April 29th, 2010


Power Girl

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So, Power Girl is ending.  For me.  I mean, it’s gonna keep goin’ on, just not with the current creative team.  Lovebuddies Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner are leaving, and after that who really cares?  I haven’t even read to see who’s replacing them.

It’s too bad, because I hopped on really late.  But today the trade of the first few arcs came out in comic shops, so I was able to finally catch up.  It’s really been a great year or so of comics.  I didn’t even really have a love for the character before now, but I do now – well, at least how she’s written here.  Girls who think with their fists are pretty cool, and it’s refreshing that she’s not neutered, power-wise, in any way.  Nobody has to rescue her constantly, nor does she pull any punches.  It’s great.

And there’s a irreverent sense of humor throughout, which you can guess is right up my alley.  It’s a world that doesn’t shy away from Golden Age-style goofy antics, which is even more awesome.  Just because the characters roll their eyes at them doesn’t mean we get any fewer Pregno-Rays or Hilarious Overwrought Villain Speeches.  Also, copious amounts of Ultra-Humanite.

And the art looks like it’s pureed Jesus.   Or other deity of your choice.  Or pureed baby-killing if you’re areligious.

And and and and.