Shortpacked! (shortpacked) wrote,

Oh, right, the statue.

Joyce and Walky!: It'll work!  Trust me!

Hey, dudes!  Some quick weekend notes.

David McGuire has a book of his awesome comic strip Gastrophobia coming soon!  It's called "The 12 Labours" and sells for $12.  That's just $1 per labor!  The book is due in April, and I recommend getting your hands on a tangible version of his work.

I'm trying out this thing, in which people can send me questions and I answer them and I can choose to port some of the answers through Twitter.  I can't guarantee I'll answer all the questions I'll get (I have, uh, over a hundred queued at the moment), but if it's a good and/or humorous one, I'll certainly take a whack at it. 

Meanwhile, thanks for sending me those preorders for Shortpacked! Book 3!  We've sold through about a third of the signed/doodled/numbered EXTRA! editions, so that means there's not many of them left.  Also, we're expecting the final painted prototype of the Mike statue any day now.  I can't wait to see it!  Preorders for him are still ongoing. 

I'm also gearing up for my convention schedule this year, and I should have a wider variety of wacky things to offer you. 

More news as events warrant.  
Tags: statues, webcomics, whoring


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