July 17th, 2010


2009: Jets 2010: Sharks

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Saturday’s Joyce and Walky! is updated!

Remember those dreary, melancholy days back when Energon Sharkticon had never been redecoed?  What a desolate world that was.  Because God does love us, even if He’s slow about it, this void has been finally been filled, and we’ve certainly made up for lost time.

Who're the greatest sharks around?

Sky-Byte is definitely one of the best BotCon exclusives ever produced.  He’s just sharp and beautiful and perfect and covered in paint applications.  And I’m so so happy that he exists because the original Sky-Byte toy was pretty terrible.  So terrible I sold it along with the rest of my RID stuff back in the day, even though Sky-Byte is a great character.  Sometimes a great character can overwhelm a bad mold, but it didn’t in that case.  Meanwhile, the Energon Sharkticon mold is everything the Transmetals II Cybershark mold is not, so I finally have a great toy to match the great character.

I’m also amazed at how well the other new use of the mold, the Sharkticon 3-pack, succeed at being G1 Sharkticons.  The G1 Sharkticons were dumpy and round, while their new toys certainly are not!  But with the right paint, it really works.  Like the Sweeps last year, each of the three gets their own tech spec card.  There’s Land Shark, Air Shark, and… Sea Shark.  Whose bio notes that he was “given the sea upgrade.”  Ahahahaha.



Vote for Robin!

Originally published at Shortpacked!. Please leave any comments there.

robin desanto

Mike‘s getting shipped soon, so I figgered I’d put together some control art for Robin, who’s gonna be next. After some Twitter-based deliberation, we decided to go with my original “speedster smoke” design. Go give her some love!

What if in little while (a month or more) I put up a statue design for Joyce or Walky?  Would you folks be willing to support two statues at roughly the same time, or staggered, or is one every six months the right pace?