July 6th, 2010


Unlike Buzz, he’s always on Spanish mode.

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Everything broke this last week.  I swear, everything!

The morning of BotCon, my glasses broke.  The legs of one of my lighting studio lamps broke off.  On the way home, my laptop stopped recognizing its wireless card.  Leader Starscream tore a hinge.   That same lighting studio lamp burst a bulb.  One of the legs of our bed frame snapped.  (woo hoo)  We had to take Pirate Ham to the vet.

Clearly I buy insurance for all the wrong things.

Well, Starscream’s glued.  The lamp bulb is replaced (but still can’t stand).  Pirate Ham has some medicine to control his eye inflammation.  This morning I got new glasses.

This stuff should not happen all at once.

*acoustic guitar riff*

Anyway, back to toys.  I now have five versions of the Universe not-a-Nissan-Z mold.  I already had Prowl, Silverstreak, and Smokescreen, and BotCon gave us two more.  Thankfully, one of them is the best version of the mold yet!  That guy is Rapido!

Rapido was rank 10 the year he came out.  Funny story, an Optimus Prime came out that year, too, and he was rank 9!  Ha ha ha.  Wonder what the story behind that is.  In honor of Rapido’s enviable rank, this new toy’s tech spec card gives him a rank of 10+.  See, he’s not usually in charge, but is authorized to take charge in emergencies.  That’s the sort of guy he is.  (Also, his tech spec card is written entirely in Spanish.  This is awesome.)

Another odd quirk about the original Rapido is that due to the engineering, you couldn’t see his head over the top of the hood.  Kind of comical.  Well, new Rapido fixes that!  Rapido’s head, since it’s the Prowl/Silverstreak/Smokescreen mold, is up on a big ol’ neck plank!  You can see it fine!  And what an awesome head it is.  I think it’s one of the best heads BotCon has ever done.  It’s nice and sharp and distinctive, and the teal face really works.

2Fast 2 Furioso

The head works in great concert with the rest of the body.  The red, teal, silver, and black is “loud” but in a fairly classy way.  And he is the only version of the mold which doesn’t throw its door kibble at me as I try to transform it.  It stays on the whole way through.  That is impressive.

Color wise, head wise, and tolerance wise, I think he’s a winner.

Plus, dudes, he’s friggin’ Rapido.  Represent.

(And there’s some left over from the convention!)