May 6th, 2010


Weather Wizard’s STAS design is kind of a lateral move in ridiculousness.

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I totally found new Justice League Unlimited single-packs and three-packs at Target this morning!  Does this stuff happen anymore?  It was a Christmas miracle.

In single-pack land, there were retro-Brainiac and Kandor Superman and Asian The Atom.  …Of brow-raising note, the customary screen captures on the back of The Atom’s card seemed to photoshop The Atom into having the new guy’s costume.  Sneaky!

The three-packs included the Penguin/Batgirl/Nightwing set that I’d forgotten about, which I considered briefly despite having all those guys, and a Superman/Weather Wizard/Livewire set.  I guess it’s a set that celebrates the “Fuck Superman” group from that episode in which he dies, since the two villains are members of it.  What I really want is a friggin’ Toyman.  He was in that group!  But he’s not an easy repaint, so he’ll continue to get sidelined.

Despite my grousing, I am legitimately happy to get two new villains.  A new Flash villain is always wanted and… yeah, Livewire is a new villain.  God, I hate Livewire.  I want to bash in her throat with a sledgehammer so she can never speak again.  I can’t stand her voice.  Or her character.  Her last name’s pretty cool, though.

Three-pack dudes basically never get accessories.  Accessories typically only come with the single-packed dudes.  And yet, Weather Wizard comes with his little dildo wand, which is the source of all of his powers.  ALL of his powers.  He’s not the Weather Wizard without it, he’s just Dorkily-Dressed Grown Man Man.  He’s not even a good hand-to-hand fighter or anything!  So I like to think the inclusion of his accessory is an acknowledgement of his inherent lameness.

If I ever see the Nightwing/Batgirl/Penguin set again (ha!) I might pick it up.  I forgot to examine the packaging to see if Batgirl’s been retrofitted with a foot peghole and a stand.  That would be worth the purchase.  My current Batgirl DOES NOT STAND.  You have to bury her waist-deep in sticky-tack to keep her from keeling over.