March 30th, 2010


Glow tummy!

Shortpacked!: Smug alert!

Figgered I'd go ahead and take pictures of my other knockoff Armada Hot Shot.  While yesterday's knockoff was a fairly competent attempt that looked way nicer than it deserves, this knockoff is more true to the genre. 

Hilarious gutted features?  Check!  His Axelzooka flips up over his head, but does not rotate to face forward.  He doesn't have Jolt or Jolt's hot rod engine gun, either. 

And gutted new features!  As mentioned yesterday, there's a button on the small of his back (where the old Powerlinx point was) that is supposed to light up that thing in  his chest.  There's even a "try me" hole in the back of the packaging that's about an inch too low, and he sure doesn't light up.  I don't think there's even a compartment for a battery.  Despite all this, his packaging still claims he is "Lightning Able."

Wacky losses of sculpted detail?  Ha ha, yes.  He looks for all the world like there's a dong sculpted on his crotch.  He no longer has either of his fistholes.  His head does not have the visor.  

Extraneous chrome things?  Two random extra handguns!  And, yeah, as mentioned above, he has no fistholes.  And even if he did, the handles are the wrong shape. 

And that's all of the strangeness yet.  He has no red plastic.  All of that red is actually paint.  Sloppy, sloppy red paint.  Even his upper legs!  That's all yellow plastic under there.  Another bit of trivia is that he's based on the Japanese version of the mold.  You can tell because of his right hand, which is different from his left.  The Japanese version of Armada  Hot Shot had an LED in the right hand for use with the Star Saber sword.  

Man oh man.  What a lovely knockoff.  It really does deliver on one's typical expectations.