Shortpacked! (shortpacked) wrote,

I'm Kanye Westing the guest strip week.

Shortpacked!: I would also like to see some mutton chops.

Today was originally carved out on the calendar for a guest strip by Chris Hallbeck of The Book of Biff, but he ran afoul of a toe-related emergency he had to take care of.  I had some extra time yesterday and an idea that couldn't wait, so I had a replacement strip ready.  I guess I'm sort of guesting for the guest strip?

(This just goes to show that I can't actually quit drawing cold turkey.  After a few days, I get the shakes.)

To the right is a photo I took a couple days ago of my completed Justice League display, with the Good Guy shelf all assembled. I also ended up re-assembling the Bad Guy shelf all over again due to an Incident.  (Not toe-related.)  So,  yeah, that was a couple hours down the crapper.  Anyway, this shit is off the floor and out of the way, ready for visitors.

Oh, did I say "off the floor"?  Ha ha ha ha, no.  About five of these guys are on the floor at any given time, as they wrestle free of their sticky tack.  Mr. Terrific is the worst offender.  You can see him begin to lean in this photo already, taken just moments after I secured him.  

Hey!  I remember now!  I have an idea for TNI's strip this weekend!  I came up with it at the time, but I had forgotten.  Phew!  Let me crank that out before tomorrow, which is the day that People Start Coming.

Also, Robo "Ron" Wang, one of my groomsmen, just left for the hospital because his wife's water broke!  He's gonna have a girl or boy in a matter of hours.  We were a little worried that this kid would be born During The Ceremony, but I guess we dodged a bullet there.  I'm super excited to see a little Ronlet.  

(Readers may recall Ron was the creator of this strip.  Hopefully this is not how it happens for him tonight.)

Tags: babies, displays, justice league

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