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Okay, folks!  Going out the door to start my drive to Connecticut in a few hours.  Let's get a ball rolling in the meantime. 

So, like, Paul Taylor has this sweet deal going with Patch Together.  He gives them characters, they give him statues, and then they give him money.  It is a pretty sweet thing!  They stopped by our booth several times in San Diego, and they seem like pretty nice, dependable, and dedicated folks.  

And check out that Monica statue.  It's around 8 inches tall, if I recall, and the dang thing only costs $45, which is a pretty amazing price for the size and number of pieces made.  I went home with one, it is so nifty. 

Thus I have decided to give this whole thing a try with Shortpacked!  Patch Together seemed pretty excited about it, too.

So here's how it works.  I upload a design, and then people vote on it.  If it gets enough votes, it goes into a preorder/sculpting stage.  Then, when it gets enough preorders, the statue itself is completed and manufactured!  And mailed to people! 

I've completed a design for an Amber statue and have uploaded it.  If you want it, please go vote for it!  We can make it happen through the power of democracy!

Tonight's guest strip, in the far future, will be by Michael Ivey of Big Time Toons.  His site isn't working for me as of this writing?  Hrm.  Well, hopefully he didn't die. 


Those of you who are coming to see me at ConnectiCon, here's where I am: upstairs!  In the Artists Colony!  The organizers swear this seemingly remote location is actually full of awesome traffic, so please don't make them liars.  Come see me, shake my hand, and gaze upon my studliness.  I'm also going to be hosting a panel on action figure collecting with the voice of Gear of War's Dom Santiago.  If Carlos Ferro is half as manly as the character he voices in the game, I'm going to seem like even more of a girl than usual.  And that's pretty girly.  Check that out on Saturday at 6pm.  Hope to see some of you there!
Tags: blank label comics, connecticon, conventions, statues

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