March 27th, 2010


What would make birds do something about that?

 Joyce and Walky!: You know the drill.

Steve and I celebrated our birthdays today, though about a week early since that's when folks could meet up.  I gots a Skeletor/Luthor set, an awesome knockoff Hot Shot in white rally colors, and... a bike!  (My previous bike got stolen out of our garage last year.)  Expect some reviews of the non-bike items next week.

We also watched Birdemic: Shock and Horror.  It featured some revolutionary green tech that I am very passionate about, really.

Tonight Fun Publications put up preorders for their new Transformers Club exclusives Punch/Counterpunch and Shattered Glass Cyclonus.  Oh, and you can buy a Dion, too, if you missed the deadline to get a free one or just want extras.  So if you're a club member, don't miss out.  Apparently Punch is selling out crazy fast!  Not, like, at MattyCollector speeds, mind you, but fairly quickly.  

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 Oh, hey.

Some folks apparently want a real BUTT-TACO.ORG shirt!  So let's see if we can do this thing.  I've put up a preorder thing on the store, and if I get, say, a dozen orders, I'll go down to the t-shirt place and rustle you up some shirts.  If it happens quickly enough, they should be ready in time for C2E2.  

Yeah, and I thought I'd make it possible to order ladies shirts this time, too.  Since I'm getting orders ahead of time, that solves the problem of knowing how many to get and whether or not I'll have an unwanted stack of ladies shirts with the word "butt" on them. 

Let's see how this goes!

(And remember, Shortpacked! Book 2 goes back to its usual price on Monday.  Get it while it's cheap!)