May 2nd, 2010


Is a Song Forever? part 1

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Looong ago there was a Roomies! miniseries that published not on my old site, but at as a “Special Event” sort of thing.  Once I moved from Keenspot, it disappeared and I sorta forgot about it.

So let’s  put these back out there again.  There’s 30 strips in the story, so every Saturday night I’ll publish five of ‘em.  Tonight, you’ll see the first five.

Context: It’s 2001, a few years after Roomies! ended, we haven’t seen them for a while, and the cast are about to graduate college.  As usual, Danny‘s being angsty, Joe‘s being horny, Billie‘s being violent, and Mary‘s being… repentant?  Huh.


Seeya next Saturday night!


Shortpacked!@TNI #192

Originally published at Shortpacked!. Please leave any comments there.

Aha!  I remembered to get a TNI strip done while at the convention this weekend.  However, I brought an uncharged camera and no charger, so today’s strip is brought to you by the good graces of Chris Hallbeck (The Book of Biff), who took a photo for me yesterday and emailed it to me when he got home for the night.

The Sunday dealer room at Penguicon is only open four hours (11 – 3) so this’ll be a quick day. Then I’ll be packing up and starting the 3-4 hour drive home.  My thanks to everyone who came to visit me this weekend.

Here’s a quick question: Is there interest in me going to TFCon in Toronto?  It’s the weekend before San Diego Comic-Con, which makes me pause, but it might be interesting to do.  Let me know if there’s Canadian demand for me up there.