Shortpacked! (shortpacked) wrote,

Weddings and things

Joyce and Walky!: Slobber.

Maggie and I made it out to Joliet perfectly, and at 7pm started the trek to the location for Steve Richardson's (scraggly redhead to the left) wedding rehearsal dinner thing. It was a fun ride, as the only bridge across the river for about five miles either way was totally out for repairs, and the damn banquet hall was just on the other side! Oh wells.

It was a swell night. Though a little surreal, as a friend of one of the bride's sisters (who was awesome, btw) texted out to one of her webcomics-reading friends that she was meeting a David Willis. And this texted person apparently knew me! Well, of me. And that I drew It's Walky!, but don't follow Shortpacked! much. D'oh well. Still, ego boost. I sure need more of those!

Tomorrow, the wedding itself! It promises to be crazy.
Tags: friends, it's walky!, weddings


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