March 23rd, 2010


Dig dig

 Shortpacked!: BUTT-TACO

I toldja the "I'm Gardening Man" shirt was comin' in today!

So here's my roommate Steve-o modeling it for us.  I woulda, but, you know, man boobs.  We also thought it'd be fun to throw him some props.  Tomorrow, it's gonna be a fun day of packing, shipping, and Last Stand of the Wreckers #3.

Response to the shirt has been pretty strong!  I figgered I'd sell a few before C2E2 and then sell the rest there, but you guys have kinda eaten up my spares.  I only have a few left that I'm willing to let go of before the convention (to make sure I have some for it!) so if you're on the fence, now's the time to jump on the opportunity.  I will definitely print some more in the future, but if you want, y'know, instant gratification instead of delayed...

Pounce, my legions, pounce!

Also, hey, update on Book 3:  The EXTRA editions are half gone!  Also, if you have kindness in your heart, please consider preordering a copy of the book.  I'd like to get another 50 preorders claimed before paying for its production.  Books are expensive!  It would really help me out financially. 

Oh!  And hey, now that I draw the strips on Maggie's Cintiq, I've been Ustreaming some of these before an audience and recording them.  Here's me inking and coloring the strip for Tuesday, April 6:  (I'm ahead!)