March 25th, 2010


Well, it's got to be good.

Shortpacked!: Epilogue or prologue?

Oh, forgot to mention yesterday the easter egg in Wednesday's strip:   I wondered how many people would be curious enough to see if the site in the strip existed, so I didn't mention it at all the first day.  Meant to mention it the second day, but then I forgot.  But hey, here it is. 

I had way too much fun putting it together.  I can ramble on in Fazese for an eternity.  Probably good that I cut myself off before too long.

Got another batch of shirts into the mail again!  I'd say I got the second third of shirts done, but my workload has increased since the first batch, so maybe I'm only half done now. 

Shortpacked! Book 2 has been on sale for $10 for a while now, but on Monday I'm gonna put it back up to its usual price of $15.  Be sure to snatch one before then if you're interested!

Man, you know what I miss?  Inlined site counters.