April 5th, 2010


The best things in life are free.

Shortpacked!: Dysfucktional.

Hey, it's that strip I Ustreamed a few weeks ago!  If you wanna see today's comic being drawn and colored and missed it the first time, click the link at the start of this paragraph. 

One of the perks of being a World Famous Cartoonist whose return address is plainly listed on all the merchandise he mails out is that sometimes you get awesome surprises in the mail.  (Only once has it been a white powder.)

A man who wishes to be called Harold-STL, a name I recognize from my years of preorder spreadsheets, sent me a Galaxy Force Soundblaster last week.  He didn't even know it was my birthday, so that was kinda fortuitous timing.  See,  Harold has an amazing memory and recalled that, man, I kinda want a Galaxy Force Soundblaster.  

See, Soundblaster, aka Logos Prime, is intended to be one of the Original Thirteen Transformers, part of the group that also includes Prima, Vector Prime, Dildor, The Fallen, and (if you believe Simon Furman's fanfiction) the Liege Maximo.  So, damn, of course I want that.  I want that so hard. 

It remains to be seen, though, if the Thirteen designation sticks.  Since Logos Prime was revealed in a Japanese-exclusive text story that's only been partially translated so far for English consumption, he's not very well known!  Would Hasbro even know he exists?  Would they care?  When they got around to revealing the rest of the Thirteen, would they say "fuck it!" and put in Alpha Trion instead?  (Oh please no.)  

The bright side is that Soundblaster is just one of Logos Prime's many forms.  Basically, Logos Prime can be whoever he wishes!  So, uh, if he's ever retconned out, my personal canon states he's one of the other Thirteen guys, secretly.  (And, hey, what would the Thirteen Original Transformers be without a token Black Repaint?)

The downside is, oh man, this mold is terrible.  And I now have every single version of it.  First came Soundwave, and you just can't pass that up.  It was the first G1-based Soundwave (with a partner!) since, like, the Action Master.  (Yeah, there was a neon green racecar and a canceled Laser Cycle, but those weren't trying especially hard at being G1-based.)  And nobody knew how bad the mold was yet because it was new.  And then Soundblaster came out, and he was an exclusive available only in Japan, and by then we knew he was terrible, and at the time we didn't know he was one of the Thirteen, so of course I passed up on that.  Even though he came with Hell Buzzsaw.  Hell Buzzsaw!   And then finally they redecoed him as Blaster.  And he was so pretty.  And he was Blaster.  So against my better judgment I got him.  And now I have all three.  And they're terrible.  They're a mess.  And their legs buckle under their weight at mid-shin joints.  

But it's no use.  Terrible as they are, I do still want all three of them.  They all fill holes in my collection that I can't bear to leave unfilled.  (Well, if they ever do another Blaster I can ditch that version of this mold, I guess.  It's almost guaranteed to be better.)  But hey, at least they all come with awesome birds.  (Though I can't find Laserbeak presently.)   And Soundblaster is actually damn fucking beautiful.  Sure, he's mostly black, which is cliched, but that plus his gold and translucent red are amazing.  I'll just never transform him and bask in his prettiness.  And his Thirteenness. 

So thanks, Harold!  This was an awesome present!  Galaxy Force Soundblaster is toy I really wanted but was something that would have pained me on some level to pay for myself.  Ah-heh.   He's been displayed prominently on our coffee table all week. 

(Oh, and Scoop's two Targetmaster guns were also tossed in there, which further proves Harold's reading comprehension!  Score!)