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Mike statues arriving in the mail!

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There was a box for me on my front porch today!  There were Mikes inside!  Wooooooooooooooo!

Here’s a photo I snapped for you of Mike standing beside the Amber statue.  Also, here are some more photos from Starline and TheBlotSays, who also received theirs.  And, hey, guess what, there are still a few statues left for folks to buy!  Go grab him while he’s still there.

The Mike statue is basically my most favorite thing ever.  I want to carry it around like an Academy Award.

Or, like, get that TF/GIJoe poster and have him stare down Roadblock.

Or just point to him in lieu of telling a Your Mom joke.  When someone’s over at the house, and they say something like, “I paid a nickel for this!” I can just point to the Mike statue and it will be understood that I am mentally responding with “I paid a nickel for your mom.”

See?  A time saver.

And, as I said, limited quantities. Don’t be left out!

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