March 16th, 2010

I'm Batman

LJ's new menu layout sure is confusing.

Shortpacked!: Kiss her, she's Irish.

Here's Eclipso!  Well, "Eclipso."  Despite the back of the box claiming this guy was totally called "Eclipso" in the episode in which he appeared, that was absolutely not the case. LIES!  Eclipso is the name of the classic villain whom the toy in front is visually based on, but he wasn't named in the cartoon.  Heck, this was just one body of several, including the Justice League members in the back.  "Eclipso" was a prism that gave power over the body that held it to a pre-human race of snake men.  They don't like that man is now the dominant species and so they're remedying that.

Sort of like Cobra-La, really.

The guy in front only gets a few seconds of screentime, but that screentime is comedy gold.  The prism makes its way into the hands of General McCormick, who asks his subordinates how to get the attention of the Justice League.  "Put on a gaudy costume and threaten to hurt a lot of people" was the snarky reply.  So, ha ha ha, cut scene, and the general is dressed like you see here.  It's hilarious, right?  That's exactly why I wanted this toy, actually.  Great scene. 

Anyway, later on the prism gets smashed and the shards embed themselves into the skin of everyone in the Justice League except Batman (who isn't in this episode) and Flash (who's quick enough to dodge).  Woo, Flash versus the rest of the Justice League!  Again, pretty fun episode.  But the thing that bugs me about this set is that the sixth guy in it is a normal Flash.  Sure, Flash was the main character of the episode, but it means we don't get a toy of prism-mind-controlled Martian Manhunter.  Boooo!