March 29th, 2010


Why his everything hurt?

Shortpacked!: This one's for you, Corsetto.

Birthday present #2!

This knockoff Armada Hot Shot, aka "Speed Pioneer," was a gift from Ron.  I do have one other knockoff Armada Hot Shot (one I have dumbly neglected to yet photograph for you) but this one's way cooler.  The other one was still basically in the same colors, for one.  But Ron's is in awesome rally colors!  He's in all white with swooshes and cursive writing and green windows! 

(The other one, while not being in awesome colors, does try to do some different things with the mold.  For example, it tried to put an LED in his chest, activated by a button on his back where the old Powerlinx point used to be.  It does not work.)

"Speed Pioneer," mold-wise, is your standard Armada Hot Shot, though now with bonus unworking features.  I mean, you can get him to do most of all of the same stuff, but it sure ain't gonna be Mini-Con activated.  The blue Jolt knockoff doesn't really fit on any of the Powerlinx pegs.  However, you can get his cannon to fold up over his head and his "driving claws" to open, using your finger.  And by "most of" his features still work, I mean of course his spring-loaded Axelzooka is not so spring-loaded.  Nor does it fire a missile, since the toy doesn't come with one.  

He's got a pretty good amount of paint, really!  I like that there's red panels painted along the side of his Axelzooka, and of course there's the various racing deco.  There was, unfortunately, a bad splattering incident on his left shoulder.  Oh well.  

Speed Pioneer reminds me that I'd have liked the original Armada Hot Shot to have been decoed into non-Hot Shot guys.  We almost got a Smokescreen out of him, but it was not to be.  Oh, what could have been.