Shortpacked! (shortpacked) wrote,

A is A. Hurm.

Shortpacked!: God I want this thing so bad.

You may have seen one of these babies Taking up the entire bottom half of an endcap at your local Target. It won't be a very good fit. Its size defies traditional retail shelving organization.

I covet it like nothing else. Sadly, I really have no room for it. It'd be completely irresponsible of me to purchase.

Thankfully, I can console myself with The Question. I doubletook when I was at Target this morning. Can this be? Has it finally come to pass? For years, characters like The Question were seemingly off-limits to Mattel, but with their recent acquisition of a broader DC Comics license, our dreams can now come true.

I was thinking, at first, due to him being a dude in a suit and apparently of a slightly larger scale than the other Justice League Unlimited figures, that he must be an old Kenner/Hasbro Bruce Wayne figure. No, that doesn't seem to be the case. He's actually an entirely new mold guy-in-a-suit who's a little too large for the usual Mattel scale the Mattel Two-Face with new arms, head, and trenchcoat. He's not so large that he stands out terribly, but he stands a head or two over most of the line. Just not... all of it. So pose him next to other tall people! Keep him the hell away from Luthor and Flash.

His new-tooling-ness makes more sense when it was suggested to me that he shares a body with the upcoming Clock King. Of course, that just means Clock King is going to be super-tall too, which is hilarious.

The sculpt itself is great. It's crisp. And he stands! Oh heaven mercy, he stands. (That's another reason I assumed it must have been an old Kenner/Hasbro mold.) Kickass.

After getting home with the toy, I popped in some Justice League Unlimited on DVD to watch while I drew next Tuesday's strip and Maggie folded laundry. "He's awesome! He's like Rorschach!" she exclaimed. Other way around, dear. Other way around.

(Oh, I forgot to mention he comes in a three-pack with Flash and Wonder Woman. Maggie now owns the Flash, because he's reportedly a cutie.)

Mailings of Book 2 continues at a good pace. I'm three-quarters done, and I'm awaiting another shipment of 50 pre-paid Priority Mail envelopes so I can continue mailing out domestic orders. In the meantime, I've dedicated my time to mailing out international orders. We're getting there, folks!
Tags: books, justice league, maggie, star wars, watchmen

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