Shortpacked! (shortpacked) wrote,

I'd also have liked evil Neil Patrick Harris.

Joyce and Walky!: Punctuality.

So this is the last of MattyCollector's JLU Internet-exclusive four-packs.

I've passed on a couple of them.  There are some sets that just weren't that compelling to me, at least not for $40.  That seems to be the general problem.  Folks weren't forking over the dough for four-packs of super-crazy/obscure dudes.  But the nice thing is, well, I could find them!  I've stopped being able to find the JLU stuff that's released to physical stores.  This is partly because our area Targets seem to be giving up on the line, and so there's no allotted shelf space for, say, six packs or three-packs anymore. 

But hey, there's a new spot for single packs!  And the new wave of those are all dudes I already have.  Damn.

Mattel did show off some more guys for this coming year at Toy Fair, but I've stopped feeling certain I'll ever own them.  The pile of stuff I've never seen has started to accumulate.

So, uh, yay, I may not be all that into the Justice Guild, but at least they're here, for me to have.

Wish the set had a Catman, though.
Tags: justice league, mattel

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