March 15th, 2010

I'm Batman

The return of t-shirts, after a long hiatus.

Shortpacked!: Peekaboo.

There is a t-shirt at the end of this post.

To the right is Guzzle!  During WRECKERS AWARENESS WEEK, I discovered he could be had easily for like five bucks on eBay.  Well, why not?  So here he is.  He's not in the best condition; he's got kinda gunky shoulders, his barrel is heavily chewed, and his gimmick doesn't work.  A pristine Guzzle would, in tank mode, fire orange sparks out his ass as you pushed him along.  This guy's sparking days are over.  The toy's pretty simple, too, since not only was it a late G1 toy, but it also had to accommodate the sparking gimmick, which takes up the lower half of this toy's robot mode.  Still, he's Guzzle and I love him.

Too bad he seems to be leading the fandom's Last Stand of the Wreckers death pool.

Anyway, the "I'm Gardening Man" t-shirt!  I apologize for throwing all this merch at you folks all at once in one huge, grand siege, but convention season starts for me next month, so I gotta gear up my wares.  Unlike the books, which I gotta do some preorders first to be able to afford the expensive print run, the shirts are actually already paid for!  I put in the order for them this morning at the local shirt place.  So the shirts should actually ready to ship in as quickly as a week.   If you want a first go at them, they can preordered in the store.  They're green shirts with dark green ink! 

They'll be ready in plenty of time for C2E2, which is in Chicago on April 16-18, where I will totally be.  That's only a month from today!    If you need advance tickets to the show so you don't have to wait in line, there's just four days left to do so.  This show boasts to be huge!  There's all sorts of crazy guests I totally have to meet myself, even.  Oh, and the voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, is gonna be there.  Sweetness.