July 20th, 2010


San Diego time! Walky out!

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I get on a plane this afternoon for San Diego, because there’s some sort of convention there that I need to be at.  It’s full of people, most of the dressed as the Joker, and their Twilight panels can be heard from space.  It’s Comic-Con San Diego, the con so huge it might kill you!  Over and over.  In fact, I’ve been dead for years.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff for you this year.  Book 3, of course!  That’s new!  And I’ve still got Roomies! Book 1 and Shortpacked! Book 2.  And if my memory serves me correctly, I left a handful of Shortpacked! Book 1s in Maggie’s closet in her/our parents’ home, so I’ll have those to sell for the first fifteen minutes or so of Wednesday.  They’re all I have left.  If you want one you better be first in line!

And there’s the bumper sticker and the magnet and the “Brings Back the Eighties” poster!  Oh, and something new I’m trying are Sketch Cards!  You can see a batch of them in the image on the left.  They look super pretty, if I may say so myself.

I am going to see SO MANY OF YOU this week!  I’m excited!   I expect to be super energized by your presence.

Right before crashing from exhaustion on the way home.


Beast Wars is awesome.

Originally published at Shortpacked!. Please leave any comments there.

Donate to Child’s Play or Hasbro’s Children’s Hospital. On Tuesday, when I return from Comic-Con, I will tell you why Beast Wars is awesome.

Those two sentences are not related; this is not an “if, then” proposition.

At the end of the day, there won’t be a tally.  This won’t go on my resume.  I will not personally benefit in any way.  I will not use this as a stunt to belittle and shame other people.  Kids will receive help, in whatever amount.  And next week the stories that brighten our lives will get a short spotlight.  That is all.

I have to go get on a plane now.  See you then.