. The 25th Anniversary figures are bigger and taller than the originals, so he has to squat goofily if he wants any sort of chance at gripping his hands around the handlebars. It's either this or stand him up on it, ignoring the handlebars entirely. Which he might as well do, as his hands are sculpted counter to the purposes of getting his hands on them. His wrists are angled in a relaxed pose, but the handlebars are angled in the opposite direction. Like this:

Hands = /
Handlebars = \

It's just not gonna work very well.

But what IS rad is the entirely new snake head on the chariot. The old one was pretty dippy compared to this one. And the plus side is, it's ball-jointed at the neck and its mouth can hinge open. Why is it ball-jointed at the neck? Best I can tell, it's so he can mug for the camera. Look at him cocking his head and having a glorious time. He's freakin' Kermit the Frog, is what he is, 'cuz that's the trademarked Muppet Open-Mouth Smile. I like to imagine he has a mind of his own, crackin' bad jokes like Fozzie Bear as Serpentor leads the Cobra troops into battle.

And finally, the Serpentor from the set really got robbed by the paint fairy or somethin', compared to the single-carded one from last year. He looks pretty bare, but it doesn't bother me too much. I mean, I have the well-painted one already. The half-painted one's all ready to go to the local used toy shop as soon as I'm done typing this. But damn. He's still fun as a curiosity. Sure, all the paint is gone from his chest, legs, and arms, but he's still got those numerous and miniscule silver buttons lining his boots!

(Though, hey, they updated his crotch for improved hip movement. Sweet. I guess.)

So, yeah, there's definitely some problems, but I just can't see Serpentor without his Air Chariot, regardless of whether he can actually ride the damn thing. He'll just have to raise his arms in the air like he don't care while he's zoomin' that thing around overhead, barking out "THIS I COMMAND."


Shortpacked!: The skewed chain of command.

It's been a few weeks, but finally here's another auction! And it's McAWESOME'S. That's right. The McAwesome's strip from April Fool's Day can totally be yours in five days!

You may want to try the BIN on this one.

Those of you who read yesterday's review of Prowl, no, I didn't rush Sunstreaker home so I could pose him specifically with Huffer. Huffer just happened to be around, a circumstance that Huffer bemoans plenty. And loudly.

Naw, Sunstreaker's just a bully. He's more than a bully, he's a sociopath. Other beings are just obstacles to him, and his paintjob is way more important than your lifeforce. The early Transformers stories didn't play on the sociopath angle much. Instead, he was just a poor man's Tracks. But in recent years, writers have remembered. He's not just egotistical. He's dangerously egotistical.

Sunstreaker's toy is less frustrating than Prowl's, but not enough to make him fun to transform. There's no progression of panels and limbs that get in each other's way like Prowl's parts do, so at least that's something. But... Maybe I'm just tired of arranging arms under hoods?

Speaking of arms, Sunstreaker's love to pop off at the bicep. They're not balljointed, they're... round slot in round groove, open on one side. And boy is that side open! When I try to get his arms to do anything, off they go.

But what makes Sunstreaker shine to me is his automorphing head. A stated mission for the new Universe Classics is to have a "dramatic head reveal." Apparently playtesting has determined that kids view their toy robot to have become "alive" the moment their head comes into view. So Hasbro has invested engineering dollars into making that look special. Prowl's was okay. It just sort of springs into place from under the hood. But Sunstreaker's is beautiful. As you rotate the chest/hood piece, the head rises up from within, and when it reaches the top, his ears pop out. Whoo! Glorious! I love twisting the chest back and forth to see this happen back and forth over and over again. It's so... Sentai.

Additionally, Sunstreaker is engineered to have an alternate transformation, so that when his twin Sideswipe comes out, they can be the same but different. This is achieved by turning him around at the waist and swapping his fists. (Of course, the factory will do the latter for you with Sideswipe's toy.) That shows some nice foresight put into the toy.

I recommend him if only for the "dramatic head reveal." There's some interesting Transformers going on with him, but the head reveal is where it's at.

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It's auction time! This time we're reaching back to June 23, 2006, and offering the original art to "Skeletor joins the Fantastic Four."

I'm really proud of the linework on that one, so I took an extreme closeup photo of Skeletor's head in the middle panel. Help find this awesome art a home!

Today in the mail I received my much-anticipated copy of Webcomics 2.0: An Insider's Guide to Writing, Drawing, and Promoting Your Own Webcomics, a book by Steve Horton. I'm totally in it! And in, like, the first twelve pages. There's a page-and-a-half interview with me about Shortpacked!, It's Walky!, and my other works. (Howard Tayler shows up, too. Steal my limelight, will you?!) I'm in it, so obviously this is the best book ever. It's a hefty tome! You will spend some time reading it.

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Joyce and Walky!: The thousand deaths of Walky

Auction update: "Ninjas at my disposal" has about 19 hours in it left. And at (currently) $76, it's one of the most affordable original pages to date!

Let's see, newwwws.

* IDW does G.I. Joe comics now.

Actually, I guess that's it!

Today I found a Wii Fit! It was a total fluke. I was out buying containers to store my toys in for the move into a house next month, and Target just had some. It was bizarre. I fully expected them to be just display boxes, but they were real. So now I know that my Wii Fit Age is 43 and that I am slightly overweight. I'd better lose some pounds so I can re-earn your trust.

Steve's Wii Fit Age was 29. He's 32! That's no fair!

Over at Joyce and Walky!, the 3-part full-page mini-story about Dorothy is all completed. Here are links to all "Beginnings of the Ends" full-page installments so far:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

Whose story will be next month's? Hmmm...

More art and a move

Look! Another Shortpacked! page for auction. As I was organizing my ten-pound pile of comic pages, I realized I still had "Ninjas at my disposal" hanging around. Sweet find! So after slapping some speech balloons on it, you can now place your bid on it.

And good timing, too. On June 20, me, Maggie, Steve-o, and his girlfriend are moving into a house across the river, which we are renting. We are cramming entirely too many stuffs into this small two-bedroom apartment, so we gotta upgrade. We're effectively fitting 5 people in here, since I can probably count my toy collection as its own entity. Our new place has three bedrooms and an attic! And it'll be pretty, and we'll have a lawn to mow, and most importantly there will be more than one bathroom.

Long story short, my portion of the rent is gonna double! I'll probably be having more regular art auctions around these parts to ease the transition. In addition, from June 20 through July 1 is our transition period, so there may be a guest strip or two as we move giant buttloads of junk and try to fit in a trip to Maggie's family in Saint Louis at the same time. T Campbell and Jason Waltrip of Fans! have already chipped in on one strip, so you can look forward to that.

Things are changing! It's exciting. Whee and all that stuff.