March 14th, 2010



Shortpacked!@TNI: As sculpted by Frank Cho.
Shortpacked!: Sean Connery is apparently on this same list.

I supplied with some Animated Wreck-Gar art.  Check it out. 

Patch Together sent me this photo of Mike's statue, painted, this morning!  Sweeet!  I've asked them to change the way they paint his collar, but otherwise I figger that's what he's gonna look like.  He's still up for preorder!

Hey, look, Amber's cosplaying as her least favorite Turtle. 

And, of course, Book 3, Shortpacked! Is Totally Gay is still in the middle of preorders.  Today starts Week 2, actually!  So let's rattle off the sales pitch again:

This book covers the strips starting March 20, 2006, through September 8, 2006, plus a couple dozen Toy News International strips.  There's also (sometimes) insightful commentary from me on every page, plus "Galasso's Secret Files" on all the employees in the store. 

Book 3 also has a foreword written by Bob Forward.  (It's a Forward Foreword!)  It's true, there's an introduction from the co-story editor of Beast Wars, as well as the writer of episodes for Transformers Animated, BraveStarr, G.I. Joe, the Legend of Zelda shorts for the Super Mario Bros Super Show, and... the He-Man/She-Ra Christmas episode, of course.  Naturally, I am beside myself.  It is a great honor.

So, basically, this book is really awesome.  Let's sum up:  136 pages, full color, buttload of strips and special materials, and there's a foreword by the guy who killed Dinobot.  As of this writing, a third of the EXTRA (signed/doodled/numbered) versions are gone!  So if you want the special version, you gotta hop to it!