March 21st, 2010


He of the impossible hair.

Shortpacked!@TNI:  Sudden death!  No, wait, that's hockey.
Shortpacked!: Family reunions are small, but still a pain.

Patch Together got me pictures of the final Mike statue's paint job, so I thought I'd pimp the statue preorders again.

(Man, isn't he awesome?  I'm so happy about the hair.  The hair, as I draw it, can't exist in three-dimensional space, so I think the sculptors and I have managed a compromise that looks great to me.)

(Seriously, I am so excited.  This is a character I've drawn since I was 8.)

So hey, yeah!  Keep those preorders coming!  By preordering, you get a $5 discount, so he's knocked down from $40 to $35.  And he's gonna look friggin' fantastic next to Amber's statue, or even on his own!  

We all need someone in our lives to tell us the truths that make us angry, after all.  Yours might as well be this awesome Mike statue.