Shortpacked! (shortpacked) wrote,

My apparent failings as a writer.

Shortpacked!@TNI: I just realized now I could have done a Raiders ref. I am a loser.
Shortpacked!: This strip says "screw you!" to conventional reading order.

No, seriously, I mean it. A single case of Wave 3 Indiana Jones being carted slowly through an entire warehouse full of boxes of Waves 1 and 2? It's so obvious. So simple in its beauty. Jesus, me. What the hell is wrong with you?

Here's more pictures from Steve and Vanessa's wedding! You may not know the guy, but I still thought there might be some images of interest.

That's not any ninja. That's Rich Dombeck, the real-life inspiration for Ninja Rick. That's right, this is a genuine Shortpacked! celebrity. It's this guy's face sketched in your Shortpacked! books if you asked for him.

As I mentioned the other day, this was a costume wedding. Show up as something or get kicked out! This image offers a quick look at the range of stuff that was there.

Steve, the groom, is the Han Solo fellow on the left. And, hey, look, his Best Man and their cronies! Just barely peeking into the frame is an elaborate and amazingly geeky Captain Pike costume. Yeah, that box-shaped thing. You may know the specific reference. In the extreme foreground is the back of the father of the groom, Mr. Richardson. He went as Indiana Jones.

And it's the groom and me! Steve spent all day posing for pictures like this. That poor guy. Well, okay, he brought this on himself.

And the special people we're there to see! Vanessa is, of course, Princess Leia in her Handing-Out-Medals-To-Everyone-But-Chewie gown. Her father came as Darth Vader. Yikes. Accurate and sends a message!

(The message is that he will choke you.)
Tags: friends, harry potter, maggie, star trek, star wars, weddings

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