June 19th, 2010


Shattered Glass Cyclonus

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Fireguts Cyclonus!

Yesterday I said Punch/Counterpunch was ambitious.  The other Transformers Collectors’ Club exclusive, Shattered Glass Cyclonus, is not.  He doesn’t try to have a newly tooled head that has a transformable hat, nor does he try to be a guy with two different robot modes.  He’s just a redeco.

This isn’t a bad thing!  In fact, it makes him a soothing beacon of light in the shadow of P/CP’s unfortunate mishaps.  He’s safe, so nothing went wrong.  Unlike P/CP, he didn’t try to fly too close to the Sun with his glorious wax wings.

Shattered Glass (mirrorverse) Cyclonus is in Hot Rod colors.  Well, minus the flame deco, I guess, probably because Shattered Hot Rod got to keep them.  So Shattered Cyclonus is in bright red, orange, and a warm gray, just like “normal”  Hot Rod often is.  His colors were decided on before anyone knew there was a Universe Cyclonus toy to get a redeco out of, so in order to map his color layout onto the Universe Cyclonus toy, there had to be some awkward paint applications.  For example, they had to paint his upper thighs orange to match his lower thighs.  The orange paint here is applied kind of unevenly, resulting in some patchy areas there where the gray underneath shines through.  And then there’s the expected problems of painting bright orange over dark red, but whatcha gonna do.

Looking at him makes me hungry for french fries. Why is that?

It’s still a terribly attractive toy.  Not as attractive as I thought it would be, since I was expecting a slightly darker red, but still he’s a pretty little dude.  I prefer him to my normal Cyclonus by a lot.  But, again, times infinity, you know me and my orange.

Shattered Cyclonus’s partner is Krunix.  There’s a story here, and it’s long and convoluted and fannish, but I’m going to try to relay it anyway.  Back in the Marvel Comics Headmasters miniseries, Cyclonus was supposed to appear in some panels, but instead the artist drew his Targetmaster partner Nightstick in his place.  When this story got ported to the UK, they noticed the mistake, wite-outed Cyclonus’s name, and put in a random new name.  So this giant purple Nightstick dude became “Krunix.”  As you can imagine, Krunix is a very obscure dude.  (Or was.) (Okay, he still is.)

So years later Shattered Glass happens, and since there’s so many goddamn Targetmaster partners named Nightstick, the name Nightstick gets applied to Ricochet’s Targetmaster partner.  You can’t also call Cyclonus’s Targetmaster partner “Nightstick,” since it’s taken, so they grab “Krunix.”  This is awesome.

Damn you, Salazar!!!

Anyway, I love this toy.  Universe Cyclonus is an amazing toy in any deco, and he comes with a fanwank accessory.  I’m still of mixed minds about him, but only because of the fiction.  Shattered Cyclonus only ever did one thing.  He assassinated Megatron.  (Because normal Cyclonus is super-loyal, get it???)  And Megatron was dead.  But Primus resurrected him as Galvatron, in a new body.  A new body that is not Shattered Glass Megatron‘s, which is my absolute favorite toy of that year’s BotCon set.  That toy is now obsolete.

So Cyclonus basically got rid of one of my favorite toys.  Screw you, Cyclonus!  *shakes fist*