March 17th, 2010

I'm Batman

All done!

Shortpacked!: There will be a reckoning.  A sexy reckoning. 

I have a Cheetah now, and my life's pretty complete.  Back when the Justice League toyline started back in, what, 1864, a complete Injustice Gang was all I wanted.  All I wanted in the world.  This was back then Mattel was pretty stingy with the villains.  Lex Luthor was the only one for what felt like years.  Then we got an Ultra-Humanite.  I was so damn happy about that Ultra-Humanite.

And it's only taken five more years to get the rest of them.  Cheetah was the final straggler.  Everyone else was done years ago.  But that damn Cheetah!  How happy I was when she was finally announced.  And then months later her set never shipped anywhere.  And then months later after that, it was announced that her set was being dumped into dollar discount stores.  Screw you, universe!

Ultimately, as I was buying up the two six-packs I've been yammering about the past few days, I thought, fuck this, and bought her set for $20 from an online toy store on Amazon.  I'm gonna complete my goddamn Injustice League. 

Fuckin' Cheetah.