March 24th, 2010


Tell them I hate them.

Shortpacked!: The further adventures of.

Yay, Maggie's all caught up on Futurama toys!  I thought I'd put the most recent two waves into the photo studio and give y'all a look. 

These two waves give us Hermes and the Professor, who have been sorely lacking thus far, being fairly important characters.  We also get Mom, Chef Bender, another Nibbler, and Roberto as a build-a-figure.  He's just scattered across the two waves (of two figures each) instead of the usual three-wave build-a-figure.  

We weren't really sold on him until we put the knife in his hand.

Farnsworth has severe JLU Syndrome.  His heels are at an unhelpful angle, and since he doesn't actually have any joints, this is a pretty annoying problem.  We've been sorta trying to bend them back ourselves, but he's not made of a very rubbery plastic, and so I am frightened to do so. 

I think I managed to capture him before he fell over.

SO GUYS T-SHIRTS.  I got a third of the orders-thus-far in the mail today, with more to follow. I got quite a few more orders this past 24 hours, so I went back to the t-shirt place and put in another order.  More t-shirts!  So you will notice that 2XL and 3XL are back.  This may not stay the case.  By the time I got back to my computer from the t-shirt place, all the Smalls I had been claimed.  Save one.  Which I'm holding back for C2E2, dammit.  THERE WILL BE ONE SMALL FOR C2E2.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.