April 1st, 2010


For the true beelievers.

 Shortpacked!: The rest.

When it comes to Transformers (or any toyline, really), I don't really collect variants.  Okay, all right, I do have a few Hot Shot variants, with the various symbol-paint versions and what not, or the Japanese vs American releases.  But for everything else?  Naw. 

But this guy's pretty special!  What an awesome variant!  This is the variant Universe Ironhide.  He was pretty damn hard to find in stores, to the point where I've only ever seen one other report of him online.  Hasbro promised, initially, that they'd do a running change on Ironhide.  Folks weren't upset with the blue face.  The blue face was a factory error, you see, so Hasbro noted that with time, those Ironhides would be phased out and replaced.

And here it is! 

I'm not sure this guy made it out into the market in any large numbers, but at least Hasbro tried.  They do care about us!  And this is the proof!  The tangible proof!

But tell you what.  I prefer my blue-faced Ironhide to this version, so maybe I'll just put this guy up on eBay.  It'd be selfish to keep this prize to myself.