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Shortpacked!: Whatever, she was, like, a slut anyway.

I had eyed Top Shelf's booth at Comic-Con frequently for The Incredible Change-Bots by Jeffrey Brown, but I kept missing Jeffrey Brown himself, preventing me from getting that coveted personal hello. But amazingly, one of Top Shelf's reps came to the BLC booth and hand-delivered me a copy. Hot damn! (They know who I am? Yikes!)

One way or another, I had to get this book, and I'm glad I did. It's hilarious. The Incredible Change-Bots follows the planet-shattering war of the Awesomebots and their dastardly foes the Fantasticons. Yes, that's right, it's a Transformers send-up. What tickles me is how expertly it's done. The absurdities of the conceits of the Transformers franchise are put up on the mocking block, but lovingly so. Howard Tayler, a man who knows absolutely nothing about Transformers, flipped through it, and even he said it was great. It's a seriously charming little book.

I implore you to buy it. You gotta.

Speaking of Howard, he's put up the art I drew for him while sitting in our booths that weekend. That was seriously a lot of screwing he had to do. Like, a buttload of screwing. You have no idea.

Remember that comic I got Sergeant Slaughter to sign? Well, a man who identifies himself as Chris, the Mysterious Stranger, who was in front of me in the autograph line, out of the blue sent me a photograph he took of us while the haps were happening! Man, this Mysterious dude is great, and he made my day.

Sergeant Slaughter photographs a lot older than he seems in person. Hrgh.
Tags: blank label comics, gijoe, transformers, whoring
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