June 17th, 2010


“Canon and Fanon” page 2

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Oops!  I forgot to link yesterday’s Fans! Well, here you go.   I’m not used to seeing my art published so large.  Rikk’s so big you could smooch ‘im.  Those easter eggs in the background that I’d hoped would be less conspicuous are about as big as the characters in my strip are normally!  Well, take it all in.

I’m looking at a delivery time for Shortpacked! Book 3 tomorrow between 10-2pm.  Then I can start shipping them out to you!  (Well, interrupted by a week-long BotCon trip, of course.)

Speaking of convention trips, I’m now confirmed for Intervention!  That’ll be in Washington, D.C., on September 10 through 12.

And hey, I’ve still got that art auction going.  Check it out!


I’m gonna need more wooden pallets for the basement.

Originally published at Shortpacked!. Please leave any comments there.

I’ll tell you what’s totally gay. This pile of books is totally gay.

Woof!  I have too many books in the living room!  Please, someone fix this!

I think it’s a testament to the growing sensibilities of the world that my books arrived so problem free.  This was the first of my four books I’ve done that hasn’t been held up stupidly in customs.  The first book that said “BRIGS BACK THE EIGHTIES” on the boxes was flagged for customs.  The second book that said “PLUS THE DRAMA TAG” on the boxes gathered suspicions.  The third book that said “ROMMIES OR HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BEER” was held up for weeks in a warehouse somewhere.

But boxes that say “SHORTPACKED IS TOTALLY GAY”?  Totally fine!  Hooray!  Civil progress!  Gay folks, you can now marry.

Anyway, back to waiting for Cyclonus and Punch/Counterpunch to arrive.