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Preorders for the Amber statue end October 11!  That's in two weeks!  Be sure to get your order in on time, because once preorders are closed, there's no more Amber statues to go around.  If you had trouble ordering one earlier and your trouble is still unresolved, please let me know.

Look, I haven't found a new toy in a while, right? I've been busy! And there are new Transformers and stuff out, but they're not Transformers I want. A lot of the new movie product are repeats of characters I already got or new guys based on old guys that I have no interest in. Heck, today I found a buncha Arcees and Swerves for the first time, plus some other new dudes like Gears and Thrust. A buffet of new toys I don't own but don't want to buy. Even though I sort of wanted to, since it has been so long.  So far I have been strong.  Would it be so wrong to blow $12 just to keep myself occupied for a short period of time before the toy inevitably ends up forgotten in a bin in the attic?  Yes.  Yes it would.  

But my Best Man Graham has been looking for Arcee, so I let him know those toys were there so he could grab 'em after work. (Tuttle Crossing Walmart, if you're Columbus-local.) And in lieu of any review from myself, have his thoughts on Arcee that I plagiarized from IRC:

<Fifty-Five> Wow, I have no idea what to do with Arcee.
<Fifty-Five> Like, is this right? I have almost literally no idea.
<Fifty-Five> I don't even understand a little why her front cowling comes apart.
<Fifty-Five> From the waist down, she's awesome.
<Fifty-Five> From the waist up, I have no idea whether anything I did is even remotely what they intended for me to do.
<Fifty-Five> I wonder why they went with such a salmony pink for her instead of the old Arcee color.
<Fifty-Five> Arcee's arm joints are in the most insane places possible. Assuming I'm doing it right.
<Fifty-Five> Her left shoulder/front cowling comes apart for no reason understandable by man.
<Fifty-Five> And moving the part that comes free anywhere makes her arm even more bizarre than it started.
<Fifty-Five> And that forearm also randomly has a part that folds over without having anything like the clearance it needs to fold, and also it just awkwardly flops against the forearm.
<Fifty-Five> We have very good concept art pictures of the Arcees.
<Fifty-Five> Most of the apparent details of the toy match up with her concept art.
<Fifty-Five> But not in a way that makes it obvious what you're supposed to do with the toy.

Anyway, I trust these are his legitimate thoughts on Revenge of the Fallen Arcee, and that they are accurate to the toy in some way.  I have not handled the toy to verify his presumably outlandish claims.  

(Some day, I will find that Toys "R" Us exclusive Hoist, I swear it.  And then I'll have something new!)

Oh!  Oh, right!  Superman/Batman: Public Enemies comes out on DVD tomorrow!  I think it may just be perfect.  It's based on Ed McGuinness art, which I love.  It stars Batman and Superman and Lex Luthor, who retain their old Batman: Animated Series and Superman: Animated Series voices.  Metallo is voiced by DOCTOR FRIGGIN' COX.  Oh, and Power Girl is Allison Mack.  It's like a laundry list of what I love in life.  This movie's got my money by the gonads.  

I hear Best Buy is offering an exclusive Batman figurine with their release of the DVD.  I'll be headin' over there tomorrow morning for that!
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