May 4th, 2010


Recon Ravage

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Now we just need four smaller ones in various colors.

Oh my merciful lord, I actually have a new toy to talk about!

My Recon Ravage arrived in the mail today, the one I sent away for with my proofs of purchase and shipping and handling and what have you a number of months ago.  Yay, mail-in toy exclusive!  (For the US, anyway.  Elsewhere he’s exclusive to Toys”R”Us.)   He comes in a big white cardboard box with N.E.S.T. markings, with a letter from Optimus Prime and a coupon inside.

They're fighting, not mounting!

He’s friggin’ pretty, is what he is.  The colors are stolen from the Voltron Black Lion, and used to great effect with the chrome-plated silver they gave him.  This is just plain-ol’ vaccum-metalized chrome with no additional coloring, so I can rest easy that it’s not gonna spiderweb and flake off.  Other chrome-related hazards may happen in due time, but flaking is crossed off the list.

(Oh, hey, and he’s retooled a tiny bit.  There used to be an extra joint in his tail, a tiny balljoint just above the middle hinge.  It’s gone now.  Guess tails were popping off too much?  It was kind of an inconvenience on the original version of the mold, and the articulation added little.)

And, hey, guess what, he’s a Mini-Con.  What, you say!  Today Hasbro began unveiling the five fan-choice nominees for their new Transformers Hall of Fame, and Soundwave was nominee #1.  (Surprise!)  He got a entirely new bio for the occasion, and, uh, hey, his little animal partners are apparently Mini-Cons now.  Ha ha.  Weird, but not something that bothers me.  In fact, the impotent rage from others who ARE bothered will be fun enough in itself.  I’m an asshole like that.

So.  Biggest Mini-Con toy ever?  Naw, I guess that’d be Alternators Ravage.


It’s a democracy, but Grimlock thinks it’s a monarchy.

Originally published at Shortpacked!. Please leave any comments there.

No, don't hold that there! Don't-- oh, bother.

Yesterday I mentioned that Soundwave was the first of five nominees for the Transformers Hall of Fame.  Nominee number 2 is Grimlock, who is equally unsurprising.  I mean, yeah, once voting opens, Soundwave has this locked up, but Grimlock is the only guy who could possibly ever steal it from him.  Even though he won’t.

Just like Soundwave’s Hall of Fame bio, Grimlock’s also drops some new information about him.  His speech impediment has been explained various ways before.  In the Marvel stuff, he didn’t talk right because talking right was for prissy losers.  He talked badly because he wanted to.  In the original cartoon, he didn’t talk very well because he was a primitive creation of Wheeljack.  (In fact, one could say that without a trip to Vector Sigma to endow him with life, he wasn’t actually truly alive, but merely a complex machine.)

The Hall of Fame bio claims that his speech is fucked up because Scorponok damaged his voice processor during a battle.  Well, okay, let’s add that one to the pile, I guess.

Hopefully, Dinobot will be tomorrow’s nominee.  If not, I may be kind of fucked (I’ll explain later), but if he is revealed to be a nominee sometime this week, I wonder what crazy retconned trivia we’ll learn about him.  Is he Megatron‘s son?  Did he earn his rigid grill structure for pulling off a successful heist?  Will we finally learn what a steses pod is?

Who knows.  Other than us, potentially sometime tomorrow morning.