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Before I’m off to Maryland for the weekend…

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So exciting.

… it’s important that you all know that in Transformers: Prime, Cliffjumper is going to be voiced by The Rock and that this is incredibly awesome.

My next batch of Generations toys got in from BigBadToyStore today.  And by “today” I mean “8 fucking pm.”  Jesus, UPS. It’s not a terribly exciting wave, consisting of my fifth iteration of the Sideswipe/Sunstreaker mold (and my third this year) and War for Cybertron Soundwave. I’ve been kind of lukewarm on him since his design isn’t terribly interesting.  And he transforms into a box.  And he looks kind of awkward.

Laserbeak was busy that day.

He’s not the only transforming Soundwave toy who doesn’t come with a little dude, but it still feels like something is missing.  When your schtick is transforming into a box, even a box with wheels, you kinda need that extra little Mini-Con-esque interaction to work up some interest.  His chest does open and you can fit his two weapons inside.  Since they’re cylinders and they both go in face-first, they do kind of look like cassette spools through the translucent chest window.  That’s a consolation prize, I guess.

But seriously, that altmode is hella boring.

Tomorrow morning/afternoon/whenever I’m hitting the road for Intervention The Webcomics Convention in Rockville, Maryland.  I’ll be at booth 53 and I’ll be doing a panel on Saturday at 7!  Friday, the first day of the con, is the thirteenth anniversary of me webcomicking, so I guess it’s only appropriate that I spend it shilling my webcomic wares in foreign lands.

But I’m sure I can come up with even extra way to celebrate it.

In the meantime, enjoy this Hijinks Ensue comic spawned by a conversation Joel and I had at AnimeFest last weekend.  There is a veritable sea of abs.

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