July 8th, 2010


ConnectiCon, ho!

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Maggie and I are poised for our 10-11 hour journey tomorrow to the fair lands of Connecticut!  That’s right, ConnectiCon is upon us!  By loading up the program guide PDF thinger on their site, I have discovered that I am at booth 904, which is in the far back with all the other webcomics.  I say “far back,” but it’s not like this is Comic-Con San Diego, so you’ll find me easy enough.  Just look for the area not entirely covered with scroll art of Rei Ayanami.

It looks like my booth is next to Carlos Ferro‘s, with whom I did a toy collecting panel last year and was told some time ago that I might be doing one again!  It might be on Saturday at 2:30?  That’s when I find a toy-collecting-themed panel on the schedule, so I’m guessing that’s it.  There are also various webcomics panels that I am not sure if I am invited to.

ConnectiCon is always an ongoing unveiling of surprises.

Anyway, I’ll have Roomies! book 1, Shortpacked! books 2 and 3, some magnets, some bumper stickers, some art prints, and the super-awesome Brings Back the Eighties poster.  I’ll also have Maggie, who will be much better at conversation than me.