March 22nd, 2010


Offensively beautiful.

Shortpacked!: He who shall not be named.

Got word from the local t-shirt place that the "I'm Gardening Man" shirts should be arriving there at around 2pm, or whenever UPS actually drops them off.  So those who preordered, I should be able to mail yours out to you soon!

Woo!  BotCon 2010 registration isn't up yet, but they've been kind enough to tell us what the theme for the set is and a photograph of one of its toys!  

This year's theme is Generation 2!  And you guys who've been reading The Last Stand of the Wreckers are gonna love this, 'cuz the previewed toy is Pyro, everyone's favorite "stop making fun of me 'cuz I'm just like Optimus Prime" rescue truck.  The toy is called "Autobot Spark," the name they switched Pyro to in the Generation 2 toyline, possibly due to Marvel Comics not wanting to share the trademark.  Also,  hey, it's a G2 set anyway, so it's technically more appropriate.

I am so stoked.

And not just because it's Pyro/Spark, which is indeed reason for an ample portion of my stokedness, but because the colors are so spot-on.  Man, I was so disappointed last year when BotCon's Thunderclash missed the mark on looking like Thunder Clash.  They tried to make him look less, well, clashy, and as a result he was kinda off.  And uglier than he was before, if that was possible.  But BotCon's Pyro/Spark is faithful.  It is eyesearingly faithful.  And that makes me so happy like you wouldn't believe.  He's that orangey red and yellow and gold and dark gray AND blue, and they allowed him to have his pink windows.

Oh, and this one won't have Gold Plastic Syndrome like the original Pyro/Spark.  He's not gonna crumble on you.  So, basically, my cup overflows.  I have not been excited about a BotCon set like this since... probably 2006, the Beast Wars year. 

Now watch Pyro die promptly in Wednesday's Last Stand of the Wreckers #3.